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(Updated from an Earlier Transmission)

My Dear Friends:

By now, you are beginning to become aware of a subtle but powerful force at work within your universe. It is the arrival of Multidimensional Awareness. Your physical vehicle is beginning to transform as well. Now is a period of reconstructive "surgery," as the form continues to alter itself genetically from one "now moment" to the next. (we speak again in linear fashion).  Dreams and visions signal your departure from known territory, psychologically, and there is subtle indication that your "internal landscape" is changing as well.

One of the most notable changes will be a tendency toward allergic reactions to foods, environmental essence, or other such substances in the environment. One physical result of these sensitivities will be increased water retention. At night, there may be surges of energy or a feeling of becoming spacey and "diffuse." Some will feel as though they are dying. These symptoms are all connected, and perfectly ordered within your growth process.

The Oneself Body is, quite literally, turning to crystal. Your retention of water is the beginning of this transformation. Water is LIQUID CRYSTAL. During key times, the Higher Self will create a proper balance of electrical conduction so each person can get "previews" of the Grand Acceleration that will be signal the completion of your transformation. This is the Expanded Self allowing the ego to "open your gifts" slowly and savor the experience.


Of particular note at this time, is a pervasive sense of anxiety many are feeling. It is an emotional version of Novocain wearing off after a tooth has been filled. It is releasing of internalized "sleeping pills," installed near the beginning of each Limitation Experience. When Remembrance first appears, the Ego will interpret these sensations as "fear," or danger. In latter stages, when the consciousness comes more online, these same feelings become "excitement." The two are really flip sides of the same coin, anyway. 

"Spiritual Sleeping pills":  Internal programming, installed by parents, teachers, and other significant caretakers, early in life.

These can often take on the form of internal invalidation---the questioning of a child's viewpoint and perceived reality. Invalidations may include the denigration of certain legitimate spirit contacts---invisible friends, fairies, elves, guides, and the like.  More often, they may also involve parental denial of a child's tender viewpoint about life in the home. 

Adults who long to stay together, who are not willing to address their deepest emotional issues, will sometimes concoct "denial games" in order to cover up feelings and block incoming internal awareness.  Children living in the home, who can see clearly, ask embarrassing questions or make statements that may threaten the tender emotional core of those who have charge over them.  To combat this, caretakers may coerce their children to join in the "denial game," or to be rejected........often at the expense of their mental clarity and/or emotional balance. 

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Consciousness, as it awakens, will be marked by many "blank spaces" in the memory---real experiences that were simply erased. The decision to conform and deny internal reality is made by the child, in a moment of time, in order to survive.  But it is also part of an intricate plan each person DESIGNS in order to keep him or herself focused here in physical form.  Many so-called "disease states," such as Dementia or Altzheimer's, are simply picture lessons of someone who is physically "here," but energetically somewhere else.  One might refer to this as "pulling slowly away from the dream."  The picture lessons they present, at that point, belong to those around them---departing "gifts" from a consciousness that is slowly moving on.  Or, perhaps, that individual will "come and go" a traveling soul who returns, from time to time, to pick up her "mail."  Or do we mean "male?"  (see picture below) 

James Garner, Gena Rowlands in "The Notebook"

Now that you are reaching a stage where spiritual sleep is no longer required, the most powerful hindrance to further growth is your FEAR OF BEING TAKEN OVER by what you have always perceived as an inner volcano of passionate energy. What you may have failed to notice is the fact that this energy is actually a more expanded LEVEL OF YOURSELF.  It is an awakening of desire and excitement that is founded upon the realization that your will and "God's Will" are ONE and the same.


Those who cannot or will not awaken in due time may become so frustrated with "labor" symptoms that they long to leave 3D altogether.   For them, this seems a suitable alternative to violating certain "immutable laws," laid down in childhood, and becoming traitor to that which they have used to replace their natural inborn sensibility. 

When a person reaches a place of despair where he or she doesn't want to breathe anymore, it indicates one of two things: 
1.  Some of the basic beliefs which form the foundation of his/her life are wanting or needing to be let go, but doing so would be like a death.  
2.  Certain emotions, which have been forgotten or kept hidden for a long period of time are about to break through into consciousness, which would be very much like a rebirth.  
In each situation, ego can get activated to such a degree that a person may try to PUSH THE RIVER.........forcing physical circumstances to resolve out of season (like killing the body)........or  try to HOLD BACK THE RIVER...........doing anything and everything in his or her power to keep buried emotions, intuitions, or information from  coming through.  
Whichever the case, it would seem that the most preferred course of action at that point would be placing oneself into the care of others, for a time, so the ego can feel suitably contained enough to do what it needs to do.  If you already have professional connections, the appearance of suicidal feelings or actions would be an appropriate time to use them.  If you don't have a health care professional, find one. Failing to do so may simply default you into a governmental system that is overcrowded or chaotic.  Spiritual Birthing can happen under these circumstances, but why risk the discomfort?  Most County Health Services are set up to deal with folks who have no funds.  If you ask for help while you can, half the battle is over.  Most parental "propaganda" swears children to secrecy, which can be the most damaging internal challenge of all.
Part of the process of placing oneself under "care" would be cooperating fully with those attending you, and with regular 3D principles of wholesome living.  Skip the higher quests until the grounding process is restored.  Higher Vibrational Realms will always be there.  Avoid using New Age Jargon and Spiritual Imagery, trying your best to speak in a parlance of everyday folk.  In this way, a sense of "safety" can flow both ways.  People who are speaking about 5D, Spirit Guidesl, and Angels are not always easy for community agencies to support.  Let that all go for a time.  If you can find Spirit-Friendly Souls to attend you during this turbulent time, it is always preferable.  And we will do what we can, taking into account your established 3D itinerary, to assist you in doing so.  All you need do is ask.   

Humanity is getting ready for full expansion very soon.  You need never leave 3D, but you can add other dimensions to that one---making your journey a hundred times more exciting.  But before you can expand out from something, you have to arrive there first.  Now is your time to do that, by whatever means are at your command.  

Awake, O dreamer and arise!   A new day is upon you!   We are so happy to be able to share in the joy and excellence.  We are always here.  

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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