Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

"Becoming Magical"

My Dear Friends,

The other side of reason is not emotion, as has been popularly taught.  That makes a fine story, and highlights certain bits of truth, as do all points of view that are explored within the Multiverse.  But it falls far short of what you will be needing now, as you move steadily forward into your personal and planetary unfoldment. 

We are The Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human.  We've never been very far from you, just far enough. We stand at the borderline of every distinction you have ever made, which separates yourself from the rest of your reality. We helped you once to forget, and we come now to help you remember. Harken to us, then..... for a time of pure amazement is upon you!

The other side of LOGIC is MAGIC.  In fact, these two Archetypes are really cousins--the offspring of Theos and Chaos, as they were chipped off from the Oneself of All That Is. Understanding who they are, and their roles in your personal transformation, constitutes your next level of participation in The Grand Game.

Emotion is a gateway, that either joins or separates the two, depending upon whether you allow your intuitive centers to remain open or closed.  And we would suggest to you now that the imminent passing of your so-called "Age of Reason," there will be a NEW CENTER for processing these beliefs, and related information.  It will be a place of INTEGRATION, not was the grid which featured only logic. It will be a Center for Conscious Choice, which is a whole other essence entirely.  The Center outlines without confining.  It honors without serving.  And it opens all to communion with all else. What seems to be "choosing" in the eyes of one aspect must be "choice" for you all, or it will not come to pass.    

What technology could only promise, magic will now deliver!  But you must open to receive it, the way a baby bird opens its mouth to receive an inflowing of nourishment from its mother. And it is this call to yawning open the mind that creates that sense of tiredness which so many are experiencing.  You feel as though you long for sleep, but you are really being called to go multidimensional.  You lie there, early in the morning, and your consciousness dances back and forth, across dividing lines that separate sleeping from waking. It forms a beautiful bridge across consciousness--that can take you, literally, in all directions.


We have spent considerable time speaking to you about what it means to be Multidimensional.  Now let us also speak to you about what it means to be MULTI-LINEAR.  For indeed, many of you are beginning to imagine that you exist in many places and many contexts of reality at once. And that is well and good.  And we now tell you that each of these realities is directly connected to where you perceive yourself to be at this very moment.  You have become your own centering point, as have all those who are Conscious Creators. 

What you have previously considered to be "random" incidents, appearing out of nowhere in your life, are actually hidden stairways and secret passages that could take you--if you let them-- right into the heart of all creation!  In order to utilize them, you must use the weakened "muscles" of your imagination.  When you see something appear, you must ask yourself the question:  "Where does this lead?"  Or, perhaps, you might ask yourself "What else could be here?"  In this way, you begin to open your consciousness to facts and elements that might otherwise have been missed. 

We have spoken, in our series on "Trans-Portals," about the fact that the Earth Plane is becoming a place of convergence for representatives of many realms, both celestial and internal.  And you are Bridge People that actually form and encompass those points of convergence. At any given moment, the "you" that stands in physical space may be a meeting place for any number of concurrent realities that are happening within alternative levels of that space.  

You are like a single letter, in a crossword puzzle, which connects many streams of thought-- forming words that go up, down, or sideways across the page.  We call these "Christ-Word Puzzles," and they are longing to be worked out, understood, and integrated into your concept of Now.  Each "line" of events is a reality unto itself--with a past, a present, and a future all its own.  Until now, you have kept your awareness about these realities quite separate.  But now it is time to do the blending!    

The Mystery of the Cosmic Christ now returns to Planet Earth.  The Harmonic Concordance was the Grand Re-opening of many Energy Gates that exist across the world.  And you are Gatekeepers for many entry ways into the Central Core.  When people meet you, they are not only meeting a person who fits into one linear sequence of events--they are also meeting someone whose life essence goes off in all directions. It is this blessed truth that produced the sacred icon of the cross with many lines going through its center, appearing to be "glory" lines for that blessed place of convergence, where the body of Jesus normally appears. And, in your own lives, these could also be "story" lines for the many alternative realities that you operate within, as well.  Stories about you.........and even alternative stories about Jesus as well.  



