"The 11:11 Activation"


It was while I was working a Psychic Fair, held at Seattle Center, that I first encountered the digits of "11:11."   It was in the Fall of 1990, and a woman who described herself as a "walk-in" had a booth on the other side of the hall.  On a break, I walked by her booth, and I saw a picture of a "light-being" that perfectly matched the image I saw sitting on the edge of my bed one night, when I was about 8 or 9 years old.  I have since come to realize that this being was my Futureself, stopping by for a visit.  My mother told me that I was "only dreaming" when I saw it, but I knew differently.  

Also hanging on the wall of this woman's booth was a sign, bearing the digits "11:11."  I asked her what they meant, and she began to give me a summation of an Energy Activation that was about to occur.  Apparently, all over the world.....since the beginning of the year....people had begun noticing the numbers "11:11" on digital and computer clocks.  They would just look up, at just the right moment, and see those numbers.  The whole business seemed strange to me, and I ambled off to continue my readings and talk with friends.  Then, it all began with me.  Little by little, those digits worked their way into my life.  I began noticing the digital clocks, and I also saw them in addresses, license plates, and displayed in many other ways as well.  I was "hooked." 

A woman by the name of Solara was doing some writing about these Activations, but I didn't particularly feel drawn to read her teaching about the numbers.  I was already skeptical anyway, thinking that I had simply been drawn into some Mass Mind "Power of Suggestion" Trip.  Solara has a fine web site, and I eventually got hold of one of her books on Angels.  But for the rest of that year, I simply continued seeing "11:11" on clocks and addresses, and I wrote the whole thing off to coincidence. 


Early in 1991, I was inspired to travel to New Mexico for a 5-day time away. I had received an inner message that certain "extraterrestrial energies" wished to communicate with me...so I went. When I arrived, I rented a car and began driving across a beautiful painted desert towards the small town of Zuni. I used a pocket tape recorder to save ideas and feelings that began flashing through me at what seemed like lightning speed. Some of those ideas crystallized into written material, which I saved in outline form.

I didn't see any flying saucers, nor was I picked up by an alien craft. However, I was deeply moved by what I saw and felt there. I learned that "inspiration" does not have to be a scary experience. I also learned that everything takes time to come to its fruition, because Spirit is ever so careful to not give any of us more than we can handle at any one time.

Later that year, I was doing some regression work with a hypno-therapist friend of mine, when I took a turn at verbal channeling. On one powerful afternoon, I began to speak from a group of energies that seemed very, very familiar and comfortable to me. That afternoon was the beginning of my conscious relationship with "The Reconnections"...a group of Spiritual Guides who introduced themselves as "all those parts of my Greater Self that I had to forget about in order to come into physical form.

After this first session, many new ideas were rolling around in my brain, and I was aware that I was being "downloaded" with what felt like waves of emotion. In the shower, taking out the trash, before drifting off to sleep at night---I would become aware of many diverse bits of "knowingness"---ideas that had real substance but no form.  I just let the process happen, until I could hold onto the information no more.

On 11/11/91, I sat down at about 5:30am to pen my first "transmission"...a little piece called "AIDS and Planetary Healing." When I completed this work, I knew that something *very special* had begun.

I purchased a laptop computer, and began to record many, many such transmissions from The Reconnections. They cover a huge spectrum of topics, mostly majoring in the areas of Physical, Spiritual, and Mental Transmutation, as well as blueprints for Multidimensional living.  Most of you who have been reading me for awhile know that this process has simply continued since then. 

There were many stories circulating after that, telling how various people integrated the idea of "11:11" into their lives.  The most widely accepted date for the event was 1/11/92.  I had friends who went to Egypt, Sedona, Hawaii, Mt. Shasta, and several other famous locales, all for the purpose of celebrating this wondrous date.  For me, the 11:11 Gateway opened on 11/11/91, and moved on through to 1/11/92.  After that, it was time to integrate and share notes. 


