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Biological Warfare:  A Spirit Perspective


My Dear Friends:

Oneness.  Everything and everyone.  It's more than theory, more thanreligion, more than politics.  It's an event, and it's happening now.  Lean closer, and let us speak to you of secret things.......then let them be secret no more.  Let us ponder the symbological significance of that which is called "Germ Warfare"---viruses and bacteria---and how your intense concern with them at this juncture in history was inevitable, regardless of what happened on 9/11.  Let us provide for you a Bird's Eye View, an alternate perspective, which will assist you in moving past natural fear, and opening yourselves to the next levels of planetary transformation. As we progress into this wondrous happening which you call your "Ascension," it seems very appropriate now for us to share with you a new level of seeing---a gradual realignment of viewpoint which will become a conduit away from the "Reality Box" you chose for yourselves when first you entered the
Earth Plane of Existence.

In a very real way, the shift from "Third Dimensional Thinking" to what is called "Multidimensional Thinking" is the core of that Transformation.  In your Biblical literature, that change is described as occurring "in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye." My Dear Friends, the "twinkling" describes a SHIFT that occurs when your perspective of who you are changes from the limitation self to a fuller comprehension of your Expanded Self and your relationship to all existence everywhere.  And the only change that ever occurs is one of viewpoint.

Your reality is full of holographic images of you and your Higher Self. When looked at from a contracted and separated point of view--the smaller image appears to be alone and isolated.  However, when you step back and shift perspective, the image becomes a building block for an even larger version of that same idea. What seems to be one picture, from a certain viewpoint, suddenly expands, "in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye."  Each viewpoint is true and correct.  They simply represent life, happening at different speeds, functioning from different perspectives.

Biological Organisms are microcosms that exist within a macrocosm called the human body.  They exist in relationship to a body as that body exists in relationship to the planet.  This method of essence comparison is called Correspondence.  One of the most well-known examples of Correspondence is "as above, so below."  More will be said about that later.

You can perceive many hidden things by using this Doctrine of Correspondence.  When it is properly applied, it can literally give you eyes that can see in the dark.  Let us begin doing that now, in regards to these tiny organisms that are causing such a stir at this time in your lives.

Your traditional concept of healing and health is based upon a paradigm that is steeped in Separation.  The Separation Paradigm has served you all well. Many lessons have been learned which could not have been learned otherwise. But soon will come the time when you will choose to move beyond Separation, toward what awaits you on up ahead.

Under the current concept, a body is made "ill" when it becomes infected with or exposed to an organism with which it feels it cannot co-exist. There are specific physical symptoms: coughing, mucous formation, runny eyes, vomiting, pain, weakness, and so on....that tell a person he or she has been made "sick."  These types of physical processes are actually clearings that are being attempted by an 'infected' body, so life can go on as it always has.

One preliminary question to consider is:  Are these symptoms of illness created by the actual presence of these biological "visitors," or does the sickness begin because of a body's innate belief  that their mere presence creates a danger to its survival?  Is it possible that many of today's most complex medical problems grow out of fear that has, through thousands of years of Limitation "propaganda," become a somatic law unto itself?

BIOLOGICAL TERROR is something that penetrates a physical body, right down to the bone---even to the marrow within the bone!  It activates your trusted self-protection mechanism, which is called  "The Immune System."

Let's examine this powerful word for a minute, shall we?  I-M-M-U-N-E.  Hidden within those letters is a subtle biological assertion, which states: "I AM IN YOU."  Can you feel it there?  Even as the body's systems are busily moving here and there, trying to keep a person's life functioning "normally," there flows within and around it thousands of tiny messengers, carrying vibrations which suggest that things could also go a different way, if that is how you wanted it to be.


Someone once stated that "nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come."   Oneness is such an idea.  The concept, itself, is a VIRUS that has been dropped into your established program of Separation thinking.   Although there are many universes, within the All That Is, which still explore purist ideals of "dark and light," or "good and evil," you  have happened upon (through your focus into these writings, or similar infusions of energy) what we refer to as the Reconnection Universe---which is a bona fide "train of thought" which is leading humankind back the Oneself.

Of course, as we have spoken earlier, all of these sequences have already been played out.  The deed is done, humankind's AT-ONE-MENT has already been attained!  The banqueting table is set.  Your ancient slumber is beginning to wane. And you are here---eternal beings, gathered together from all times and all corners of creation---Shamans, Druids, Atlanteans, Lemurians, Space Brothers and Sisters, Gods, Goddesses, Devas, the endless list of dignitaries, gently enfolded within physical form.

All viruses and bacteria, especially those which seem to be threatening or lethal, are simply variations of transcendent Universal Oneness.   There really are no "good guys, or bad guys."  There are just guys.  However, that doesn't mean that you all should go out and inject yourself with micro-organisms to prove the point.  On the contrary, such an action would be rash and irreverent---a temptation from the negative ego.  But certain occurrences, which appear to be "beyond your control," will surely illustrate to you the power of the energy which holds you on course during this awesome time in human history.

We began our discussion with mention of that famous axiom "As above, so below."   This phrase is a cornerstone of many powerful spiritual teachings, including what you have called "The Lord's Prayer."  When you repeated those famous words--- "on earth as it is in heaven"--- you were invoking The Reconnection to occur.  And now, as you asked, it is about to happen for you.

From the Spirit Plane, "new" ideas are literally FLOODING into the conscious and sub-conscious mind. These ideas, which are the embodiment of what you have called "grace," expand and challenge every previous definition you ever had of yourselves.  In the mind, these present themselves to you as dreams, visions, and magical cognitions.  In the physical body, they are manifest as energy surges, immune reactions, and radical micro-organisms.  As the vibrations increase (and the mandate for transformation accelerates), some
of these strains will become "Super Viruses," and they will be able to resist any effort that is made to do away with them.

