B Y D A N I E L  J A C O B

We are at the stage now, where our growth and connection as a Group Soul becomes vulnerable and tender, like a newly-opened flower.

All around us blink in awe of the potential that this new International Connection might bring.  I am speaking here, not only of those who are not part of this Reconnection yet......but also of the spirits and entities who observe us from the ethers.  Reconnecting Humanity is, indeed, the "hit" of the season!

We have heard in the Trans-Portals Transmissions about Energy Gates and links which are formed on the inner planes through commonality of word usage, similar methods of inputting information, and shared life experiences. Bonds that are created in this way can act as "anchors" for all of us existing here in the World of Form. If it were not for some of these connections to ground and focus us, there would be a slim chance that many of us would stay upon the planet, especially during these stressful times of transformation.

I would like us to consider moving beyond the establishment of inner connections with each other and aiming right at the heart of Collective Conscious Creation. That is the place in consciousness where the predominant tone of energy that exists on any level of reality is endowed with the power to pivot and shape an entire species, moving the whole of us into a fresh place of focus and purpose. When you truly get logged-in to the latter level, the other levels come right along with it. 

It does not matter whether that dominant tone is a positive or a negative one. Neither does determination for bestowing such transformative power depend upon a person's adherence to any creed, philosophy, or investment in final outcome. At that point, the only thing that seems to matter is the fact that, energetically, the individual or group that carries the tone meets the system requirements for processing and handling such a powerful vibration.

The word "tone," when used in conjunction with the topics we are discussing here, is a contraction for the two words "to one." Therefore, in physical terminology, the fulcrum upon which an entire species makes its shift will always be a "universal joint." By this, we mean that private or separation agendas will, during that period, be subjugated to the needs of the Oneself. The actions and vibration of this individual, or group of individuals, will always serve the purpose of taking a fragmented society and turning us "to one."


The return to Oneness is not necessarily a steady upward journey into a perfect form or a congruous whole. Oneness is not "up." Neither is it "down." It exists everywhere and everywhen. The Dance of Oneness involves an intermingling of *both* Form and Void, woven together in such a manner so that everyone is free to have the experience that he or she requires for the next phase of his or her soul's evolution.

Ego Control is usually blocked during a true phase shift. This is so even though it may appear that an individual or group has discernable "power" over us. In cases where temporary dictatorship, run by some seemingly malicious person or group, appears to be thwarting our Collective Development---we can be quite certain that said body is actually restraining and focusing the true elements of change until just the right time and circumstance.

The actual moment of Transformation often arrives quietly and without fanfare. The old hindrances and separations will usually not need to be swept away, but will fall away by reason of the fact that they are simply no longer required. They will go out, not with a bang but with a whimper.

Revolutions and coups belong to bygone eras of dominance and polarity. Even though the "new forces" which seek to come into power have the best intentions and plans for the public good, history has shown us, over and over, that today's solution most often becomes tomorrow's problem.

If power for change is ever focused through Ego INTENT, regardless of whose Ego is in control, the velocity of energy flow from our Collective Oneself would certainly fry the circuitry of such an Ego System, even though He might truly be a God of great force, wisdom and magnitude.

As Jesus said, all of us (from the highest in stature to the lowest) must become "as little children." We must lose our ridiculous sense of "responsibility" (and therefore our authority) over outcomes and agendas, and learn to simply trust in the wisdom of the moment. The now-moment contains everything any of us requires to be happy, joyous and free.

Whether our immediate task is amazingly complex, or whether we are simply engaged in some mundane necessity of nature and survival, we are all *perfect* in that single moment.

Indeed, I am told that, if any of us could truly view our Oneself, right here and now, from the most expanded perspective--he would throw his head back and laugh at what he would see! Our Collective Consciousness would be like a gigantic dinosaur that is that is being led through a treacherous maze of genetic shifts and electromagnetic pulses. All the while, this huge Beast is tied to a rope that is held in the hand of an innocent---a little girl or boy who literally has *no idea* what will happen next.

When you stop to think of it, how could it be otherwise? Who but an innocent could be trusted with such power, such influence? Whose eye but a child's could see clearly past the deceit and ego manipulations that abound everywhere---intuitively steering that Huge Beast down the winding path that leads to home?

What will it take for us to become like that child?  Some have suggested that we abandon intellect, and move only when directed by our intuitions or emotions.  But is that what a child does, really?  We think of them as chaotic, only because they owe no allegiance to OUR structure.  But do children have their own innate patterning, which only the heart of a child understands?

