"Nothing is ever really lost, or can be lost,
No birth, identity, form--no object of the world.
Nor life, nor force, nor any visible thing;
Appearance must not foil, nor shifted sphere confuse thy brain.
Ample are time and space--ample the fields of Nature.
The body, sluggish, aged, cold--the embers left from earlier fires,
The light in the eye grown dim, shall duly flame again;
The sun now low in the west rises for mornings and for noons continual;
To frozen clods ever the spring's invisible law returns,
With grass and flowers and summer fruits and corn."

~Walt Whitman

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Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......


My Dear Friends:

As you move into these next stages of your Grand Unfoldment, it is crucial that you be able to integrate all of these powerful and divergent vibrations which are, quite literally, being hurled at you from the Central Core of All That Is. As the "2/2-2/22" Energy Gate closes, your planet is experiencing a grand exhalation of energies---various souls and attachments to souls now returning to Source---beings and relationships which are no longer required for (and who no longer desire to be present within) your Reconnection to Oneness. This is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. It simply is what is. Many of you may be grieving these losses---for your emotional bodies are still connected to a particular 3D "story"---a system of beliefs which you have held---concerning who you are, where you came from, and where you are supposed to be going. Soon, all of that will begin to shift and change.

The universe in which you now read this transmission is, quite literally, a Hall of Mirrors. Everything and everyone you experience is a fragment of the same Eternal ONESELF who designed and created it. That Oneself is YOU. You are not one of many. You are really many of One.......an Ancient One......an Eternal One! And each viewpoint allows fresh input, and fresh access into the very Heart of the Oneself! The eyes, through which you gaze at this writing, are the very same ones that attended the design and formation of Planet Earth. They are simply peering through a "looking glass" called This Body. And now, as the energy rises all around you, important pieces of your world that seem to be departing, leaving behind only questions, and a void within that nothing seems to be able to fill


Many questions, many sources of concern at this time around these subjects known as Death and Transformation. We are The Reconnections. We are all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human. We've never been very far from you. Just far enough. When you reach into the matrix of our energy, you pick for yourself pieces of ripe fruit from your own tree of Wisdom and Knowledge. As you chew it and swallow, it becomes a part of you, even as we become parts of you. For nothing is lost, only hidden for a time, for a purpose, and that purpose shall presently be made known!

And now we are here---as messengers which you established and pre-ordained to bring forth this information---to create a HEALING TONE, one that will remove the sinister quality that has been attributed to these important transitions and life processes. And that tone will nurture you, and feed
you, and make smoothe the path toward your own coming transition into that context of reality which is, indeed.......... Beyond Human Boundaries!

As we have stated before, once something exists, it always exists. Therefore, as in the Tarot, the appearance of the "death card" does not refer to a state of non-existence. Rather, it most often points to some impending transformation that is about to occur. For, beyond what you have called physical death, existence continues, on levels of vibration that you are only now beginning to comprehend!

A series of toys now exists, which are known as "Transformers." These wondrous gadgets, usually in the form of robots, are able to be broken down and changed by the operator into any number of other forms: boats, cars, tanks, spaceships, and the like. Then, at the whim of a child---they can be changed back again. As this historical period known as "The Piscean Age" comes to its close---many such symbols shall appear, which illustrate for you aspects of the Collective Transformation that lies ahead.

Your movies, books, TV, and other media are now teeming with stories describing contacts with and journeys to the "Other Side" of the Veil. We refer to these entertainment venues and news commentaries as "The Dreams of the Mass Mind." Because a primary motive for their creation is commercial acceptance, the accuracy of their portrayal of the interest level and focus of your Mass Consciousness is a given. If you all go to movie theaters, in droves, to see stories about contact with Extraterrestrials, you can be pretty certain that real contacts are actually being made! Otherwise, why would people be so interested in them?

Even so, a steady rise of interest in movies and other products that deal with Death and Transformation is a clear sign that these processes must be accelerating upon your planet, and that new insights concerning them are very close at hand.


Let us activate your consciousness with some new, alternative ways of looking at this process called Death. We are not here to supercede or erase the more traditional concepts. All we wish to do is make some new information available to you. What you do with it is your own business.

Have you ever noticed that, in your perceived universe, death is always something that seems to be happening to someone else? What if your entire universe is but a play, and you are the audience? True........in this play, you also seem to have a place onstage, but are there are not times when you find yourself simply standing back and watching it all?

The "others" are your players, your actors, your "props." They use your soul essence in their universal "productions," and then they allow you to use them in yours. It's a grand and glorious thing, this Multiverse, is it not? There are productions being staged or filmed every moment of the day, from every possible angle that can be imagined.