As we have said many times before, your existence in this Reconnection Universe is a journey through key epochs from many lives.  Every person, place, object, or situation portrays something which you, yourself, have done, at other times and other levels of vibration.  The individuals you see here are merely actors, playing out these story plots you once lived.  In this way, you get to be in the dream, and you also get to stand apart from it as well.  It is a form of "Interactive Remembering".........and it is serving you perfectly.  In fact, many aspects of the Oneself find the whole thing so agreeable that they are now loathe to wake up! 

It is for this reason that the Oneself has created "Magic Carpet Rides" for those who absolutely refuse to listen to what you would tell them.  These "Doubting Thomases" of your universe--who stand firm in their denial of the truth of miracles or magic--are symbolic of parts of you that still are not quite ready to change.  In days to come, we will instruct you about how to snatch them up, mentally and spiritually, and take them on a journey that will help to loosen their tenacious grasp on Limitation Reality  It is time for them to finally discover how much more there can be to life! 

In this regard, you must always remember that you are always dealing with an aspect of yourself.  If, at any time, the energy of your "Carpet Ride" moves from Reconnection to some kind of competition or warfare, the carpet comes to a landing and the magic disappears.  We spoke to you about that in our message on Cosmic Tunnels.  Your fascination with the Now Moment is your personal magic wand.  Wondering what just happened, or what may soon happen pulls you out of that Moment, and dumps you right out onto the Interstate, where you could end up under the wheels of some passing car.

In many ways, the Magic of Reconnection is a very private one.  Or, when it becomes corporate, there is a sense of distinct individuality about the many stories that are told, or the wonders that are enacted.  A good deal of the time, a Reconnections Magician spends time chuckling to him or herself.  The "signs and oneders" that many have been seeking are happening now, all around you!  Yet many there are who have no eyes to see them.  

The Bridge Across Consciousness is just a state of mind.  And the sharing of a "Carpet Ride" is a mixing and blending of "selves" that have chosen, for the moment, to suspend their disbelief, in favor of expanding and connecting with everything and everyone imaginable (and then some).  In physical proximity, it will be as though you jumped behind the eyes of your "opponent," so that you can install a little "mini-movie" of what life could be like in another place and another time.  And then, as quickly as you "take off," your shared energy returns and fragments again into two souls.  We have spoken before about "Astral Bridges," which are used for harmonizing divergent personalities in the 3D world.  This is just another view of that tool and experience as well.    

"The world is full of magic things; patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper"

~W.B. Yeats


The key factor to Becoming Magical is the ability of a person to "roll with the punches of life," and learn to make the most out of everything that comes his or her way.  Nothing is merely what it appears.  It is at least that, but it is frequently so much more!  A Reconnections Magician is a person who knows how to personalize and harmonize anything with anything else.  He is a Universal Catalyst.  In this sense, he is a genuine peacemaker, as well as a tremendous force for change. 

He does not merely measure the "truth" or usefulness of an idea, based only on how it sounds or appears on paper.  He actually climbs down inside of it, in order to see how it "feels."  Any of you can do this by simply closing your eyes and imagining yourself entering a womb of sorts.......moving steadily through a "tunnel" that leads you deeper into the soul of your subject or question at hand.  

As you go through, you continually ask yourself the question "What is here?"   Soon, your consciousness begins to notice things that simply appear next to you on the Bridge.  As you discover them, you must resist the impression to get overly analytical, or to go into an interpretive space.  There is a time for that, but this would not be that time.  As you move steadily onward, more and more people and objects begin to appear behind your eyes.  Some of them will be able to see you, and some will not.  So it is when you travel through a Trans-Portal.   

