In Human Consciousness

by Daniel Jacob


This material is, IN NO WAY, designed to negate or alter the information that is being brought or will be brought to humanity from established "ET Sources."  What we offer, within the Reconnections System, are simply ADDITIONAL OPTIONS AND MEANS for perceiving and integrating reality.  

The Guides do not wish to REPLACE anything that is already working in people's lives.  The Multiverse isn't about SUBTRACTING things.   It is big enough for all, and it includes ALL realities.   And it is the design of Multiversal Expansion and Awareness to assist ALL SYSTEMS OF REALITY to function side-by-side, in whatever degree of harmony and peace that they desire, or which serves the greater good.   With that as a preamble, let us begin this journey into a very fascinating topic.

I have long been a fan of Extraterrestrials.  From my very first exposure to the "Saturday Matinee" kinds--who varied in shape from beings who looked like giant ants, to cabbage-heads with sharp needle fingers, who injected their enemies with pure alcohol, and all the way to Michael Rennie's brilliant portrayal of the very human-like "Klaatu" in the 1951 classic "The Day the Earth Stood Still"--ET's have always been a point of fascination for me. 

In 1991, while meditating, I received a message that I needed to take a 5-day trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where a group of "Extraterrestrial Energies" wished to communicate with me.  Of course, I didn't hesitate.  I made my reservations, packed a bag, and off I went.   If you've read "The Reconnections Story," on the Index Page of the Reconnections Site, you can see where this article is going.  Basically, this little journey was how I met The Reconnections.   Now I would like to expand a bit on that experience (mainly because it is expanding within me). 

When I made that trip in  1991, I fully expected that I would both see (and maybe even be picked up by) a flying saucer.  One of my friends, James, has actually ridden in one.   I visited his property in Trout Lake, Washington a couple of times and I have seen several of them (mostly high fliers, but definitely UFOs).   His videos and other media are definitive, and clearly prove (to my satisfaction) that UFOs exist.  It's also very interesting how many physicists and other "experts" try to go out there and debunk him, only to come away believers. 

Of course, my personal philosophy is that everything exists, somewhere in the Multiverse.  Therefore, I usually don't get too bogged down these days worrying whether or not something is real.  Rather, I spend my time determining whether or not it is relevant in my current experience.   Apparently, this subject surely is.   Soon, I believe, it will be relevant to all the peoples of the Earth. 


I just returned from Northern California, where I went for a little rest and recuperation before my Associates and I moved to our new office location here in Seattle area.   I had my ears to the ground (and to the sky), hoping for some new insights on the "alien infusion" that will be happening this summer.  In some of their latest transmissions to us, the Reconnections indicated that a considerable infusion of "Extraterrestrial Tones" would be coming onto the planet between June and September of this year (2003).   They said that it would "greatly simplify your collective process of integrating many aspects of your Multidimensional Self." 

Just before departure, the Guides indicated that this infusion was already beginning, because the vibratory disruption of the Iraqi War was less than expected, and Spirit Folk seem extra attentive at this time.   Once the trip was underway, they certainly did not disappoint.   After visiting some friends near Sacramento and San Rafael, I proceeded down the coast to Santa Cruz, where the whole "ET Thing" was brought together for me about 4:30am one morning, while moving in and out of a dream state.

At this point, it also bears mentioning that the planet feels to be gearing up for something HUGE in regards to Extraterrestrials and their involvement with the Earth.   In the political scene, we all seem to be looking for ways to shrink the barriers that separate us from each other.  I know that doesn't seem to be the case, but it actually is.   The "powers that be" are going all out to remove any people or institutions that seem  "renegade" or unbridled.  And they don't mind seeming to be "judgmental" or "pushy" to get the job done.  Spirit is seeking to clear the path for total BONDING, among peoples on the Earth when a new (potential) "enemy" gets introduced.  Who are we talking about here?  Extraterrestrials, of course.   Or, at least, that which would be presented to us as Extraterrestrial.  A means to an end.  And, as usual, it will all be PERFECT.