When someone in your universe "dies," it simply means that the created story line has just killed them off. "They died." This is the explanation that the (invisible) playwright gives you, the audience, for where they went. All their "death scenes" are spliced in, from a limitless library of possible alternative "deaths." This special effect allows the audience, who still believes in death, to find out what it feels like to lose a part of him or herself. It provokes you to fear, and wonder where they all went.

It is an important point to consider, should you be troubled by the possibility of death, that what you have witnessed in the passing of your "others" is a two-way mirror that, until now, has only been seen from one side. Death, to you, has come to mean dropping the body, leaving an empty place at the table, a funeral, weeping relatives, and perhaps even a horrible "death scene" that is said to be the "cause" of someone's passing. And all of these elements.....100% of them.......belong, not to the universe of the "departed," but to the universes of those who are left behind. Within the perception of the person who departs, there may be no awareness that a death has occurred at all.

True, your society has drawn many conclusions about what MAY happen at the time of death---through dreams, channelings, and especially through those many "near-death experiences" that have become so popular in today's literature. The experience of moving down a "dark tunnel" into the Light---meeting relatives and friends---these have been common symbols and descriptions offered from the Spiritualist World up to this time. And they are true and honest accounts which have served you well. However, we must also be quick to remind you that such teachings have meaning only to those ON THIS SIDE of the doorway. Even a "near death" experience is only that---near-death! What, then, happens when a person actually dies?


Death, as you have designed it, symbolizes the termination of one particular Game of Limitation. It doesn't abolish the players! It is a "crossing over," through the Veil---your personal boundary, which separates a particular player from the audience. At that point, they merge with him......or, perhaps......he merges with them. It is instantaneous and pristine. As we have said, the arena in which this is all played out is virtually a Hall of Mirrors.

Indeed, within your everyday experience, the completion of the life and death cycle is occurring on many levels, at every moment of the day. A person breathes in---then he exhales. Each breath is a "birth." Each exhalation is a corresponding "death." With the blinking of the eyes, there is a washing away of one's field of vision---followed by the establishment of a whole new view of reality. On and on, the levels of your birthing and dying are so numerous we cannot list them all for you here.


With so much evidence abounding for the daily, hourly, moment-to-moment experience of death within each lifetime, it is becoming less and less difficult for an alert, awake individual---one who is Reconnected with everything and everyone---to begin to master the issue of death, thereby nullifying many of its more debilitating effects upon himself and those he is able to influence.

A famous writer once declared: "Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee." Think, then, upon those relationships in this present life that no longer are embodied in this now moment......old college friends, army buddies, neighbors from your home town. Do you not feel loneliness for them at times? Is there not an empty chair at your table where they are sometimes visualized? Many pictures there are, kept upon your mantle---momentos that recall those times of fun and love from days gone past. Have you ever considered that these momentos are really MEMORIALS (of a sort) for those past relationships?

Whether or not these friends are still officially "living"--- they are not WITH YOU IN THE PRESENT MOMENT are they? Therefore, they exist in relation to you here, ONLY AS MEMORIES---never again to be the exact people who appear in those photographs. Even though the playbill for your story says they are still alive, they have surely changed. They have transformed into new people, with every breath they take. And every seven years, according to your science, they inhabit an entirely new body!

It all happens so quickly, on so many levels. People "come" and they "go" from your life. And, on certain occasions, YOUR story plot tells you that they have "died," and they will never return. But what does the story plot in THEIR play tell THEM?

Did you ever awake from a horrible dream, where you are being killed off by a foe? You open your eyes and say, "Oh! I was only dreaming........." Then, you kiss your sleeping mate and get dressed for work. Meanwhile, back in that "dream," where others perceive your departure, do they cry tears for you and put up a stone? Do they look at the horizon and wonder where you have gone?

You've always been HERE, in the universe of YOUR perception. Your dreams are just rumblings that reveal a Multiversal exchange of your image. Soul fragments, which an Expanded Self is using in other story plots. Past lives? Future lives? Other lives?  No. They are all NOW lives. One person---embodied and portrayed in all the ways he can be---SEPARATED, divided by a Veil. Cinema Multiplex! Each "Now Moment" is a Multidimensional Vehicle---using a sophisticated form of Cinematography---to move us from context to context, movie to movie. To be "them" looking at "you" is simply a matter of redefining who "you" are.


