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Daniel says:

These writings are an interesting extension of the "ET Factor" Material.  This guy is still very into the "Conspiracy Spin" on things, but does manage to come around to a more Expanded Viewpoint at the end, when he says:  "It is time for your world to know that all civilizations are connected at soul level. Each soul is a part of God, thus the universal brotherhood - whether high spiritual beings or dark, whether primitive or greatly advanced intellectually and technologically, whether beautiful or ugly by your standards - is One."

Yes, indeed, it is!!!
And it's worth talking about.......when we all get round tuit!

Anyone with thoughts on this, feel free to e-mail me.   I'll sure have more to say, as will the Guides, as time goes by.

-------- Original Message --------

Subject: Notes From a Hermit 6/5/3
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 10:14:44 -0400
From: "The Hermit IX" <>

MATTHEW: Fear about global terrorism is subsiding; the concocted SARS scare is dwindling; no weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq; atrocities committed in that war and in Afghanistan are coming out, as is scientific evidence of ground-level explosions toppling the twin towers in New York City. In the minds of the puppets of the dark forces, something of profound nature is needed to de-emphasize these tactics that failed to sustain mass fear. Something profound is needed to divert attention from their results as well as from the tattered world economy, mass death from disease and starvation in many countries, more exposures of fraud, and the like. >From what we are seeing, this could be the "anticipated incursion of an alien force bent on enslaving us."

The dark minds need something of that dramatic nature to divert your focus from the actualities and reunite you all in fear of another of their misrepresented situations. This one is not a new idea. It has long been in governments' top secret military contingency and strategy plans, but not intended to be set in motion unless the population started strongly resisting their control. And you are! You are embracing compassion, understanding, sharing, helping, all of which is increasing the light on Earth and making it more and more difficult for those in the camp of the darkness to keep a cover on their deception, corruption and brutality. So the time may come when they are motivated to unveil the underground "extraterrestrials" as a last resort to their own intent to enslave the world through fear, and I'd like to get a jump on this possibility.  

First, just a note about the purpose of fear in the dark agenda. Energy with fear attachments is anathema to the energy of light. Reception to light is essential for both cellular restructuring so bodies can survive in the higher light densities into which Earth is evolving as well as for people to attain spiritual clarity, also a requirement of life in the higher frequencies. Clearly, the controlling forces do NOT want light to expose their dark deeds, and inciting fear is one of their most effective means of preventing that. But it isn't working well any longer, and they are becoming desperate to strengthen their ebbing control through greater fear-filled measures. The ultimate is sending the underground population of "aliens" up to the surface.

When this "alien" civilization commonly called "little grays" arrived over 50 years ago, they didn't expect to be trapped in Earth's atmosphere, but they were, and ever since then they have been largely unseen residents. They came to offer their advanced technology in exchange for permission to conduct experiments with the Earth humans with whom they had soul contracts for enhancing their species. They were betrayed. An attempt to annihilate them after receiving their technology failed - some "UFOs" are your governments' creations using that technology- and stories of "abductions" were distorted or fabricated even as they officially were called hoaxes. The stories of gentleness in cooperation were suppressed. Although these people differ from you in appearance, they are a human civilization and, like you, some have lower light frequency than others. A few of those lower beings abused the soul contracts, which specified Earth individuals' conscious memory of their agreement, and dreadful fear and suffering were caused to the few who did not remember.

But as a group, these people have no more desire or intention to take over and enslave all of you than do the many millions of bona fide extraterrestrials who are assisting you in this unprecedented time on your planet - indeed, in the universe. Your world leaders know the truth about the presence and purpose of all of these civilizations, and they know none pose an iota of danger to you! Totally to the contrary, the "danger" posed is to their continuance of dark control on the planet.

There are approximately 17 major groups of extraterrestrial forces actively working on your behalf. Many are in spacecraft surrounding Earth, but members from some of these civilizations are right there among you. In their homelands they may not have the same shape and features familiar to you, but their manifesting capabilities permit them to easily adapt to the appearance of the population in which they are living.

They are able to achieve this as well as attain increasingly influential positions because of their extraordinary intelligence. Their brains are not as constrained by the still-prevailing third density limitations as are the vast majority of Earth human brains. Some of these individuals are born to Earth parents, others simply "appear." Their highly developed psychic abilities alert them to danger from those commanded to eliminate them once they are seen as dangerous to the aims of world leaders. They are able to manifest protective shields, disappear by de-materializing, see beyond your vision and hear beyond your hearing. When it is safe to do so, they will reveal themselves for who they really are, and when love and peace reign completely, they may choose to continue to help if invited or return to their homelands.