But this message isn't about politics.   It's about what Extraterrestrials MEAN, in regards to us--which is the same thing that The Reconnections have always meant in regards to me.  They represent "all those parts of our Expanded Self that we had to forget about in order to become human."  And now they are approaching us, along with other energies and essences from our "forgotten otherlives" to make some sort of contact, which will have impact on BOTH SIDES of the Veil. 


While I was away on my trip, one of the Guides said to me:   

"We have often said to you that you are ALL OF IT.  You are everything and everyone, all across time, everywhere (at once)!"  

Then, I could feel him turn to me (on the Inner Planes) and say:  "How does that strike you?"  

I was rather dumbfounded.   I said:  "It kind of bowls me over."   

I could feel him smile, and then he responded:  

"Of course it does.  In fact, it blows everyone to smithereens who comes in true contact with it, and then scatters them into little tiny pieces---millions, billions of them.  This is the cause of what you have termed "The Big Bang."  It it a clear, personalized interface with the very statement I just made to you.  And it has happened several times, throughout history, not just once.  It is a clear internal REALIZATION, which blows apart everything and everyone who truly understands it.  But then, once you are all blown apart, you earnestly desire to be back together again.  And so, the Game is afoot!"

The Recons went on to tell me that, after this first degree of internal "trauma," the universe provided a suitable recuperatory environment in which to pull ourselves back together again.  It is called 3D.   In the Grand Game, the Reconnections describe "The Game of Fragmentation," as the Oneself spreads Ourself out across the globe.   Indeed, we have become fragmented across many globes!  Some of them we know, and some of them still feel very foreign to us.  

As a preparation for my journey recently, I took along a copy of Lyssa Royal Holt's book "Preparing for Contact."   I bought it several years ago, but didn't get a chance to get too deeply into it.   I heartily recommend it, as the channeled information it carries felt very supportive for what is now coming through my own channel. 


In a group session one night, someone asked the Guides what was "up" with ETs.  What does the whole subject mean?   They responded that, in the minds of many people, the term "Extraterrestrial" refers to beings who originate from or populate other stars or planets in the galaxy.  Used as such, it is part of a separation "game" that places an arbitrary cap on what we are willing to acknowledge as "self" and what we still consider to be our "other."  


The same is true with Archetypes---Gods and Goddesses---or any mythological or mystical characterizations.  When we use these terms, we are saying to ourselves:  "I am this, and 'they' (whoever 'they' are) are something else."  It is illusion.   But that is what we come here to do, isn't it?   To live in illusion---to take a joyride, a vacation.  And so it goes.  But now, many of us are wanting to WAKE from our dream.   We are beginning to realize that "The Matrix" has us, and we want to free our minds!   To do this, we must UNPLUG from the illusion, and expand our definition of "self"-- taking down many of the arbitrary barriers which block our perception and our remembrance.

In one of their past transmissions, the Reconnections say to us:  "This 3D Experience is illusion.  By saying this, we are not implying that what you see in front of you is not real.  Everything is real, everywhere it appears.  Rather, the illusory nature of 3D exists in the implication that what is seen, within any context of reality, is ALL THERE IS that exists there.   Therein lies the falsehood.  Even as YOU are so much more than you think you are---so also is every context of your physical reality."

At the session, the Guides went on to introduce the term "Extracontextual," which they felt went much further in explaining ETs than making distinctions between Earthlings and people who live on some other planet.  We say that something appears to be "Extracontextual" when it seems clear that IT DOESN'T BELONG HERE.   It seems out of context.  Out of place.  It feels ALIEN to us.  

This term could also describe the appearance of faeries, devas, Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Demons, Little Green Men, Pegasus, Giant Lizards, Amorphous Blobs that gobble up people, and a whole host of other "phenomena" that might cross our path.   It doesn't always have to involve OTHER PLANETS, although using it in that way has seemed to fit the need of many people up to now.    