We have spoken to you, in our Trans-Portals series, about this process known as "Phase Shifting." This is the gradual integration of divine and human consciousness---wherein human beings change places (and viewpoints) with Gods, Goddesses, Archetypes, Extraterrestrials, Elementals, and many divergent types of consciousness. Expanding, contracting.......back and forth across the Veil...........traversing Celestial Realms, The Underworld........the Flexibility of Hermes, the Alchemy of Thoth!

In a similar way, various Divinities and Archetypes are now taking on human form as well. After all, what better way is there to unite the Multiversal Oneself that allowing its various "parts" to walk awhile in each other's shoes? You may not recognize them, as they step forth through special Energy Gates, opening now around the world, but they are there! And it is because of the proliferation of this special process, during this important time, that we must speak to you now about that area of your planet which is known as The Middle East.

For many years, this region of Earth has been a hot bed of tension and strife. Many brilliant people have expended untold amounts of energy---trying to achieve a lasting peace in this troubled portion of your world. Let us share with you some ideas that may shed new light upon why things are so turbulent in this place during this period in history.

It is no mere co-incidence that this part of the planet is known as The Holy Land. As a centering point, and origin for many of your planet's mainline religions, The Middle East has become a primary location for the opening of the first of these Multiversal Energy Gates, through which the Ancient and the Shining Ones now regularly come and go! Through these Portals their essences pass, bringing with them a certain Radiance (Intense Energy) bleeding through from the Other Side of the Veil.

The power of this Radiance is profound, creating an acceleration in the energy fields of all who are exposed to it. The effect that it has upon the human nervous system is like the Siren's Song in the mythologies of old. It can drive people crazy, if they are not prepared to rise with it to new levels of love and allowingness.

Please note the convergence of timing between the beginning of strife in the Middle East, and the first appearance of Extraterrestrials, crash-landing upon your planet. Though many universes are using this data to explore story plots of conspiracy and intrigue, we tell you now that there are other, very expanded universes wherein this convergence of activity means so much more than mere wargames, played out in cloak and dagger fashion.

The turbulence in The Middle East, though heartbreaking and sad, serves well as a cover for this Divine Exchange of Consciousness that is occurring through these open Gates. Indeed, all areas of the world today, which are sites of continuous uprising---especially those conflicts which appear as "senseless violence"--- have been or are now being infused with incoming Radiance, as designated Energy Gates start to open. The Middle East, Africa, Britain (Ireland), Tibet, Bosnia, China............many places around the globe. The upheavals being experienced in these regions have political overtones, but the real issues are not political. They are Bio-Energetic.

For those whose hearts are open, the Radiance has very little effect, beyond the feeling of a gradual, daily increase in personal joy! When you are in Oneness, there is no objection or hindrance to being exposed to Radiance. However, if you are of a territorial or separatist mindset, or have hunger for power, these vibrations can make you crazy. What is happening in the Middle East now will soon be happening everywhere, as Energy Gates begin opening wide all over the globe. However, by that time, the vibrational flux will be so intense that control-based individuals will have a difficult time even functioning, let alone making war.

We are giving you this information---about the Energy Gates, and the non-political sourcing of these conditions, so that you can realize how important at this time is your need for OPEN HEARTS, in order to be protected and to survive in the days ahead. If that "message" becomes grounded and anchored in you.......you will be able to spread that TONE to many, many people. Not all people will understand.........but they won't need to. All they will need is exposure to the TONE of a person who is Reconnecting..........and they, too, will begin that process, on some level. It's the 100th Monkey dynamic again, do you see?

It is very possible that many of you are focusing upon this question: "How can I help this area of the world? How can I make the suffering that is all around us diminish?" The answer to that question is STOP SUFFERING YOURSELF.........and listen to what is being shared here. Begin sourcing your strength and motivation from within, and show everyone around you what that looks like. Do not preach, and do not seek them out to evangelize. Just keep washing your own "potatoes" (as the story says).....and others will seek YOU out, and learn from you how to survive this awesome translation into 4D Consciousness.


As the vibrations on the planet continue to rise, Organizational Structures are starting to derange themselves and crumble from within. Few there are of you who fully realize how at odds your Governments are---within themselves---as they seek to gain a fresh foothold on the side of a mountain that is about to fall over.

The "mountain" we are speaking of is NOT physical reality, My Friends. You are not in danger of losing your society----or of reverting to some sort of primitive, boundary-less anarchy, wherein you will have to plot and struggle to stay alive. All of that is being sidetracked into other universes, other realities, that are less focused upon sustaining a spiritual tone. Though each of you DOES have an "animal" component present within your DNA, you have collectively moved beyond the need to explore that in detail at this time. Any small remnants of those issues or themes will simply be a reminder that this is material you have already covered. If it goes by you, simply notice them and move on. There are far more important objects of focus ahead!