Each traveler will work his way through an Inner Planes Environment until he feels that he has a firm grasp on the place--at which time he withdraws.  You will soon realize that your senses have recorded far more than you will imagine  you saw.  Trust in that, so that you won't be surprised by additional "details" that may appear in your mind when you move to the interpretive stage of the exercise.  

What you are doing through this experience is "reaching through a Veil" into the unknown, bringing back what is on the other side.  In many ways, it's like purchasing a "grab bag" at a bazaar.  You lay down the money, and then you open your bag in wonder, finding out what kind of "investment" you have just made.  As you remove the objects from the bag, you then get to decide what they are, and what they mean to you.  Here is where emotion comes into play.  If what you see excites you, then you're probably interpreting it correctly.  If it doesn't, you're either not interested in going further, or you need to look again.    

There are many forms of "magic" that will never be recognized as such.  Many people who witness Magical Events are just not equipped--mentally or emotionally--to deal with what it is that they see.  And so, in a moment of time, they simply filter everything out.  This is the origin of the objects and antiquities that you will find there on the Bridge.  You look at them, and you wonder what they mean--or what they were supposed to mean--to the person or persons who originally received them, and cast them off. 

It is these lost sheep, these "castaways" that you are seeking to find!  Remember, they're all ewe!  Ha! Ha! (Carion Comes!).

Finding them, and bringing them into reconciliation with self, is the greatest Magic Trick of all.  It is a magic that is done, not to separate the magician from the audience, but to bring everyone close together.  The more "orphans" and "disowned elements" everyone owns, the more expanded becomes the energy.  

Throughout this process, the most important question a Reconnections Magician will want to ask is:  "What is it that I want?"  As you interpret your reality, you can look beyond the basic question of "What is here?"   You can also ask:  "What would I like to be here?"  


Let us speak to you now about "switchbacks."  These are perceptual "sleights of hand" that any Reconnections Magician can learn how to do.  We introduced this principle when we spoke to you last year about "Multidimensional Healing."  We will apply it again here, in a slightly different way.  

We said earlier that a good Reconnections Magician does not just go by what he sees.  He also goes by what he feels in his body.  Your physical body is a kind of calibration chamber, whereby essences and ideas from the Multiverse can be shifted and adjusted in vibration before they are presented to your world for learning and edification.  It is a Geiger Counter, measuring how much "radiance" is coming through the Veil at any particular location.  Radiance, in this case, would refer to passion or excited emotion.   

When you listen to a story, or examine a attention to what is said, or what appears there.....and then go to your body to see how "excited" the interpretation makes you feel--how much it activates you.  If the description or appearance is reasonable and clear, but the energy in your body does not accelerate, you will want to look for a way to "switch" the interpretation into another channel, one that brings the energy up a notch or two.  You do this everyday with the remote control on your TV.  One show bores you, so you switch the channel to another.  Why not do the same with your physical reality?  

Things solidify into physical matter because they are processed at a frequency of vibration that is limiting and dull.  The glass on the table is half empty.  Blah, blah, blah.  The person who left it there was probably so bored that he didn't want to finish it.  Why not turn the situation around, and say to yourself that the glass is half full?  This gives rise to the question:  "Where is the rest of the liquid, so we can fill this thing up?"  How can we drink it, to satisfy our own thirst for experience?  It builds a momentum of energy in the body, which lifts the whole vibration of that universe.  

When a man polarizes his life, he is usually quite unimaginative about it.  He will turn the dial exactly 90 degrees away from the passionate core of his Moment--so he can rest awhile, and not have to feel the exhilaration of discovery.  A Magician, sitting in the "shade" of this limitation, needs only to turn the dial back 90 degrees, in order to heat up his burner and make the water boil underneath him.  Once again, all you are doing is exciting a part of yourself, right?  If you are only doing this to poke fun or show off, it will come back on you.    