The amusing and innovative video  "Naked States," shows photographer Spencer Tunnick and his girlfriend traveling all across the U.S., getting people to pose naked for them---either individually, or in groups.   It is amazing how little Spencer needed to do to convince locals to shed their inhibitions.  He introduced himself, showed them an album of his work (to prove that he is legit), and they readily agreed to meet him at 5:30am in the middle of Times Square, Golden Gate Park, or Downtown Boston---and strip down, naked as jaybirds.

In the movie, Spencer refers to these little scenes, filmed in broad daylight, in the middle of a busy cities, as "holes in reality."  He says that they are ALIEN IMAGES which "land" in the middle of some neighborhood, to surprise unsuspecting humans!  And the movie surely depicts a sense of shock on the faces of some passers-by, as they get a load of what is happening.  It also clearly shows people who seem quite oblivious to the whole business---who do not even perceive what is going on at all.  

As the journey progresses, Spencer gets to spend hours in front of local judges, in several cities, because he gets picked up by the cops for inciting "public lewdness."  But his trusty lawyer always gets him off the hook, just in the nick of time.  It's hilarious.

What impressed me about this film, and why I mention it here, is because this modern experience is very similar to what the explorer Magellan encountered, when he landed his tall ship off the shore of various tropical islands.  Lyssa Royal outlines this nicely in her book.  Apparently, Magellan's tall ship created another one of those "holes in reality," for the indigenous peoples that inhabited the islands.      

As Magellan and his crew disembarked their huge vessel, they climbed into rowboats and headed for shore.  Because the rowboats resembled the native's canoes, they were able to easily perceive them and the men who were inside.  But the tall ship was NOT part of their everyday faire.  The natives had no familiar objects or ideas to compare it to.  Because of this, most of them COULD NOT SEE THE SHIP AT ALL.  Their perceptual mechanisms simply de-selected it from view.  They only noticed the boats, and wondered where they were coming from.

Let me use another example as well.   Not too long ago, I had heard that Dennis Adams, a Metaphysical Teacher who lives in Mt. Shasta, California, has the power to walk through tables and doors.  Somewhere in his journey, Dennis "remembered" that we can all do this.   I asked a fellow who had been studying with Adams if he had ever witnessed the feat.  He said:  "Oh yeah.  Dennis does that, from time to time.  It sure takes a lot out of him when he does, though."  Well, yes.........I dare say!  

Then my friend said to me:  "It's interesting.  The first time Dennis did it, he was onstage at an event that was attended by about 150 people.   He was speaking about some topic, and he simply walked through the table that was next to him onstage.   He didn't mention it, directly.  He just did it, and kept talking.  Immediately, you could tell that something big had happened.  Because the audience was not prepared for what he was going to do, and because they had no personal experience with this skill, only about HALF of them even noticed what he did. The other half of the people were left hanging, wondering what was going on."  

Like Magellan's natives, the eyes of those 75 people simply de-selected the image of Dennis and the table from their mind and continued to follow that which made them comfortable and familiar.   Indeed, there were probably some among them who later accused Dennis of perpetrating an "illusion" on them.   In our society, that would certainly be a common response, wouldn't it?  Skeptics.  Inquisitors.  Who does this man think he is?  And who does he think that WE are?

But wait.  How do The Reconnections define the word "illusion?"   It is: "the assumption that what is seen, within any context of reality, is ALL THERE IS that exists there."  And isn't that just what those 75 people did?  Isn't that what many of us do, everyday?  They ASSUMED that Dennis was going to teach them things in predictable, conventional ways.   And when the "hole in reality" opened, they simply declined to walk through it.  For them, it just wasn't there.    

Can you see where I am going with this?   There are people all over the world, asking when the ETs are going to arrive, when they are going to land on the White House lawn.   Could it be possible that landings and departures are happening, all around us, and the images of them are simply being de-selected from our field of perception? 


