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"Do You Believe in Magic?"

Powerful Message from Zachary and "The Collective"

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My Dear Friends,

We are at another time in our interactions where, as it has been said, "the rubber meets the road."  To talk about transformation, the Game of Limitation, the Multiverse, or the Expanded Self is merely an exercise in academics, unless one also installs the knowledge and skills necessary to make substantial shifts in the Multiversal Game Board.  We are speaking now about being able to change the rules of your Game.  

At this point, we wish to remind you of the incredible complexity and skill that is required to compact your vast, marvelous Eternal Essence into such a defined and abbreviated space.  From a technical standpoint, it is a wonder to behold!  Many of you have asked why so many entities are gathering around the Earth Plane at this time, watching the details of your unfoldment.  It is quite simple. They are dumbfounded at your ability to be able to forget who you are, and to actually buy into the constraints that hold you, and the Guardian Spirits which regulate your enlistment and usage of Creative Power.      

And beyond that, these witnesses also gaze in wonder as that same compacted and constrained being rises up, spreads his or her wings, and takes to the sky!  It is an eagle on the wind, a phoenix rising from the ashes of its own forgetfulness!   And now is your time to do just that.  But first, a word of warning. 

We have spent considerable time and effort outlining the structure and function of life in the Multiverse.  We have removed certain masks and illusions from the 3D Plane, in order that you may be informed about you some idea of the many support mechanisms that attend you while you travel within the World of Form.  And we have done all this with one goal in mind: to convince your Form Ego that everything......every last thing....that is seen around him or her.... is made of 100% Self.  

And why do we do this?  Because it sounds good?  Because it makes for interesting conversation?  Well yes,.......It certainly does make for interesting conversation!  These can be hypnotic concepts, indeed!  But there is a more important reason.  And here it is.   We are seeking to establish trust.  We are about the task of planting a garden of faith.  And why would we want to do that?  Herein lies your warning.


Up to this point, there has always been the possibility of a speedy exit in your interactions with us.  It has been like a movie theater.  You come in, the lights go down, and you get to watch the movie.  Or, in this case, you get to consider new and unusual concepts. Then, at the end of the show, the lights come up and you leave. You read on, you discuss what has been said, or you have the option to return to your spiritual sleep.  You get to take the "blue pill," and you get to believe whatever you want to believe.  

True.......the concepts that we share are exotic, and the root premises seem fascinating to explore.  But, on purpose, we have withheld those essential "bridge concepts" that would require a full commitment from you.  We have held back bits of insight that would forever remove from your consciousness any means of escape, any return to the comfort zone of your limitation and misery!  

But time is running out.  The Game is afoot!  Your mind is like a bag of sand, that has been purposely cut open, letting its contents runs out in little piles upon the floor.  Each grain of sand is a little bit of limitation programming........ballast to ground and anchor you in 3D illusion.  In that format, you think you are but a single body, a soul, an individual.......... and nothing more.  But, indeed, you are so much more.  Are you really ready to know that?  Are you ready to embrace it intellectually, emotionally, practically?        

It is time, My Friends!  And thus, we need to advise you..... the Form Ego......of the price of your return to power.  What it will cost you is.......yourself.  Your separated self.  You will no longer be able to turn away, or remain separate, in denial of the rest of who you are.  

In order to maintain a form within a limitation plane, it is necessary to slow down the vibratory field of that idea so that it becomes solidified and impermeable.  We have often likened this transformation to vapor as it turns to water, and water as it turns to ice.  It's all the same substance, but each level of it vibrates at a different rate.  

Within the expanded levels of existence, ideas move freely through each other in a state of mutual acceptance and oneness.  Only in a state of polarization does one idea declare itself to be different than other ideas---thus creating a wall of separation that borders each picture.  Certain entities, coming in contact with that solidified concept, expect to be able to pass freely through it.  When easy passage is prevented, it creates turbulence in the waters.  It produces a crisis of faith.    

Where there is turbulence, a split will occur in the Oneself--and various elements will separate, and go off in all directions. Some will simply vibrate higher, in neutrality and acceptance (in the same way an automobile revs up speed to pass over a bump in the road, and their loss of density will make it seem that the turbulence isn't there at all.  Others may join in the battle, seeking either to resolve or intensify it.  Still others will choose to block everything out, and will  lose sight of the turbulence by becoming even more dense than it is. They are those who hide in darkness. They travel the path of forgetfulness.     

In whatever way a person chooses to deal with conflict, there is a price to be paid.  If he chooses darkness as a point of refuge, the price is denial of many powerful alternative aspects of himself.  If he chooses expansion, he will eventually need to let go of that distinctive self that he has been using as a base of perception and learning.  And this is what we are preparing you for at this time.       


The price of ultimate power, then, is to realize that you are only powerless because of the walls of separation you have placed around your concept of self.  It is your differences from others--those aspects you have considered weaknesses and shortcomings---that bind you together, in 3D.  That is why you cling to them so tightly, even as you struggle every day of your life to wriggle free!  And it is for this reason that you choose to be born into families that anchor and re-enforce your "weaknesses."     

