From The Reconnections......

"Alien Abduction and Experimentation"


My Dear Friends,

We have told you, in days past, that the most "connected" way to interpret what happens to you, especially in a dream, is to consider that all the "players" in your little "drama" are aspects of yourself.  The idea of "detached objectivity" is illusion.  It can be a helpful illusion, at times, but it still misrepresents the situation.  We told you in The Grand Game that categorizing of some object or person as "other" is quite arbitrary, and for purposes of learning---nothing more.  It is a limited premise, yielding many lessons and experiences, if you are willing to submit yourself to it, for a time. 

In your writings and researching about Extraterrestrial Civilizations, history is replete with stories of alien abduction and "brutality."  You claim that certain events have occurred, and have been erased from memory, until such time as certain individuals assist you in re-membering them, and fully living through the emotions they carry. 

We tell you now that all such stories, when seen from the most-expanded view, are merely metaphors, though quite real within the densities of vibration where they do their work.  You can either dwell upon them as separation trauma and travail---or you can reconnect, within yourself, and harmonize them for what they ultimately are:  picture lessons of what you have been doing with yourself, throughout this Earthly "Experiment" that you have been conducting.  

In those fitful "dreams," you visualize strange and dispassionate creatures---probing and observing a struggling body, within different stages of his or her life process.  Photographing, impregnating, twisting and turning your consciousness, so that observations and conclusions can be made about you, as a race.  Is this picture any different than what is done with a newborn infant, the moment it is taken from mother's womb?  A slap on the bottom, washing, poking, observing, monitoring............even circumcision in some cases.  Traumatic?  Yes, of course.  But perpetrated, nonetheless.  At every level, there are those who feel "qualified" to poke, prod, and manipulate..........until one day, PERHAPS TODAY, they too realize they are merely traumatizing themselves.  

My Dear Friends, is this not the entire nature of your life in physical form?  And..... are not those "Alien Abductors" simply true aspects of YOURSELF, stepping outside of you, so that you can test and probe what is happening, and record each life occurrence, from another place?  It as though each stage of your development is a picture being mounted in a baby album........with locks of hair, footprints, and records of each new "step" you take in your journey.  

And if you have been "captured," it is only in the sense that a growing child is "captured" on film, by interested and loving parents, so that each stage of growth can be enjoyed and relived, forever.  And yet, with each picture, there is also a story concerning the taking of that picture.  And an experience of being with those parents, in whatever form they present themselves in that moment.     

And in all these lessons we teach, you can either separate and wonder, or you can reconnect and understand.  The choice is, and always was, up to you!

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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