Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Belief and Human Need"

My Dear Friends,

People don’t believe things based on the evidence.  They believe things based on their own personal NEED for that belief.  Somehow, it just FITS their program to believe something, so they do………….    

In the Multiverse, everything imaginable has a universe which honors it.  When a soul moves into that universe, all the necessary components become present so that he can BELIEVE in the basic premises upon which that particular reality is built.  It’s like falling under a spell………except it affects an entire universe.  We call this “consensus reality”………because everyone comes under the same spell at the same time.

Beliefs (and the memories that go along with them) are like arms and legs on someone’s body.  They can be cut off (dis-membered) from the body, so there is nothing left there but a VOID, or blank space.  They can also be sewn back on (re-membered), as if nothing had ever been gone. 

The process of dis-membering (forgetting) and re-membering is the basis of our life in physical form.  The torso of each body symbolizes the core of who you think you are.  But even torsos can have parts that are dis-membered, if that is the program.

When a member of one consensus universe begins to re-member things that belong to another (equally valid) consensus universe, he or she becomes a BRIDGE between those universes.    

When an arm is added onto his torso, a seam is created between the new belief (the arm) and the core self.  The stitches that hold it in place are made of NEED………and they are only as strong as the need that brought them together.  When we sew those seams………we bring together need with belief.  This is where we get the expression:  “so it seems”…(sew its seams) you see? 

The Voids in your mind and life represent things that you don’t need or don’t want to need.  If you flat out don’t need them, it’s no big deal.  It’s an empty space, and can be filled with anything.  Those things you actually need, but don’t want to admit you need………..can be cut off, but they tend to leave a “phantom pain” in that void place………a private mourning that the need was never filled.


When a NEED is present in a universe that doesn’t honor it, or wish to recognize it, there is an accompanying feeling that this need is ALIEN to that universe.  If the need is a strong one, if it has the power to survive in this new environment…………it can be persecuted and imprisoned, maybe even cut open and studied, like "E.T." would have been (in the movie by that name) if those scientists had been able to hold onto him for awhile.  Fortunately a KID got hold of him and helped him escape.  It is that KID aspect within each of you that is the key to conscious liberation. 

“Blessed are the children, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.”  

When you go backwards in your remembrances, examining your childhood…… aren’t so much looking for evidence, answers, or insights (although they are helpful and nice to have).  You’re really looking for that KID……who grabbed hold of those E.T.s (disowned needs) and is hiding them, somewhere, down in the catacombs of your being.  You feel a “phantom pain” associated with them, but you don’t exactly know what is causing that pain. 

The oft-heard admonition: "Act like an ADULT, will you?" is very telling.  And your endless expositions on and descriptions of healthy adult sex, couched in terms of "sexual performance" is also quite interesting, is it not?  Is all of it an ACT?  A show you are putting on? 

A wise man once expressed:  "Always BE what you wish to seem."  These words were never truer in history than they are now, My Friends!  The vibratory pulse of your planet has reached such a pitch that your bodies and minds can scarcely withstand the weight of your incoming awareness, let alone the burden of carrying facades and picture postcards concerning who you would like people to think you are.  What was once seen as an ideal (be what you wish to seem) is rapidly becoming a crucial skill for maintaining mental and emotional survival.

One of the primary meanings for your word "adulterated" is:  "To make impure by adding extraneous, improper, or inferior ingredients."   And yet, your word "adult" is said to mean:  "To become mature. To grow up."  Even allowing for the fact that someone might be able to dive deep into ancient language derivatives to explain away the similarity of these two words, they seem to offer us all some powerful insights, do they not?