In one of their transmissions on "Government Conspiracies," the Reconnections said these words:  

"Your governments and scientists are not separate from you.   They, too, are symbols of a grand process that is underway.  There are really no victims here, nor are there perpetrators.  They are all simply actors, wearing masks and costumes to depict parts of YOU that are in transition.  The decision of your governments--- to fight with each other, or to experiment with caustic control methodologies---is exactly correspondent to your own need to control and manipulate your personal world.   There is no separation.   You cannot change your reflection by screaming at or by breaking the mirror.   Instead, you must begin to examine and fully own the entire image that is reflected therein."

There are many today who have studied the concept of "Government Cover-ups," concerning Extraterrestrials and their involvements with humanity.  When asked why they believe that such knowledge is being withheld from the peoples of the Earth, these researchers are usually quite unanimous in their response.  They feel that Governments are withholding the information because, in general, people would PANIC if they really knew what was going on.   

As I speak about this, I am reminded of Jack Nicholson's excellent performance as the crusty Marine Colonel in the movie "A Few Good Men."   In this film, Nicholson plays a Commanding Officer on a Marine base that sits directly across from a very volatile area of political action.   As part of his training duties with his men, this Colonel has been violating established military procedure in order to achieve certain "results," in regards to their performance on the job.  As a result, one of his men is inadvertently killed, and the military is conducting a hearing, to explore the circumstances behind the soldier's death.

It's obvious that a cover-up is underway.  In one intense scene, between the Colonel and a Defense Attorney, played quite well by Tom Cruise, the two men stare each other down, as Cruise tries to get to the bottom of what has caused this soldiers death.  Tom asks the Colonel a key question, about his violations of this soldier's "rights," and the Colonel glares at him, and says: 

"The truth?  You want the truth???? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!"   

The day I saw this movie, and especially this scene---and it was as if Nicholson was speaking for all politicians, "Black Operations Officers" and "Renegade Commanders" who run rampant within our nutty government system of today.  Millions, even BILLIONS of dollars each year are spent in the process of covering up things which public "servants" believe that the public can't handle.  And this, too, is my reflection.

I am that "public," of which they speak.  But I am ALSO those Government systems, as well.  The idea of "government" is metaphorical for CONTROLLING FORCE, or DECISION-MAKING BODY.  Isn't that a weird situation?  There are parts of my mind and consciousness that are HIDING THINGS FROM ME, deliberately, because they believe that the "rest" of me can't handle them.  I look for "evidence," even in regards to my own personal involvements with ETs, and it has been erased from my "hard drive."  Literally, metaphorically, and (apparently) quite deliberately.

And humanity keeps asking ourselves and our governments:  "When are the ETs coming?"  Indeed, well as many other "forgotten aspects" of human heritage, are already here.  And yet, they still seem very separated from us.  And that is what this series of articles is all about.  In the days to come, humankind will begin to understand some very fundamental things about "aliens."  When we do, our whole reality will move into a new era.

As time goes by, more and more people are laying aside terms such as "alien" and "extraterrestrial."  We are beginning to acknowledge that Interdimensional Visitors are nothing less than aspects of our Multidimensional Self.  Nancy Burson, whose work can be perused at the above-listed site, refers to them as "Extra Celestials" (EC's).  Dr. Richard Boylan refers to them as "Star Visitors."  In this way, we step beyond fear and separation---and take our first steps into a larger world! 

Preparing for Contact:  Lyssa Royal Holt

Talking With Extraterrestrials:  Lisette Larkins

Chart of E.C.'s believed to have visted Earth

There is a whole lot more material where this comes from.  It is the product of a "tear" that has recently occurred in the Veil of Forgetfulness---a gentle but substantial episiotomy (of sorts) that is designed to assist in the birthing of Planet Earth into the New Consciousness.  At the Conclave, I spoke about an interesting "game" that has been formulated by The Reconnections, to assist humanity in WELCOMING IN these updated Extraterrestrial tones of awareness.

And so it is.  A "new" adventure for humankind.  Boldly going where no man has gone before.   Do you wish to come along?   By all means, share your thoughts with us.  As I said, this is truly a STORY IN THE MAKING.

Memorial Day, 2003.   A day of "Remembering."  

Copyright, 2003, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  Any reproduction for profit requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.