You choose it.  You choose it all........each time you turn from recognition of your essential oneness with everything and everyone.  If you manage to let go of some weakness, and turn it into "strength," you still may continue to re-enforce your difference from others, because now you are "successful," and greater than they!  It is illusion.  And if you want to make the separation deeper still, you can even deny that you chose this, and dive into a sense of struggle about your life.  You can use your left hand to install walls to imprison you, and use your right hand to pound upon those same walls, crying:  "Let me out!  Let me out!"   

And so, here is how to enter and sustain presence within a Game of Limitation:

It is the rigorous practice of these three steps that hold you in the limitation plane. They will continue to do so unless a new choice is made.  And it is about this new choice that we come to speak with you now.     


The essence of the Christing involves sorting through various "cloaks" and "masks" of your incarnated patterns and "unravel" the stitches and divergent threads of experience that created you to be "different" in all those lifetimes.  This universe, what we have called "The Reconnection Universe," is your Summary Lifetime, which embodies all of the significant themes of your soul's evolution, where you still have "loose ends"--- needs for resolution--and personally rewrite them.  In this way, you can install new endings to old stories.  Instead of driving yourself further and further away from your universe, this context of reality will draw you closer to it.  You will perceptually merge with everything and everyone.  Or, if you prefer, you can choose to re-install whatever limitation profile you wish to use.  

Where you find an aspect of yourself who is resisting and refuses to "turn around" and embrace the flow---there will be a need for some kind of inner "death" to altar of personal transformation.  You cannot concoct such a thing with your will or by force, but you can surrender to the process that is already happening inside yourself.  You simply let go of trying to be different, and embrace the totality of what you see and feel all around yourself. 

The very shape of your body is a "cross," where each theme and issue can be brought to its place of release..... crying out "Father.... into Thy Hand do I commend my spirit."  Since all externals are only projections of what is internal, the individual who is wearing your resistance will either transform or will leave the field of your perception altogether.  In your own context of reality, this will mean you have let go of the resistance.  You are not separate.  These people actually embodying true aspects of yourself.   

It is the movement through these "archives" of your soul's evolution that comprises the Summary Lifetime in which you now find yourself.  Every time you encounter some individual or situation, who wears the idea of separation and division within your perceptual field, you have an option to use that reflection, and willingly surrender that division within yourself.  It isn't "out there" at all, you know.  It's right there inside of you!   

This world is nothing more than a huge microscope, designed to help you see clearly all those aspects of self that are still stuck in "being different."  Your focus here is to find a way to address them with the phrase, or the energy that says: "Come home.  Come unto me!"  After all, they flowed out from you, didn't they?  This is your universe, is it not?  Everything and everyone here is a fragment of you.  In their own universes, you are a fragment of them.  It's really quite a handy system for growth and learning, is it not?   

It may sound a bit "omnipotent" to assume the "God position" in your perceptual universe.  In the Multiverse, everyone has a reality context where this takes place.  Do not be put off by the grandeur of it, or think of it as a delusion!  In our transmission "The God Self," we provided for you a little perceptual game to play, wherein you assume the position of God/Goddess/All That Is, and you allow the rest of your universe to wear YOU as you relate to guidance and initiative from beyond your 3D box.  It's a revelation, to be sure, and you can produce some magical fruit within your journey by looking at things from this vantage point.  It is not dissonant to say to your world: "I am God, and you are me."  It only becomes difficult when you say:  "I am God, and you are not."  The former statement is a way of de-fragging your universe back into a simple dance of two, instead of the panoply of faces and symbols that usually comes before you.  


With each breath you send forth, there is a (an ex-pression) of energy that flows into space and configures itself into symbols and patterns.  Each pattern carries meaning for the person who sources that breath.  When he inhales again, everything goes back inside of him but those issues that still need to be integrated, still need to be noticed and healed.  Additionally, there will be certain "extras" also included in the story plot, who are assigned the task of assisting in the transformation process.     

When the inhaling comes, only those aspects to which he denies entrance will remain in "orbit" around him.  They will dance and play, and do whatever it is they have been assigned to do.  They are actors, on a stage.  He will know that they still have lives of their own, but the primary meaning he draws from them will be that which mirrors a part of himself. 

There is wonder in all of life!  From a manifestation point of view, anything and everything that appears or occurs in your universe is put there by magic.  And yet, within the context of universal living, it is also possible to distinguish between the events and occurrences, so that a person can actually point to something in particular, and say to his fellows:  "Now that's magical."  It is a polarity stance that creates a distinction between something "magical" from something "mundane."     


All separation is illusion.  By this, we do not mean that what is seen in some particular space does not exist.  Everything exists---everywhere it appears.  What we are speaking about is the declaration (or perception) that what is seen, within a particular space, is the only thing that exists within that space.  Every square inch of the Multiverse is entirely full of every other square inch.  Isn't that something?  We are all holographic in our being, though it does always not appear that way.  Therein is the opportunity for the practice of magic.       

