Universal-Multiversal Completion

By Daniel Jacob


From what we can gather thus far, the numbers 7 and 12 are so widespread in Spiritual Literature that they cannot be ignored.  The number 7 seems to symbolize completion on the Earth Plane, while the number 12 seems to suggest reconnection between the Earth Plane and the Rest of What Is. 

The Guides are very insistent that there is NO ONE SYSTEM that encompasses it all.  Each person must lay it out, for him or herself, so that everyone's needs may be satisfied.  We all long for a sense of completion.  That is only natural.  It's also very 3D.  Beyond the Third Dimension, there are many more "open ends."  As our research team gathered information for this study, we discovered a number of 7 and 12 Combinations that seem relevant.  We are working now on a "Table of Twelves" that may be laid out, according to the correspondence of symbols they may represent.   Listed below is a partial list of 7s, 5s, and 12s, for your consideration.  We are grateful for any submissions by those who feel they carry insight into these issues.  

Listed below are some of the important URLs we encountered in our study, regarding these two numbers.  At the center of them (the difference between the two) is a 5, which is universally symbolized by the Pentagram

The Number Five

~ 5 ~

In this particular rendering, the artist has given us a clear picture of the correspondence, and universal significance of the five-pointed star.  It is the "Sign of Man," in many respects.  It is also an Invocation to Magic, in many societal structures as well.  Within the context of Four Directions, Four Seasons, and Four Elements.....there is also the addition of a Fifth Element, which is said to be LOVE.  When it is entered into within a State of Neutrality, Love has the power to work miracles.     


  • Five (Earth) Senses in the Human Body

  • Five Races of Humanity (red, white, black, brown, yellow)

  • Five Root Races, as set forth by Blavatsky, in "The Secret Doctrine."

  • Five Days in a Normal Work Week.

Listed below are tables of Sevens and Twelves.  We are now in the process of comparing and matching correspondences (matchings between the tables) to see what that has to teach us.  You are all invited to join in, if you wish.  Please send along any additions you may have found helpful in your journey.  


~ 7 ~

  • Seven Chakras in the Human Body

  • Seven Days in a Week

  • Seven Basic Human Emotions (Richard Bach's Flower Essences)

  • Seven Notes in the Diatonic Scale

  • Seven Archangels in Heavenly Host

  • Seven Spiritual "Rays" as outlined by Alice Bailey.

  • Seven "Mansions" of St. Therese of Avila.

  • Seven Churches in the Book of Revelation.

  • Seven Points to connect two locations within a galaxy.  Six to contact a location in space, and one to serve as the point of origin.

  • More to come!



~ 12 ~


Special Acknowledgements for Contributions from our Research Team:  Tricia Nobbs and Ann Burns (Canada), Cyndi Nelson (Sedona, Arizona), Nina Florenz (Seattle Area, USA), Niti Etner (Tel Aviv, Israel), and Mark Stearns (Ireland). 


  • Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

"The 11:11:11 Portal" and

"Integrating the Twelve Chakra System in Preparation for the Gate Energies"




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