Between 1990 - 1996 Bennett had over 25 friends who died, either from overdose's, suicide, auto accidents. He called me very late one night to say that his good friend, Katie Conrad had OD'd. He must have written this poem to her right after we hung up. The lines are just magnificent and I use them to describe many Starseeds, Indigo children who have decided to leave us.







On and On

my love for you

goes on and on

Never dying

No Good-Byeing

Fear lost it's grip

As my mind slips

Into another paradigm

Classified only by light

Another friend in flight

Flying high into the stars

While beads of color trapped in jars

Kill the pain and remain

A constant change of

Pace to replace

Another friend lost in grace


Believe these words

They are the way

I only can express

No way to say

If my wasted mind

Could re-instate itself

No matter no wealth

I only want your kind


There she is, walking through the sun.

In transparent majesty. Life just begun

The eyes of an eagle with a tint of the sky

Infinite love for this creature of light

A friend of the Dragonfly dimensions regroup

A teacher of life has now cut the loop

Gifted with powers of Shamanic extent

Revealing the need for more love to lament




1996 Bennett E. Poinsett



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