The appearance of "difference" between two objects---for example, a rabbit and a hat---can be manipulated so as to produce the effect of pulling the rabbit out of the hat.  It makes both items look and feel like distinct forms, and that the Magician (yet a third distinct form) is doing something special with them.  However, Magicians know that all of these essences---himself, the rabbit, and the hat are made up of the same substance (holographic fragments of All That Is).  The audience does not always know this. They have forgotten it.  It is a game, and it allows everyone present to see things from a different vantage point--including the Magician, who often forgets what it's like to forget!

In days past, the Practice of Magic has been defined in two ways:   

1.  Where an "Illusionist" is consciously producing effects that are staged and technical-- being very dependent upon presuppositions and biases which are held by the audience.  Showmanship and Fun are the goals and characteristics in this particular arena.  Though the effects produced are sometimes quite fantastic, there is still the underlying belief that "we're only fooling here."  Each side of the interact has agreed (for a time) to play out their roles.  Deep down, both the performer and the audience know that it is just a "trick"-- a sleight of hand--made by the Magician, and the whole business has a plausible explanation that adheres to defined laws of reality to which they all subscribe.    

However, there is another arena where Magic is also practiced.  Though many on the limitation plane have experienced this magic only through legend, it is also very real.  It is the practice of ELEMENTAL TRANSFORMATION. Some have called it Alchemy.  This is an arena where an individual player on the game board allows himself to invoke and manipulate certain powers and influences from "outside the box" (outside his current 3D context of belief) in order that he can actually change the laws of nature for a time.  This is a function of the Supra-Normal Mind, the Realm of the Gods and Goddesses.   

When a person uses Elemental Transformation to accomplish what are considered to be "good" ends, it is referred to as the practice of White Magic.  When he uses his powers for "evil" or selfish ends, then the label of Black Magic is applied.  We must add at this point in the conversation that, black or white, magic is magic.  There is really no difference, save in the mind (and the identification) of the beholder. The primary element for separating the two types of usage is the intent of the Magician.     

Although the study of these tools can be exciting, neither of these applications is of interest to us here.  They have both been explored in great length. What is left now is an exploration of the Magic of Reconnection--the miracle of removing boundaries that separate individuals or objects from each other, within a particular reality context. We are speaking about your touchstone--your Return to Oneness.  

The practice of either White or Black Magic were both points of distinction.  The Magician is held, either in sacred reverence or dread.  And the focus was always on him, on what he is doing, and why. With Reconnection, it is the Magician who disappears. When he has completed his "trick," the focus of the "audience" is on Oneness with each other, and on Reconnection to the Whole.  At the height of his power, this worker of wonders merges with that Whole.  Ever present, never present.  They may cry:  "Who was that masked man?"  And then they realize:  "Oh, he was me."

It is this knowledge that prompted Jesus the Christ, after he had taught his lessons, healed the sick, and hung on that cross to exclaim:  "Lo, I am with you always.....".  This statement was not just allegorical.  When the Christ Incarnation is accomplished, your universe continues to exist.  But now it no longer contains you.  Instead, it exists as you.  The creator is there---but he is also gone. (a contraction for the two words--"go" and "one")  The dividing lines that separated the Form Ego from the overall picture have been erased.  He moves from being a player in the drama to being the audience.  And yet, since each existing player is also considered an aspect of "self," the perceptual effect is amplified into infinity. 

At this point, of necessity, all these bits of knowledge are being held in your field as "merely conceptual."  They are interesting bits of philosophy and nothing more.  You look at your reflection in the mirror and say:  "Oh, thank God!   I'm still here!"  This is as it should be.  The decision to make your leap into Oneness is accomplished in the moment, and it is a cumulative decision that can only be achieved through collective focus of your entire universe. And yet, in actual practice, it is very much like going to sleep.  The last thing you remember is your head on the pillow........and then, you're in the new dream.  It's the same with Reconnection.  So long as there is fear about loss of self into the Expanded Self, there will always be a bit more of the Christing to be worked out.  

Don't rush it.  Enjoy it.  You have all been illumined by the sacred tones of Harmonic Concordance.  The light infusions that preceded it were electromagnetic activations for an ancient knowledge, a powerful inner storehouse of powers and perceptual abilities. They were your own infusion of the Cosmic Christ Energy, coming specifically to you, in your circumstance and your own era.  No separated individual could carry the light of this infusion.  Even the Jesus you know could not do it.  He barely could carry the light he brought in the first time.  This type of infusion is designed to be worn by an entire Planetary Oneself.  And so, in this universe, there would also be no need for an Antichrist.  This current dark infusion is so staggering in its scope, so pervasive in its effect, that it can only be worn everyone present. An irresistible force that has wrapped itself around an immovable object.

Do you believe in Magic?  My Dear Friends.......The Grand Game has only just begun.  The cost of invoking Reconnection Magic is high, but the attainments that come with its usage will lift you higher still.  And the more your consciousness expands, the deeper will your feeling nature become.  It is the promise of this universal programming.  The Guardian Spirit assures it. Do not be afraid to share your secrets.  Any shadow that is brought to light will be replaced by another, and another, and another.  An endless chain of mystery--which is illumined, showcased, and explored by an endless curiosity, and thirst for knowledge.    

Now they see you, now they don't.  But you will see. And you will continue to know, and grow...........on and on........forever.

<end transmission>


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Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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