A perceptual polarization is an attitude, a "story plot".........a MANTRA that a person tells himself about his life.  It keeps him dull and hypnotized.  If you come along and RE-FRAME that story plot, turning the villian(s) into heroes, and tragedy into comedy, or even romance........the whole vibration of a person's life can change.  Are you willing to respect that such a change can really happen?    

If your subject believes something is *this way,* you may want to reframe his belief so that everything is now *that way.*  Exactly the opposite from what he believes.  When this is done in groups, we call it a Shadow Challenge.  Use the limitless resources and perspective of the Multiverse in order to make your case.  In this way, the man must come fully into the moment, either to defend his position, or to seriously re-examine it.  That is the "magic" that is now unfolding on your planet regarding the nuclear family, involving the gay-rights movement. We explained this in detail in the "Families of the Heart" transmission.  

This type of skill can not easily learned from what is written on a page.  It requires processing, and the sharing of various "what if" scenarios.  We will organize some events around this soon, so that interaction with us around these issues can be arranged.  The events will contain Principles of Reconnection Magic, as well as practical applications of using the skill of a "Switchback."   Each dialogue will provide living examples of how to turn mundane things into magical to transform "base metals" into gold!  We call this Personal Alchemy, my friends.........and it is the very heart of what we do here.

These are, indeed, magical times.  And daily, hourly, you are all becoming magical as well.  You just need to pause from your "mundane" lives long enough to see it.  This doesn't mean you get to quit your "day job" (unless you hate it).  It merely means that you have the option to develop the artist's eye as you go through your life--that singular quality of perception which tends to put a "frame" around bits of nature and circumstance, noticing how "special" they are, when seen at the proper angle.  Once identified, you can highlight the image, and you can cut and paste it to a more specialized "frame."  Presto Chango!  The whole scene transforms.  Ducks become swans, and sows' ears can become silk purses.  

It's all in your mind.  If you change your mind, you can change your life.  It's just that simple.  But it isn't easy.  Many of you are scared to death to go into your mind.  Who knows what shadows one might find there?  You hang around your intellect, but you never fully enter your mind.  These two terms are not interchangeable.  The intellect is like a lens, on a camera--while the mind constitutes the very essence of perception, itself.    

And so, many of you will camp, right outside the gates of your "promised land," waiting for some Moses to come down off the mountain and work your mind for you.  Laws, principles, step-by-step diagrams. They will all serve, for awhile, until you actually dare to begin operating your own belief mechanism.  From there on, you're hooked!  Once you have tasted your own truth, you can never again be satisfied with anyone else's.  

Many people in today's world are either reading or writing at this time.  Those who can't read books tend to read the signs of the times.  Some people are students of history and some people are makers of history.  It's all in who you believe yourself to be, and what you expect when you go on your journeys.  The writers are writing because they have found their own "fountain of truth" within.  The readers are reading, either because they have not yet located the fountain, or they have an ingrained fear of getting wet.  One cup at a time is good enough for them.  

We bless you all and each, whatever is your "position" upon the game board.  There are no right or wrong way to do this.  There is simply "your" way.  Once you have found it, and honored it, you will begin to experience the joy of Becoming Magical in short order.  You can be Merlin, or you can be Arthur.  Both sides of the equation are needed to play out the game--and both sides of the equation are always YOU.  Do you understand this?

May the beauty and magic of the Elves surround you now.  Go inward and practice, so you can discover and expand your Elf Esteem!  Believe in yourself, at all levels of the game, even during times that appear to be embarrassing or sad. Things aren't always what they appear!  And every holographic picture has its "switchback"...........or alternative view.  Turn that dial in your imagination and you will see!  

As always, we will be with you 24/7, if you but dare to believe.  Just call to us and we will answer.  In fact, we may answer you before you call to us, if your Guardian Energy allows it to be.  Until then, we salute you.......Masters and Commanders of this Magic Moment!

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

Copyright, 2004, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied or shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.


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