Another Transmission from The Reconnections


 My Dear Friends,

Behold, we bring you tidings of Great Joy!  Many of you are feeling strange and ungrounded.  Do not fret over this.  Many sense they are being filled with a powerful and unusual presence.  Fear not.  As layers of denial and forgetfulness peel away from your Planetary Consciousness, the Expanded Self comes now upon you.........AS YOU.......filling every nook and cranny of your 3D being with eternal light. 

 Annunciation Time for Planet Earth--a WAVE of remembrance, filling all Creation with wonder and great joy. 

Shadow Ambassadors from the Unseen Realms surround and cradle this Magical Union--bringing with them volumes of Ancient Mystery Texts--Secrets of the Ages--ripe for the unfolding.  A host of Earth's Lives now pass before your eyes!  A breach between Darkness and Light is healing now.......and YOU are there..........not only at the center of it, but BECOMING the very Center of it.  Each one, according to his or her personal pattern of remembrance.........each one becoming an unfolding YOU-niverse of Personal Regeneration and Love. Bringers of the Dawn, Caretakers of Twilight Wonder......Midnight Reverie!

"Hospice Workers for the Old Paradigm, Midwives for the New......"

~James O'Dea

Each of you is now becoming your own Vortex Merkaba, drawing unto yourself that which is yours, immediately deflecting that which does not resonate with this sacred heart's passion, this Core Intention......concerning that which has always been, will always will be, ONE.   

Full of Grace, Begotten of the Father, borne now in the Belly of the Great Mother.......YOUR BELLY, My Friends......for it is all ONE, do you see?  Can you feel it now?  WE are ALL ONE. 

To move forward, into a new life, you must first die to an old one.  And that is our point in this communication.  What you are feeling is an accurate description of what is happening to your world.  An ancient "sun" is setting, and a kind of planetary "night" is falling all around you.  The stars are out, though....and your Children of Oneness have been sent to guide you on your path! 

And yet, it feels so dark! And you are frightened, bringing a tremor to your life force that all must learn to bear. There will come a time when this very feeling will be a thing of comfort and exhilaration.  But for this present time, it seems as though the Grim Reaper is standing directly before you.

See it.  It is full of understanding and tones.

And that is just the point, isn't it?  He is always standing before you, attending you, every moment of your lives.  He isn't off in some distant land, attending to "other" business, until your "time" comes!  Your time is here, now.........and it has always been.  You have just been asleep to the presence--and now you are awakening.  It is only natural that you would be weak, trembling, tired, and distraught.  It's a tough labor that you are doing--all of you!

THE 12:12:13 GATE

This December 12th will be more special than all the others!   It is the Conception Date for your Conscious Oneself Planetary Being.  You are forming now the Oneself Alliance of the Ages.  The first stage will seem quite mundane and grounded to you.......this is why we are now expositing on focusing and grounding issues, such as "The Economics of Oneness."  It is important that none of you allows yourself to become so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good!  Currently, the very core of your essence involves the giving and receiving of money.  How do you expect to build something in physical space if you cannot wield the necessary leverage to bring about physical means?   

The 12:12 Aspect is a conjunction for "Triad Energy," a mystical union, which brings forth a magical child, on both sides of the Veil.  3 + 3=6 (Family Energy). The number 13 vibrates as a number "4."  Add 3 + 3 +4 and you get 10, which reduces down to the vibration of ONE.  Add that Oneness to a Family Vibration (6) and you get a "7".......which is the Master Number for Ground Crew, Planet Earth Vehicle.  More will be shared about that magical number in due time!  

The symbolism of three Wise Men, meeting a Holy Family, references that above-mentioned  Mystery of the Watcher Self--Shadow Witnesses (Keepers of Ancient Mysteries--Magi), come to adore the Grand Experiment of the Multiverse: 

The Fullness of All, made manifest in human form.  3 + 3 + 7 = THE THIRTEEN GATE.   

In the first incarnation that Magical One was born as a physical child.  In this next incarnation it will be a ONESELF COMMUNITY, with that same Cosmic Christ Energy manifest in each heart, forming a powerful embodiment of Unity and Diversity.  Because you are truly "Cat People," you shall not consent to gather around a person, or even a single concept.  Indeed, it will be the ENERGY ITSELF that will administrate this process, from here on out.  There are no cults or gurus left, who are powerful enough to perform this task. You will each be drawn, instinctually, to the particular JOY (Charismation) which thrills and illumines you most, and flourish in a company of "fellow kitties" (independent souls) who believe just as you do!    

The 13 Gate vibrates to the number "4," which is Earth Resonance:  Four Directions, Four Elements, Four Seasons.........and now a newly crystallizing Quaternity:  Mother, Father, Spirit, Child (Earth, Air, Fire, Water).  The Divine Feminine takes Her place alongside a Heavenly Husband once more!  And all of this, Dear Friends, is happening inside each and every one of you.  You are the physical manifestation of this, for your created universe. 

So open wide, and say AHHHHHHHH!!!   Now is a time of great heaviness, as your time of delivery draws near.  You are as females in their ninth month of gestation.......heavy, sad (in some cases) and feeling ready to burst!  And we send forth continual Activating Tones, in the form of silver orbs....following you where you go.  Look for them, for they are there. 

May the joy and warmth of the Crystal Cities be upon you.  Chehala, Michela, Avalona SELAH!  Reach for us, for we are there.  Walk the floors at night, if need be.  It is a time of birthing.  A time of unrest.  A little while, and all will feel much better.  It is a time of expansion, but a time of contraction as well.  The pendulum swings to both extremes.  And the CENTER is who you now are. 

Feelings will arise, from deep within your Multidimensional Being.  They are you, but they are not all you are.  Breathe, relax, and bring them on through. They are your "issues," your children, springing forth to experience the light of day.  If one of them cannot pass, the resulting constriction will create disharmony and dissolution, until whatever is holding is removed.  Relax, breathe, and give your process time. Pain is not your enemy.  In many cases, it is a tool--held firmly in the hand of a Cosmic Artist--which will form, in time, the you that is yet to be!  

We are your midwives, even as you shall also be midwives for generations yet to come!  The passing of history now grows very thin.  That which once took years will often be completed in days or weeks.  Breathe, open, and soon your time of travail will be over.  And then comes the morning.  Then comes the dawn.

<end transmission>    

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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