by Daniel Jacob

We have spoken about many Energy Activations that have come upon our planet since The Harmonic Convergence.  Among the most important of those is a tool which may be utilized on the individual level, when the time is right, and when our own spiritual birthing process is about to begin.  I call this tool The Activation of Breath.

Special Note from Daniel about the term REBIRTHING:  Not long ago, the press reported an unfortunate death that had occurred during a psychotherapy session, utilizing a technique that was also called "Rebirthing."  The death was the result of a suffocation from binding up a child client (for purposes of simulating the birth process) and forcing the child to assert her right to be alive.  That technique has since been outlawed. The Breathwork we are speaking about here is IN NO WAY related to that approach.  No binding or close quarters containment is involved.  The whole process is about breathing, and getting plenty of oxygen while we're at it!   If you have any other questions about this, please feel free to ask.

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