By Daniel Jacob

Many of you have inquired about our recent event with Tricia Nobbs, which was called "Being the Light."  I have been so busy with preparations for the upcoming Conclave that I didn't get a chance to fill you in on how it went.  Needless to say, it was ONEderful!

It seemed very fitting that we place an emphasis on LIGHT ENERGY at this time, since a good deal of time and effort has been devoted to identifying and integrating SHADOW ASPECTS into our consciousness.  It's time that we work a bit on this side of the energy spectrum.  After all, a balance must be kept!  

As you know, The Reconnections do not define "balance" as living our lives on some kind of "midline" of experience.  Rather, their involvement with the term is more Hermetic in nature.  They consider a person to be "balanced" if he (or she) has the power and ability to go (if necessary) into any energetic EXTREME that is necessary to offset anyone or anything that might try to "highjack" the Multidimensional Ship, and take it somewhere we didn't contract to visit.  Personally, I am very thankful that the Guardian Spirit, which keeps watch over the Reconnection Universe, is on the job and vigilant!  At times, it may seem that we're going WAY OFF COURSE, in some area, only to find that the Guardians have allowed that (seeming) imbalance so that other energies can be added, and larger perspective goals may be reached. 

Tricia and I reconnected about 2 months prior to the August 27 Workshop.  We immediately knew that we had more work to do together.  She was brimming over with new infusions from various Ascended Masters, and I could sense the power of what she was receiving. 

As many of you know, the theme for the Workshop was "The Emerald Tablets of Thoth," and I was struck by how powerful His energy came through when it was time to cover that specific material.  The emotional intensity of the people was high, and several members did some spontaneous releasing of pent-up anger and power that had been repressed.  After all, the idea of "Being the Light" in some ways, is about shining brightness into areas that may be unpleasant, and even painful.  When this happens, acknowledgement and release seems to be the best answer. 

The toning and Language of Light was powerful.  There were a couple others in the group who speak it, besides myself.....and we were all willing to participate, so that the overall vibration would be increased.  As many of you know, the purpose of the spoken language is to clear all the mental ramblings and speculations from our minds, so we can focus more clearly on uniting mind with feeling.  Once that is out of the way, there is an innate KNOWING that seems to take its place. 

The idea of "Being the Light" in your universe is a scary thing.  It means daring to stand up in your universe, and to declare to those around you that YOU have found your path.  Tricia is a fine example of this, speaking her messages with power and resolve.  As this happened, a great emphasis was made........."This is an example of how she does it.  Use that as an encouragement for how YOU will do it, in your own reality." 

Even though we are assisted daily by vast and wonderful Ascended Masters, they do approach us with love and respect--honoring deeply the commitment we have all made to walk this physical path during such a powerful time on the Earth.  The approach us humbly, as brothers and sisters..........fellow MASTERS, whom they wish to have take their/our place in the heavens! 

One of my favorite times was Tricia's movement around the room, at the end of the day, initiating each person into his or her personal "clan" dialect for speaking the Language.  She has access to those codes, and is willing to exposit on that if a person feels ready to learn it.  After the event, Tricia and I sat at dinner and pondered how we could create an event called "Uniting the Clans and Tribes," which would allow for an expansion on that knowledge.  More will be shared on that soon! 

As usual, it is always a delight to be with Tricia.  And we deeply enjoyed the extra energy that was provided by Wayo Hogan, with his guitar and Spiritual Songs, as well as his invocations using the Digeridoo.  All in all, it was fabulous.......and a wonderful amping up of energy as we begin the journey to Glastonbury. 

More and more, I am seeing how all the pieces for our Community Vibration are falling into place.  I'll share more about this as time goes by.   My special thanks to all those who were with us in spirit, during that Saturday's Session.  And more thanks will go to those who join us (in body or spirit) as we head off to England this week!   Chehala Selah!



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