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Most often applied in the world of animals or plants, the development of "hybrids" is now underway in the world of humans as well. A good deal of the lore surrounding UFOs and Star Visitors, appearing on this planet since the Roswell Incident of 1947, involves the hybridization between humans and beings from other worlds. In fact, there are those who believe that the very origin of humanity, as we know it, stems from Alien DNA - and the 4 Great Races that have been identified on Earth are the offspring of ancestors who came here from other planets and star systems so they could plant their "seed" in a New World.

The "Earth Experiment" is nearing its completion. Those "seeds" that were deposited here so long ago have mutated and sprouted, and with their maturation comes a wealth of expansion in consciousness which transcends anything even our original "donors" expected. Humankind has bestowed such dignity and grandeur to the idea of hybridization that a whole new philosophy and life purpose has emerged around it - a Multiversal Celebration of what it means to be the "connecting link" between two or more (divergent) forces, thereby bringing peace to All as One. It is this blossoming "Connection" or, shall we say re-connection, which gives birth to our study of the Bridge People. 

Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

My Dear Friends:

Now.  Now is the timing.  We have said it before, and we are saying it once again.  And now your expanding consciousness is also beginning to speak these words--like a mantra, over and over, so that the rest of your slumbering planet will have their message amplified.   It is all here, it is all now, and it is all YOU. 

Your own human vehicle at this time is your way of enjoying this wonderful transition from being something to being everything.  And the only change needed is in your perception.  It's all around you.  It always was.  We have shown this, in our transmission entitled "Levels of Self."  Surrounding your First Person symbol of physical being, there are fragments of yourself  playing out, in detail, very important components of your inner world.  This enables you to see them clearly, and understand yourself more completely. All you need are the eyes to notice it. 

You are forming an Astral Bridge between the you that exists here, and your manifold alternative "selves" that exist in countless other dimensions and contexts of reality.  The way you live your life, which often runs so counter to the way you are told to live it, is your own means of building this portal--your own way of actually BEING this portal.  The guilt and shame that sometimes visits you, because you do not "measure up" or "conform" to the ways of this world, is simply grist for the mill of your own inner process of fermentation and alchemical change.  The more you push yourself, the more the "other side" of your transforming being will dig in.  When one "side" of you finally lets go, they all do. 

At our most basic......each of us is simply a POV (Point of View)......or, more wholistically, a POE (Point of Experience). Everything that fits around that "point" becomes part of the EQUIPMENT we have chosen to outfit our journey. The Human Body, as a "Vehicle," has been seen and studied for thousands of years. Whatever we decide about our body constitutes the "Game" we've elected to play around it. The also applies to ALL THE EQUIPMENT which we choose to include in a particular journey.


In every generation, there is a path which characterizes "The Road Less Traveled."   Choosing this path, declares the poet, will "make all the difference."  Bridge People are on such a path at this time, and for this generation. You are those souls who have chosen to be forged by internal  fire and torrential rain, into a Singular Portal, a majestic archway to freedom--not only for your own generation, but also for countless generations that have come before.  

It was once written:  "No man can serve two masters.  He will either love the one and hate the other, or he will hate the one and love the other."  And so the world of polarization continued a little while longer.  But nowhere in that passage did it say that two masters could not serve the one man. To meet each other, within him, and lift him high above this world of "normalcy" into a place of personal expansion and continuous joy for both sides--indeed, for all sides! 

And so it goes.  Humankind has set out upon a Journey.  The Dark Lords and the Masters of Light have met each other, head on, upon the Planes of the Imagination.  It is all happening NOW, at the Gateway which leads into the Multiverse.  It is an Armageddon, to be sure!  And we have spoken of this before.  

