"The Body Electric"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B



We've been getting more inquiries of late regarding an increased excitation of Kundalini Energy in those who are now on a Transformational Track in 3D.  Some find it exhilarating.  Many others find it positively terrifying. 

For those unfamiliar with the term, Kundalini Fire is a serpentine energy in the human spine, which connects our physical vehicle with the Cosmos.  I like to think of it as a "handshake tone" that is sent out from a single human soul, when he or she is ready to become RECONNECTED with All That Is.  When our personal, signature "tone" is lifted up, our universe responds with a series of energetic "downloads" of its own---thereby beginning (or expanding) our Reconnection with All That Is.  These Energy Activations usually come in "waves," and can be quite challenging to the everyday functions of a person's life.

When a body begins its changeover from Universal Being to a becoming a Citizen of the Multiverse, our renewed "contact" with other dimensions, other realities, tends to excite our energy stream to such a degree that we sometimes begin to feel like the body is LIQUIFYING...........MELTING.  Though our physical mass may not show evidence of this, our FEELING SELF often does. Some begin to unravel in their day-to-day personality. Others watch close relationships fall apart. Some go into deep depression and fatigue. Still others experience varying degrees of financial dissipation (for more on this, see "Economics of Oneness"Symptoms will vary, according to the life plan of each person who climbs aboard the energy.   

Labor Pains of the New Humanity

We must remember that we are so much MORE than just the 3D person we have imagined ourselves to be. We are infinite and eternal. We are currently participating in the greatest shift of energies and life purpose the world has ever known. We are doing this in company with a host of other Creators as well. We are each creating our own "unfoldment"............even though our Ego Self has been taught to believe that life just "happens" to a person...........it is we, ourselves, who are creating this.

Fear feels like our greatest enemy, but it can also be a great ally. It humbles us, if need be, and it rallies our energies, too. By walking through fear we learn about power. We learn to take things one day at a time, one moment at a time. Have you read the material on THE THREE COMMITMENTS yet? If not, I would recommend it, as it gives a pattern for consciousness during these bumpy days we are currently having.

There are many parts of society that are winding down now. This applies to the world universally, and it also applies to us personally. Many are filled with tremendous fear at this time, pondering a huge financial crisis looming over their communities and nations at this time. In answer to the question of "What do I do now?"...........the Reconnections keep asking us the question: "What do you really want from life?"

Many people are trying to support lifestyles that no longer truly nurture them. Mostly, they do this out of fear of change. The current energies do not really allow much of that anymore. Little by little, those things which no longer nurture us will fall away. And when or if they do it will sometimes feel like a form of death. Then, after the "falling away".........a new focus will arise.........something we may never have considered if we'd stayed doing what we were doing.

It's very important NOT to judge what MAY happen in your life. We never know what our next exploration in 3D will be like until we're there. And there are SOOOO many variables in motion.......it's best just to stay in the NOW........following the guidance we receive in the moment.

Let go. Let go, especially......... of WORRY. It doesn't help. Trust, instead, in the wisdom of your own Creation.............your own Sacred NOW............and don't give your mind over to wild speculations. Just BE in your NOW..............do the best you can do with what is before you. Listen to your Deep Inner Self. Breathe Deeply. Drink lots of water (to help conduct and modulate the energy moving through you)...........and listen also to the body. It will tell you what the next moves will be. The mind will continue its chatter, because that is what minds do! But you are more than your mind. More than your body. In fact, you are more, more, more than anyone can imagine!


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