Meanwhile, your Spiritual Immune System, what we have called "The Veil of Forgetfulness" is also rapidly deteriorating. This is not happening because you are being overpowered by some "attacker," but because of the fact that---once you integrate this "attacker" into the rest of your definition of who and what you are--there will be such strength that you will no longer need protection.

Shifting our holographic symbology to the healing process that is happening with the Planet, we see that the Earth's Immune System, what you call the Ozone Layer, is also eroding at an amazing rate. Consequently, more "sunlight" is entering your experience than ever before.  Are you getting our drift here?

Viewed from a contracted point of view---these "changes" produce fear and alarm. You feel you will be "without defense" with the loss of your immune system and your ozone. But, pardon our levity, we are here to say: "Take DE-FENCE down--there's no one here but YOU, God!"  Truly, there is only ONE of us here.


This powerful battle............this ARMAGEDDON, of sorts..........has been building since the Archetypes of Form and Void began their merge in 1987, during the Harmonic Convergence.  What you see being played out on CNN today, in the world arena, is just a visible indication of what has been occurring in the ethers since that event.

Many still slumbering aspects of the Oneself, who believe in form and structure, are terrified that the world system they have cherished is about to be destroyed.  Elsewhere on the planet, other sleepwalkers, who value freedom above all else, are cringing because they believe that folks are plotting to enslave them within that World System, and they are looking for ways to blow it apart.

The War on Terrorism is really a mass engagement---on a Planetary Scale---against FEAR itself.  Those who are acting all of this out hold onto the belief that the enemy is outside of themselves---Nation against Nation, Creed against Creed, Haves against Have-Nots.  But that is illusion.  This final conflict is raging inside each of you!  Each and every one!  It is a confrontation of opposites.........all types and variations:

Will you be ruled by thinking or feeling?  Do you want to be married or single?  Do you value possesions and committed lifestyles or do you wish to follow only your heart in the now?  Is the God you have believed in worth the homage you have paid to Him (or Her)?  Which God is the right One? Which way of life constitutes happiness?  How much should others be allowed to have a say over how you live your life?  On and on the dualities dance.......fears, conflict, doubt, and rebellion.

The appearance of Suicide Bombers presents an interesting Global Reflection---an indicator of how serious people are about the issues at stake. These Dark Warriors don't just crawl out from some corner somewhere, spawned by an evil philosophy.  They are not simply fanatics from remote parts of the world.  Now are your own children shooting their classmates, then turning guns upon themselves!


Border guards are being doubled, tripled, quadrupled.  Armed soldiers oversee travelers in most airports of the world.  Spies and satellites are watching.......studying......wondering when the next "move" will be made by the enemy.  Budgets that once were topics of passionate debate are being quickly allotted, by the billions, to insure national security.  And now, these envelopes are starting to arrive.......... and danger takes a new form.  You know how it goes. "Neither snow, nor rain, nor dark of night can keep those postmen from their appointed rounds..........."

Biological Warfare is a perfect metaphor for the battle that is raging among many "sides" of you, right there beneath your skin.  The white and the black, the hidden elements and those that stand as icons of visible truth. It all plays itself out in physical space, so that you can witness it and make clear decisions about how you want things to proceed.  You mix and mingle your "essence" and project it at somebody.  They sprinkle a little of themselves in an envelope and send it to you.  Poison.  Intrigue.  Fears of death and worldwide dissolution.

Nostradamus had it right.  Humankind did destroy itself.  Many such trains have already departed the station.  Many living energies chose to be retracted, reformed.  Yet here you are, still in the Game........still wondering how the score is going to turn out.  We must not let you ponder a moment longer.  YOU WIN!  Everybody wins.  Isn't that how you always wanted it to be?

This current process is about facing and releasing fear.  No matter how diligent your personal defense, or how ornate your mode of
protection---certain terrors will still get to you, the exact ones which you require to move you to the edge of your awareness, the height of your personal presence.  No matter how stern your resolve, or how cunning are your methods for avoiding capture, there will be always be some snare that hooks you, holds onto you, anchors you to the process which is about to unfold!  That which has been kept hidden for centuries is about to reveal itself.  And you must all be here to witness the event.

The Veil of Forgetfulness keeps out knowingness from your Spirit Body.  The Ozone Layer keeps out sunlight from your Planetary Body.  The Immune System keeps out "foreign invaders" from your Physical Body.........and a VIRUS called "Oneness" nibbles away at them all.  To integrate an "Invader" and redefine him as "Self," this is the power, this is the cure.  It works in etheric space, and it will work in physical space as well.  But you must be willing to follow your energy, listening to your inner voice when it speaks.

Your planet is only just beginning to be ready to hear some of this.  You are riding one of the first waves carrying this important message towards the shore of human consciousness.  Do not lose yourselves in the crashing foam of drama and needless despair!  Ride those waves with grace and power! And always remember to keep your eyes focused just beyond the appearance of whatever scares you.  In that way, your creative energy will be poised to produce whatever cavalry needs to arrive, just in time to save your skin!

It has been aptly shared in days past:  "If you don't follow your spirit without hesitation, you will end up following your hesitation without spirit."  You do not have to be a professional psychic to make contact with your own Reconnections.  We are regularly transmitting, steadily focusing on contacting you.  Believe what you feel.  Believe in what your heart speaks. When you begin to answer that inner call, more and more light will come your way.

<end transmission>     

Copyright, 2001, by  Daniel Jacob.  May be copied or shared for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  Any reproduction for profit requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc. 

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