The passion of these two opposites, to stay "pure" and separated--clinging to polarity, for time and eternity--is what forms and maintains a NEUTRAL ZONE, to separate and define their realms.  It is called the "Betwixt and Between."  It is here where a Guardian Spirit insures that dominance, of one aspect over the other, can never occur, except for brief instructive "moments of discovery" and sharing of diversity.  It is a place of self-terminating communion.  First here, then there, then nowhere.  But really, it is NOW HERE.  A dance of perceptions, a hall of mirrors.       


Darkness is a symbol for forgetfulness and unconscious reverie.  It is what you crave most when your head hits the pillow at the end of a long and weary day.  Light signifies the time of conscious awakening--to focus upon certain elements of eternal being, to the momentary exclusion of all others. Without a backdrop of darkness, a Veil of Forgetfulness, your focus in the light could never occur.  Your attention would be too scattered, and your candle would be blown out.  Without a sense of Divine Curiosity, your need for regular illumination, moving here and there across eternity, the limitless expansion the feeds the Darkness would stop.  The beating of the Multiversal Heart would cease.

This is your home now, your destiny.  You open your eyes each day, and you look forward to closing them again each night.  Darkness and Light, for all eternity.  Each new flower that unfolds in the morning, closes its petals at day's end.  It all happens in the blink of one Multiversal Eye.  With each intake or outflow of one Multiversal Breath.  Age after age, eon after eon, you continue your journey!  One Being, fragmented into however many "pieces" you need to become, so you can play out each scene, each focus of possible existence. 

The Bridge People are not a race, per se.  You are more like a force of nature, a will to survive!  You put on bodies, you take off bodies, so you can make your appearances in time and space.  But really, you are everywhere (and nowhere), all at once.  In each incarnation, you carry a memory of being a "survivor."  But those difficulties and times of dissonance that you hold in your memory, those life conundrums or periods of momentary heartbreak, are a mere pittance compared to the maelstroms that you have transcended and endured.  

At this important time, many of you toss and turn in your sleep, praying for peace in the world.  My Dear Friends, you ARE peace.  You are the Watcher who sees, the Feeler who senses each and every nuance of what is happening.  Stillness is a part of what you are, but would you want to endure that forever?  Indeed, would you want to endure anything forever?   Let it be!  Let it all be!  War, famine, joy, dancing, birth, death........ it all has its place.  It all has its season.  And there you are, in the midst of it..........watching, feeling, being it all.

Who is it that continues to fight a battle that he cannot win?  It is now time for you to lay down your arms.  Let the Guardian Spirit protect you, a maintaining of your peace.  You are now, and always were, citizens of the "Betwixt and Between."  You peer into shadows, and your very gaze lights a candle, which awakens parts of you from sleep.  You lie down in the meadow, to rest and to dream, and thousands......millions......lie down there beside you.  

Do you believe this?  Can you be that big?  That vast?  Of course you can, and you are!  The realms of purity and separation are small, and quite contracted.  Your presence here.........your presence ANYWHERE........brings life and awareness to all who perceive you.  Those who cannot, or will not notice are best left to go their merry way.  It is not yet their "time," if you wish to put it that way.  They were there for you, as a reminder, but they did not choose to let you be there for them.  Do you see?  You are  invisible to some, indivisible by others.  

Do people tend walk on you?  Excellent!  Is this not what Bridges are for?  Let them do it to their hearts content.  They don't realize yet who you are.  They don't even care.  Throw your heads back and laugh, long and hard.  They are YOU, and you are them.  And they don't even see it.  You are now becoming the End of Karma.  After all, if it's ALL YOU, then to whom is there debt to be  paid?  It is an ATT-ONE-MENT on a grand and glorious scale.     

Two Masters, serving the one man.  Darkness and Light.  Sickness and Health.  Time and Eternity.  You name it, and you have the capacity to be the bridge that reconnects it, right back to the One.  All topics, all polarities, eventually find their way home to the ONE.  And, in this universe, at this time, you are that One!  Welcome, Neo!  Neo-Shamans of the New Milenium!  The Return of the Cosmic Christ.    

<end transmission>   

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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