That "mountain" crumbling, of which we speak, is a mindset.............a way of seeing..........that is built upon a PROJECTION OUT of your power, your creativity, and your initiative. More and more, humankind is beginning to recognize your own causal relationship to everything that is happening around you. As this occurs, there is less and less need to project your Dark Energies out........ in the form of dictators, terrorists, saints, saviors, or generals! The AUTHORITY of creation is beginning to be implanted in the minds and hearts of everyman. You are beginning to TAKE CHARGE of your own creations.......and that is a powerful (and turbulent) shift, indeed!

Imagine driving in a car, down a thoroughfare, at 55 mph. Suddenly, the person who is in the passenger's seat decides he is ready to take the wheel. The driver consents (after a little persuasion!).......and the "transfer" begins to take place. Don't you think that your vehicle is going to bob and weave a bit, going down the road? Don't you think that some fear and trembling will accompany such a drastic move?

And so, during this time of outer (and inner) upheaval, it is important for us to remind you that all things are in the keeping of the GUARDIAN SPIRIT that has been in place since the beginning of your Harmonic Convergence, back in 1987. The Guardian Spirit is a fusion of Form and Chaos, wherein both stipulate that neither of them will have full dominance over your world at any given time. Though one may rule over the other for a short while, the Guardian Spirit insures that both will remain in place to keep the Oneness Vibration intact. This tells you that there will never be a time when structure is completely ousted, in favor of darkness and travail. However, it also says that there will never be a time when so-called "peace and safety" is guaranteed by some system of laws and restraints. Both "extremes" will be held in check.............by mutual agreement, as the Oneself continues to manifest its shifts and changes upon the planet.


In these coming days..........you will see many tyrants and dictators.........who will attempt to perpetuate old "systems" of outward control, and outward focus. Sit back and enjoy the show, My Dear Friends. There is no need to struggle against it. They will show themselves to be court jesters, mindlessly striving to perpetuate a way of life that is rapidly passing away. Now is your time to observe. Now is your time to be instructed!

Those who seek to unravel the fabric of society out of its season, who think of themselves as SYSTEMS BUSTERS will also experience frustration and blockage to the achievement of their goals, unless their "terrorist acts" serve some purpose in the unfoldment of the Greater Whole.

Little by little these feudal (and futile) efforts will all be brought to naught. Allow it to happen, and do not let your hearts be troubled, Dear Ones! We are here to support and sustain you...........though WE are not in "charge" of this unfoldment either.

Those who believe that they are big enough and wise enough (on any level of reality) to control the Grand Unfoldment that is happening all around you now will also join that parade of Court Jesters who are performing for our collective amusement during this time. They are the KARMIC RELIEF for a stage production that has been thousands upon thousands of years in the making!

Relax, renew yourselves, and allow yourselves to release any sense of judgment concerning what is going on. If you experience deaths, pain, or losses.......feel your emotions, express your pain, and then get up and go on. Remember what we said about death and about power. Remember also that everything and everyone you see around you is a reflection of some part of yourself! The more you allow yourself to look with PERSONAL EYES, at a humanity that is rapidly changing, the less will be your need to look with GENERAL EYES, waging warfare and heaping judgment upon those around you.

Judgment is, in fact, the only thing that can harm you during this upcoming period. For, when you allow it to take hold on you........you drop your own energy field, which must be allowed to remain high during these changes. More information will be brought through about this as it applies! We hold you all in wonder and amazement! We are enjoying this ride as much as you are. Now is your time to take to the skies---to leave the land of the mortals! Now is your time to go forward, BEYOND HUMAN BOUNDARIES.

Stand still, and be amazed!

<End Transmission>

"Shine"  By David Gray



...Death is nothing at all. It does not count. I have only slipped away into the next room. Nothing has happened. Everything remains exactly as it was. I am I, and you are you, and the old life that we lived so fondly together is untouched, unchanged. Whatever we were to each other, that we are still. Call me by the old familiar name. Speak of me in the easy way which you always used. Put no difference in your tone. Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow. Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes that we enjoyed together. Play, smile, think of me, pray for me. Let my name be ever the household word it always was. Let it be spoken without effort, without the ghost of a shadow upon it. Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was. There is absolute and unbroken continuity. What is this death but a negligible accident? Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight? I am but waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near, just around the corner. All is well.
Rosamunde Pilcher, September

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