Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"A Few Extra Pounds"

Hello, My Dear Friends,

"Many of you have noticed, as part of your Transmutation journey, that you have put on some weight. Still others have experienced powerful energy surges, moving up and down the spinal canal. Some have recently had to deal with chaotic situations in marriage and relationships. All of these aspects, and many others, are clear indicators that you have begun running Soul Group Connective Energy.

You are a point of awareness that has appeared in a dark place, and many souls have become attracted to you for Reconnection to the Oneself. 

Physical body fat is a material manifestation of "non-descript energy potential."  It is not defined enough to manifest as muscle or organic mass, but is is dense enough that it remains attached to you, waiting for its time to be invested into the physical plane. For many, extra weight indicates an extra "wait" that is being experienced, due to the Assembly of Souls in their internal corridor, leading to physical reality.


When your fullness of time has come, your "wait" will be complete. The energies lined up there will be born--either as purposeful action, expressions of love and concern, channeled guidance, or works of art  Having tried everything imaginable to "lose" this weight, in order to appear "normal," you must now accept the fact that you were never "fat" to begin with. You are simply with child! And now, your birthing time is near . Some of you are physically wearing this pregnancy, and some are simply feeling it, energetically. All are one, regardless of how things appear.  

Many of you have asked how a person deals with the "stigma" of what appears to be excess weight. Our answer to you is that you FORGET IT OFF.  The experience of being large or small has more to do grounding and balance on the physical plane than with who or what you are as individuals.  If there are changes in nutrition and/or activity that you find make your life experience more vibrant, by all means follow your energy into happiness and joy. But if you find that nothing you do seems to bring about certain changes that you seek, you must trust that there is a very good reason for it.

In days past, you struggled mightily with who you have become, largely because you thought of yourselves as being self-indulgent and weak-willed. Believing yourself to be lacking in "discipline," your self-esteem sagged, along with various body parts as well!   

Be aware, from this point forward, that just the opposite is true. If anything, your will-power has been too strong, too focused, which is why your birth process has taken so long. Your portal is jammed and swollen with potentiated energies, because your life force is so incredibly bright, thereby making you a primary attraction to those within the Unseen Realms. If you just learn to relax into this, accepting your innate beauty and power--your womb will dilate and you will bring forth that which you have been holding, allowing Onederful miracles to come through. 

Birthing a Moment is no different than birthing a physical baby. In some cases, the only difference is that you don't have to feed or clothe a Moment for 18+ years!   It comes, it conquers, and then it is no more. You must learn to follow the ENERGY, not the PERSONALITY.  In this way, your path will never be obscured.

(end transmission)

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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