Up till now, there came a time in everyone's life when he was supposed to "put away childish things," stand up tall, and become something that he previously was not.  Authors and Song Writers have referred to this as "The End of Innocence."   It is a time when carefree turns into careful.  When dreams and fantasies become luxury, and taking care of others is considered more important than taking care of or pleasing yourself.”  <end excerpt>

That “ideal” lifestyle some of you have “enjoyed” in days past was merely a collaboration of patches and sewn on beliefs (about life, about yourself)........MASKS.......which perfectly hid your many bumps and bruises………YOUR UNMET NEEDS………left over from childhood.  There is nothing wrong with what you played out, in each of those components.  Being an upright citizen is great, having friends is great, being a constructive member of a community is great.  On the surface, it all sounds great.  Unless one takes into account that parts of you have been KIDNAPPED, IMPRISONED…..being held for ransom, underground. 

Having no support to move through early stages of life without great pain, lack, and even persecution (for being too sensitive, or too needy)……… simply opted to hide all your “aliens” in the basement, sealing them in concrete…so you could concoct an outward image of normalcy (one that had little or no needs).  It is this facade that has distracted you away from what is buried down below.

The fact that you seem to be the only one in your family who was or is fully in touch with these basic needs and the beliefs they embody must have been terrifying.  And it is terrifying now, as the masks and facades you built begin to crumble, revealing the “aliens” hidden inside.  But really, My Friends, they aren't aliens at all.  They’re just disowned NEEDS and AWARENESSES that have never been allowed to see the light of day. They became too threatening for those in charge of you, so they were locked up and hidden.    

Your need to be accepted………in the early years………..and even now………has eclipsed your equally powerful need to fully experience yourself.  Even though there are universes where each of your feelings and needs are embraced, and loved, and easily integrated………….your sense of loyalty to the family “creed” here (no needs allowed) is fighting the remembrances that flow from your Inner Kid, and all he still has hidden down there. To go back from this current place of decision, into an “adulterated” lifestyle………would mean losing access to your KID all over again.  It would be a tragedy. 

Your Inner Kid is strong, and he has THINGS TO DO in this world.  Little by little, he is gnawing away at the ropes you used to bind him.  He is chiseling and clawing his way out of that dark basement in your soul.  As he does, the ENERGY he carries (which is considerable)………is coming forth with him.  

Have you ever seen kids, running in the park?   They’re unstoppable.  They have SO MUCH ENERGY.  That’s because they’re FREE……….free of all the crap that we place on ourselves, the roles we act out, the burdens we carry.   And your kid is emerging, after years of hiding........

Do you remember that little girl, Newt…………in the movie “Alien?”   She was the lone survivor in that city that had been overrun by sticky, icky creatures who salivated acid, and encased humans in cocoons of goo.  When RIPLEY found her, she was traumatized………..shaking………fearful...but she also knew her way around through all the catacombs of consciousness in that city.  She knew where to hide, when to hide, and she also knew how to come out of hiding.

That little girl is YOU, My Friends.  She represents all your childhood needs and feelings.  Remember, the “seams” that hold beliefs in place are only as strong as your NEED for them.  If you feel as though you are coming unraveled, it’s because that former image of yourself (as competent and having no needs)……..has completed its purpose. Now you are on a new path........a discovery path.  And discovery can sometimes be a messy, painful, stinky business.  He or she has been rambling around in those catacombs for years…….living on bread, water, and crawling around in filth.

You have yet to fully comprehended the specifics of what is necessary to reclaim your lost child......because you haven’t finished digging around in the rubble yet.....calling to all those “Newts” that are living down in there. But you eventually will.  And when they come forth, the energy surge will be glorious.   

If you continue to assume an attitude of omnipotence in your life……….spending all your time helping others, playing “wise” and such……….you might miss the chance of meeting and remembering your own LOST CHILD.  But it’s hard to do this work ALONE.   And the world seems so BRUTAL, at times, does it not?  It often feels futile and lonely, trying to connect to those levels of being.  But it’s do-able……… step at a time……….in the company of those who are now ready to awaken and remember.  This is the time for Gathering the Clans and Tribes.  For collectively beginning to open up those basements TOGETHER!   We hold the light for you. You hold the light for us. Together, we dig.  We learn.  We reconnect.  

Selah.  Now.  Now is the time.

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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