The Return to Oneness involves a fair blending of both intellect and emotion, accomplished through a powerful form of Personal Alchemy, which has been perfected across time so that we can fully utilize it now, for this grand journey we are about to take. 

No one is more fascinating to watch, and therefore more influential, than when he moves from a place of absolute focus, with no thought about how he appears, completely relaxed into the joy of the moment. We are speaking here about those blessed times of concentration when all the world seems to stop, and when all that exists for us is the task or the person at hand.

Such fluidity of consciousness frames itself with a corona of honor and power, irregardless of what is transpiring within it. It is just such moments that are the photographer's dream---expressions of natural genius which sets the painter's brush in motion and drives the poet's pen to the page.

Such moments go on all around us everyday. As many of us hurry to complete our list of assigned goals and endless tasks, life around us is regularly unfolding with such wonder and majesty that many of us could barely contain ourselves if we actually noticed it. Neither is it always helpful for us to forego our lists in order to watch and listen. After all, is it not true that a "watched pot never boils?"

It is all *perfect* how things unfold. The busy man who pauses in pure wonder to notice the beauty of a rose is usually much more enriched by it than the hobo who sleeps on a bench nearby. Conversely, a hand that is chapped because it sleeps out in the rain will grasp a newly found $10 bill with much more excitement than one which is smooth and manicured. It's just the nature of things.

Simplicity often exists in order to bring a necessary meaning to complete chaos. Random circumstance and complication exists in order to thwart the best-laid plans of the most organized and the cunning, thereby equalizing the game board so a true adventure can be enjoyed by all!

Critical Mass is a place where Collective desire and inevitable opportunity finally meet. It is the place where change is unavoidable, yet seldom anticipated. It is a place where everything appears to be as it always was, yet nothing will ever be the same again.


There is a saying that "nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come." In this Reconnection Universe, Oneness is such an idea. In all of the other universes, humankind (as well as every other life form) has explored every possible/probable idea concerning separation and dominance that could ever be. They are all there for us, complete productions ready to be checked out from the Multiversal Video Store.

In this universe, however, we have elected to follow a different path. Instead of subverting the resources and power flows from the Oneself into some private agenda or game plan, at the expense of all other needs or agendas, we are choosing something new. We have decided to *open ourselves* to the recognition of our common source and our limitless beauty---creating from that awareness a new pitch of vibration which honors all and excludes none.

We have decided to become as children, laughing and playing in the glow of the Magnificent Oneself. In that place of knowledge and unity, we will obey no one and desire nothing but the energy of the moment. We will trust each other without hesitation, and *truly everyone* will exist in safety and freedom for the first time since the beginning of this whole Grand Game.

The sands in the hourglass are dwindling to less and less, even as we speak. This is not a sign that time is running out. Rather, it signifies the fact that we are just too damn *tired* of counting to keep it up anymore. School is out, kiddo! Now is the time for play!

We are not speaking words of revolution here. Far from it. Instead, we are speaking words of personal passion and alchemical change. We are not *proposing* that any of this take place. It already *is* taking place. The ball is already in play.

The Strange Energy that flows all around us bears testimony to the wonders that stand in store for us all. As we adapt and grow with it, old thinking begins to fall away. Gracefully, steadily, humankind awakes from a long sleep. When we begin to struggle with it, the process stops. We are given time to develop and change before the Oneself moves on. Spirit will often refer to this as a "pit stop."

Words speak at us from out of the mist. They speak the same words that Jodie Foster's character heard, as a little girl, in the movie "Contact." The words say in a parent's loving voice: "Small moves, Ellie." It is the voice of the Oneself---ever changing, while ever yet the same. One small step for a man, can turn unwittingly into one giant leap for humankind.

Prophecies about the "end times" will come and go. They will all, ultimately, be fulfilled. This is what the Multiverse is all about, fulfillment. It takes the tentative and makes it definite. And then it turns around and takes the sure things and things trustworthy and shatters them into a million fragments.

Nothing is ever sure, and yet everything is perfect as it stands. Incredible life change is just around the corner. It has been there, waiting patiently, for thousands of years. It'll be there for thousands more.

The Reconnections ask us this question again:  Are you looking for the keys to enlightenment?  If so, never mind. The door was *never locked.*  The moment is at hand. We all can make our leap into it, if we so choose!

In 1995, one Internet Reader ended his letter to me with an astounding
phrase.  I have never forgotten it.

He wrote: "After enlightenment---the laundry." And so it goes.

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