The far greater numbers of extraterrestrials are using their advanced technology literally to hold Earth together during these years of mammoth cleansing. At this time the largest contingent of life preservers in human civilizations near Earth is from Arcturus, and the next in number is from Lyra. Both were the original homelands of some of your planet's earliest settlers, your ancestors. Forces from the Pleiades is not the largest in members, but it has the most potent technology for clearing the lower atmosphere, and others of Earth's earliest settlers came from this origin. 

In my Wesak message I mentioned specific invaluable contributions of these and other civilizations, and I'd like to repeat that for the benefit of you who aren't familiar with it or as reminders to you who are:

Their various forms of technology have kept Earth in regular orbiting and have prevented the tides from moving as rapidly as the other effects of the accelerated energy, which you sense as time passing faster and faster. These light beings also have dispersed the kinetic energy build-up far more uniformly than would result from release through earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that otherwise could sever entire states and submerge coastlines, and they have reduced the power and size of tornadoes and other fierce storms.

Their knowledge is being filtered to your scientists, who subconsciously will be inspired toward discovering and developing energy sources to replace the current siphoning of Earth's gas and oil, which are her very blood. The advanced capabilities of these higher light beings will aid in restoring those natural resources as well as cleaning up the polluted air, water and soil, which are other parts of Earth's body.

They are reducing the most drastic effects of what are known as chemtrails, and of radioactivity from weaponry or leaking storage containers and in particular, the effects of depleting uranium. "Depleted" is a government-devised term meant to convey a completed process, as if less harm can result. Despite science's longevity estimate of the effects of this ongoing decay of lethal toxins, eventually they will pose no harm at all to physical bodies.

Your space brothers are helping your own efforts to preserve the lives of the cetaceans. Species-wide, the cetaceans are the most spiritually and intellectually evolved beings on Earth, and their bulky forms are anchoring the light energy being beamed to the planet. The dark forces are aware of this crucial service, and it is their influence that has been behind the killing of whales and dolphins. By God's own mandate and the work of the high light beings combined with yours, that deliberate destruction will not continue!

Another example of help you are receiving is the heightening of conscience. That layer of the soul that guides the consciousness in line with the soul's chosen missions is being reinforced by the intensifying light the high beings are adding to your own and beaming to all.

Some of these space brothers are in your midst. Along with shining Earth souls, they are gaining influence in governments, international corporations, law and justice systems and the banking and medical fields - the major establishments that for so long have prevented the populace from getting past their controls. You will see the top ranks of these institutions either turning into honorable leaders or being forced out by others who will take the reins and provide fair, caring and meaningful services to all the people. These leaders will see that Earth's abundant resources no longer are exploited, but are shared equitably.

Along with this great spectrum of virtually unrecognized extraterrestrial assistance, there are some misunderstandings and some grave concerns about what might happen. First, there will be NO nuclear detonations! By Creator's decree and a unique withdrawal of free will, those who would use their free will to cause nuclear explosions will be thwarted in their attempts. Acting upon this decree is God's responsibility and by His instructions, your space brothers have prevented and will continue to prevent detonation of nuclear warheads in space weaponry.

Some of those preservation and restoration measures are being managed by human civilizations and some by vast and powerful collective souls you could call suprahuman or a force field. A very special service being rendered by some of those highest light forces is the amassing and directing of light toward the groups working in dimensions nearer the planet. These beings could be considered the arms providers to the arms bearers, with the arms being love in its tangible use as directed light to your Earth and each of you.

Please know that NONE of these civilizations is imposing its powers on your planet, but rather by God's request, are aiding Earth's free will choice to continue living. Rapidly reaching the state of non-viability, she had the choice to physically die, in which case only her soul would evolve, or live and ascend the limitations of the third density into which she had fallen through her human population's abuse, neglect and ignorance. However, in her desperately damaged state, she no longer had the capacity to sustain life, and she is recovering only because many millions of lighted souls are assisting in this process. 

Nevertheless, it would be wrong to believe that all extraterrestrials interfacing with Earth are benevolent. By far the most powerful are those in the highest light frequencies, but there are alien civilizations that have been wreaking havoc on the planet for eons, primarily the darkly inclined reptilians. But it wouldn't matter what civilization the dark forces used to spread their agenda of violence, greed, control and suffering. The influence of the reptilians whose nature is dark is waning by the second, and the reptilians who are light beings are aiding in this victory for the light.
It is time for your world to stop wondering if Earth is the only populated place in the universe and know that she is not. It is time for your world to know that all civilizations are connected at soul level. Each soul is a part of God, thus the universal brotherhood - whether high spiritual beings or dark, whether primitive or greatly advanced intellectually and technologically, whether beautiful or ugly by your standards - is One.

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