If you read through the material called "Energy Activations" on this site, you will see some marvelous info about the Harmonic Convergence and the 12:12 Activations as well.  These digits and energies have been spiraling through our Collective Consciousness for years--ever since that first infusion that came at the end of 1991.  These numbers are also referred to as "Master Numbers" in Numerology.  The number 11 is the number for the Cosmic Christ.  The number 22 is the Buddha Consciousness, and number 33 is Archangel Michael.  It goes on from there.  There are many designations and interpretations for these numbers, depending upon the system of internal organization one feels most inclined to follow. 

The Reconnections have shared with me that the colon that exists, between the numbers, is extremely significant.  It symbolizes the Veil of Forgetfulness that separates two Realms of Existence that are about to come into balance.  I am speaking here about the World of Form (Theos) and the Unseen Realms (Chaos).  For more information about Theos and Chaos, please click HERE.   

The infusion of 11:11 (Cosmic Christ) Energy is an expansion of Consciousness from 3D Separation into Multidimensionality and Universal Oneness. Some call an "Atonement"......which, of course, is spelled "At-one-ment."  It is a slow and sometimes arduous wrestling with internal programming that sees the world as a place of separation--where everything is as it appears, and not a whole lot more. 

When Spiritual Guides begin to enter the picture, a balancing may appear that brings all polarity configurations within a given dimension into a state of equalization.  The Master Number "11," as I have said, is the number of the Cosmic Christ.  It is Christ within us, living AS US.  No longer is that energy assigned only to the sacred figure of Jesus, though it is not removed from him either.  He comes as a brother, and we are all brother energies in the Oneself of All That Is.  There is/was no indication that Jesus was jealous of this close relationship with God the Father, though his so-called "representatives" may be extremely jealous about it today.  Jesus invited us in to the power and the pleasure, and urged us to freely partake.  Down through the ages, the Church has managed to turn grace into obligation, and freedom into big-money commerce.         

In their transmission "The God Self," the Reconnections share with us a beautiful game we can play to "try on" this gift of Oneness with God.  It is a perceptual shift, which enables a person to gain insight into what it feels like to be the Divine Initiator, for your own universe--as well as what we might look like from the divine side of the transaction.  This is a journey of perception.  It is not an "I am" Journey.  Rather, it is a speculation that begins with "Suppose I were........."   There are many such Speculation Journeys, upon which our Pilot Selves may ride. 

The energy of 11:11 is a "one on one" balancing of energies on both sides of the Veil.  The Reconnections speak about the Realms of the Seen, and the Realms of the Unseen.  The colon, between the numbers, is a symbol for the Veil.  In the human body, the human colon is a storage place for all those elements that have been judged as "useless" and "not self" by the filtration systems of that body.  It is an alchemical laboratory of transformation, where substances are compacted and efficiently arranged for departure.  Recon Carion tells us that many more activities go on there, that would be of great interest to us all--a discussion I will save for another article or transmission.

Since the time of 11/11/91, I have been spending time channeling and researching the concept of Universal Oneness.  There have also been many references to Multidimensionality as well, but the primary target has been getting folks to get comfortable with the idea that "It's all YOU"......which would include a lot of "Shadow Work."  That emphasis is just about to switch.  The Guides are spending much more time now speaking about The Multiverse.  They emphasize that we are moving in and through the Fourth Dimension regularly now.  We leap from 3D context to 3D context, using Trans-Portals as our primary mediums of access. 

The future of the human race is NOW.  The key to our future is NOW.  The Now Moment a Power Element, a Redeemer, and a Multidimensional Vehicle that will steer us through many hard times in the days ahead.  The 11:11 Energy enables a person to shake off attachments and judgments, so that a necessary neutral state can be attained, to enable us to move through the Portals.  In the days to come, we will be hearing more and more about this.  I can feel it, but it hasn't taken on words yet.  I just know its there, like a mother can feel the nature and personality of a baby, long before it is born.  

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