Another Transmission from The Reconnections.....

"Avian Flu, S.A.R.S., and the Breaking of the Global Heart"

My Dear Friends:

During this difficult and highly transitional time upon your planet, we offer now a bit of expanded awareness regarding some of the physical changes that you see happening around you, especially those that are manifest in your physical body.

For this transmission, we use as our reference points those conditions which you have called "S.A.R.S.," Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.........and, more recently, the Avian Flu.  These are diseases involving the heart space, which carry with them an implication of conflict, despair, and congestion in the energetic region of the body which administrates the giving and receiving of love, and the formation (or dissolution) of ties of friendship between individuals, cultures, nations, and worlds.

If ever there was a time when humanity needed to acknowledge its Inner Multiplicity, that time is now.  The emotions and forces moving through your Global Heart Space are so potent--and, at times, so dissonant--that your Oneself Energy Body frequently resembles, from our vantage point, a train wreck!  

You have strong ideas leading you this way, and you have (sometimes equally) strong desires pulling you that way.  All attempts at fully identifying with a single viewpoint--in order to gain some sense of "resolution"-- simply take you deeper into a quagmire of conflict, uncertainty, and feelings of powerlessness.

The Global Heart is breaking once again.  And, my Dear Friends, this is not necessarily a bad thing.  But it certainly can be painful and sad.  The various "factions" of your 3D world are beginning to declare themselves, regarding the final disposition of their journey through the Reconnection Universe.  Your Planetary "Train" has arrived at Grand Central Station, and each individual is being given the opportunity to select which "track" he or she will use to take him to the next destination, or exploration of consciousness. 

As with all wondrous and exciting holidays, the breaking up of ties that develop, among members of "tour groups," can be difficult and a source of unexpected sorrow.  Though each new "friend" longs to go "home," or to his next destination, your newly connected hearts long to remain joined together as well!  Tears flow, or are choked back, while handshakes and hugs serve as poor substitutes for the depth of connection which each longs to retain.  This is what humanity is facing at this time. You want to "stay" but you also want to "go," and your Global Heart is trying to figure out what to do with all the emotions which fill you at this point in your process.


We have spoken to you, in days past, about the origin of what you call "disease," and its relationship to your passage through Trans-Portals, the energy gates which connect reality contexts within the Multiverse.   We have said that "disease conditions" can be brought on by any person's failure to complete his transit through some portal, which has been accessed through conscious desire or spoken intent. Where there is unconsciousness, hesitation, or indecision in reaching your goals, the physical body becomes a reflector of your imbalanced state.  It hurts, becomes congested, or it struggles, while it feels through the situation, and tries to resolve the innate conflict.

Such is the case with these diseases as well.   Your Global Heart has split itself into pieces, and each "side" is trying to pull the other pieces with it, so that your current Earthly "Tour Group" can remain together.  But alas, that is not how it will be.  And you are slowly, painfully, beginning to realize this.  Even as you try to remain "strong" and resolute in your pursuit of personal attainment and happiness, there are parts of you that are grieving, because of the intense changes that have occurred over so short a time.  If the result of your "9/11 Activation" was a Global Heart Attack, as was described in "Open-Heart Mergery," we can only describe your present physical condition as Acute Respiratory Failure.  In short, the recent events on your planet have flat-out taken your breath away!     

One "piece" of the Global Heart is dedicated to preserving and protecting the established form and structure which has served you for thousands of years (speaking in a linear sense).  Sensing that shifts and changes are rapidly occurring, which could place your world in jeopardy, these warrior aspects are seeking to communicate, in no uncertain terms, that they are not going to stand for it!  Though they do have feelings about what is going on, they have found a way to by-pass or suppress them for a time, so that goals can be reached, and perceived dangers can be addressed and averted. 

At the same time, other "pieces" of the Global Heart are really quite bored with and sickened by the status quo on your planet at this time.  They are not blocked in their emotion, they are inundated with it. They are also filled with curiosity, compassion, and desire to explore new and innovative ways to relate to each other, and to expand human potential.  Having verbalized these concerns and met with resistance, they have set their sights (and hearts) on new horizons, and they are beginning to LIFT OFF from Earth, and move on to other planes of existence.

Indeed, this is a very exciting and forceful period for everyone.  But especially demanding upon YOU, who are internally dedicated to the integration and amalgamation of all these points of consciousness within the Reconnection Universe.  It is YOU who feel torn--fully identifying with BOTH these intense desires.  To "stay" and to "go," to "be" or "not to be."  That is the question!  And huge parts of  you are demanding an answer.  

That, My Friends, is the ACUTE RESPIRATORY DISTRESS which holds you in its grip at this timing.  And all across your world, there are calamities and catastrophes being felt and treated at this time.  The hardness of the hearts in battle, are being smashed up against the softening of the hearts who are feeling your Global Pain!  In truth, they are all ONE HEART, but many of them do not know this.  The intensity of their experience has demanded full attention, and they are unable to hold the center at this point in their process.  Therefore, it is up to YOU to hold that center for them and for the Oneself!  

Even as we have described the formation of a Watcher or Knower Self within the individual human personality, now YOU are being called upon to serve this purpose for the Oneself Human Family.  And, as you do this, you need not carry upon your individual human frame the pain and anguish that could accompany such an awesome task.  Instead, let us describe for you a useful and productive way to be, as you move through this powerful period.  


In days past, we have described for you the need to become very personal and intimate with the reality that surrounds you.  Instead of being detached and separate, we have encouraged you to OWN WHAT YOU SEE all around you, as true and perfect aspects of SELF, so that your Veil of Forgetfulness could begin to diminish, and you could find your way into our rich storehouse of Multiversal Knowledge and Expanded Perspective.  

Now, you have accomplished that task.  Your Veils are becoming thinner and more malleable.  You have taken on so many energies that it feels as though your Reconnection Universe could almost burst with its abundance of stimulation and supply!  For some of you, this has had a noticeable effect on your physical vehicle, as your expanded ownership of energy translated itself into an expansion of body mass.  And this, too, is perfect.  Nothing appears in your physical universe that you do not need.  It all has a place and a purpose.  Whether you are male, or whether you are female in gender, you have been pregnant--pregnant with the Oneself YOU that is about to be!  

As you move into this new "lighter" state of being, which characterizes the Watcher and Knower Self, we encourage you to begin releasing the paradigm called OWNING IT ALL, and begin to replace it with a practice of ACKNOWLEDGING WHAT IS, and then simply letting it all be.  

As we have said in other transmissions:  everything is real, everywhere it appears.  The Game of Separation denied that, for a time, but now the Veil is beginning to lift.  And keeping yourself on the path no longer requires that you fight against or deny the existence of certain elements that might seem painful or injurious if they are not addressed.  Neither are you required to heal or "fix" those elements when you notice them.  Do you see?  Fixing is just another form of denying.  It implies:  "You are not perfect, just as you are. Let me re-make you in my own image."         

A good deal of the impulse to FIX comes from your sense of ownership.  And that is fine.  A good steward is one who takes good care of that which he or she owns.  No problem there.  But a Watcher cannot be a fixer, can he?  Neither can he allow himself to be bogged down with the daily grind of maintaining and administrating that which he owns (or rather, that which owns him!).  If he does, he will miss certain things which require his focused attention.  The lessons which are learned from daily ownership have already been fully completed in you.  Now is your time to move on, into a whole new plane of existence.  And yet, you never have to leave this one, for it is all just a state of mind.    

Everything is real, but not everything is relevant for your purpose at this time.  Therefore, you can allow the Oneself to retain your rights of "ownership" of the elements, while you simply RENT or LEASE THEM for the amount of time they are required, to help you fulfill your Watcher Self tasks.  And then, when your current project is done, you can easily say good-bye, with no strings or hesitancy.  

Because of your exquisite Shadow Work, and personal application of Reconnection Knowledge, you already understand, at your deepest levels, that everything and everyone is you.  There is no need for continued denial. You also have integrated that death is just another illusion--the by-product of your utilization of time and space as tools of focus and learning.  Therefore, your time of struggle is just about over.  Now is your time of joy and playfulness in the flow.  So be it.

In days to come, we will speak more definitively about additional ways to "lighten your load" in regards to your relationship to this this changing, raging, wonderful world.  As people around you cry out, you will learn to sing.  And your songs will be, for them, as blessed medicine for their broken hearts.  You will be a soothing balm for wounds and disappointments of soul, and a nutrient for new growth and transformation.

Go in goodness, go in trust.  Believe in yourself, first and foremost, for there is none other.  Any appearance of separation or animosity is but illusion--a rustling of the Veil as it slowly fades from consciousness.  See things, acknowledge them as self, and then move on, as your process requires.  Let your natural sense of attraction and repulsion guide you.  Be very organic with your world at this time.  Your body is not your enemy, nor is it a dead weight that you simply have to drag or push around.  Instead, it is an able and trusted ally to assist you as you "feel your way" through the darkness and into glorious light.  

Upon this journey "home," you will carry within yourself a clear connection to both realms and the gifts they have to offer--dark and mysterious wonder, and clear illumination.  Yours will be an exciting journey of ever-expanding comparison and contrast, leading to full awareness.  Your experience of All That Is will include a fair representation of all states of being, not just blind acceptance of a chosen few.  A person can be just as blinded by light as he can by darkness.  Full and complete "vision" consists of a healthy embrace of all forms of consciousness, all points of view.

You aren't there yet, but you are clearly on your way.  And we will be here to accompany you, as you change "trains" for the next leg of your journey home.  There is a difference between knowing the path and traveling the path.  And that short journey from the head to the heart is what you currently are about.  The Global Heart is breaking, but you don't have to let it break you.  You still have much joy and celebration ahead.  Fear not.  This pain is for but a little while.  And then comes the morning, with its infinite possibility and its boundless joy.  

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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