Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Centers of Gravity"

My Dear Friends,

We wish to speak to you today on the topic "Centers of Gravity."   For as long as most of you can remember, you have embraced this concept known as "gravity"......believing it to be an immutable physical law.  One might say that it falls into the same category of "inevitabilities" as death and taxes.  Up until now, these beliefs have served you well.

Now comes the time for humanity to begin realizing that it is a person's individual FOCUS OF ATTENTION which determines the Center of Gravity for any universe. 

We are The Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human.  We've never been very far from you, just far enough.  Within our ranks are contained all those necessary "bridge concepts" which will connect you with what is known as The Multiverse---that compilation of alternative possible/probable universes ALL OF WHICH represent levels of YOU.

The following premise was once extrapolated by our physical channel, and it bears now on the object of this discussion: 

"Once upon a time, humanity thought the Earth was flat.  If you tried to explain it differently, people   just shook their heads at you and said you were crazy.   Then, Columbus sailed off to find a "New World" for himself.   Presently........... much of humanity tends to think of Planet Earth as one single, objective, "mass reality."   We all live here (i.e. we share it), and where that one Earth goes, everyone must ride along.  Spirit now establishes for us that such a concept is every bit as archaic and limited as when we believed that the Earth was flat."  (Daniel Jacob)

Well said!  Humanity is in for lots of surprises.  And wouldn't you expect it?  Haven't all your internal voices been telling you that great change is on the way?  Realize, then, that the very nature of CHANGE is contained, not in the physical world, but in the viewpoint he or she who beholds that world.

If someone believes that Earth (or his individual life, for that matter) is innately "flat," then that will be his experience of things.  Once he has made up his mind, he will automatically perceive life in ways that will re-enforce that opinion.  In the Multiverse, when we speak about "reality," we are referring to a definitive EXPERIENCE of life, not some abstract state or condition.  Everything is real, everywhere it appears.  But not everything is perceived, nor does it respond according to whim. 

As you journey from universe to universe, there is a huge variance in details and density for those elements which you allow to manifest, as opposed to that which you tend to filter out.  Understanding this truth can be a key to internal liberation for all who truly believe!  Things are not always what they appear to be.  They are at least that, but frequently they can be so much more. 


We have often spoken with you about the New Paradigm of Universal Oneness, harmonizing it nicely with a balancing concept known as Multidimensionality.  Unity in Diversity.  Now we would like to invite you to PERSONALIZE that Oneness, that Diversity...... so that you may attain maximum enjoyment from your own journey in physical form. 

It is not new for humanity to consider the idea that "All is One."  That infusion was initiated back in 1987, in grand part of your Harmonic Convergence.  It has been steadily working its way into all levels of your Mass Consciousness since then. 

The next initiation, which is by far the greater leap............involves your grappling with the idea that "Everything is ME."  Aye!  Now there's a rub!  There's a "hitch, for your get-along," wouldn't you say? 

There is a buffering that occurs when humanity considers these high ideals in abstract ways.  "Everything is One."  It all seems so clinical, so distant, so pure.  But what about that guy over there.........the one you just can't seem to stomach..........or that situation, which is happening in that third-world country?  Are those things part of your "Oneness" too?  Oh yes.......and so much more.  They are MIRRORS of YOUR OWN SELF...........mirrors of how various aspects of YOU are choosing to handle this miracle called life!

With this in mind, we would encourage you to remain very quiet.  Watch closely, and with the utmost respect. You did not come here to FIX things, unless the assignment is specifically set forth......usually by the person who desires fixing.  People tend to get so attached to "set" ways of seeing things, or evaluating them......that they instantly assume that others are "sick" or "in need of repair," if they choose to live in ways that are significantly different from the "norm."   

For the most part, humans return to 3D to discover why they chose to have things unfold the way they did..........and to outline lessons, themes and experiences they long to explore.  The Third Dimension is the "training wheels" of the Multiverse........a place where one can experience, up close and personally, all the dynamics that he or she feels going on inside. 


In your perceived universe, it is always YOU who is the Center of Gravity for Planet Earth.  Everything is YOU, fragmented into individuated "units" for investigation and discovery.  Everything revolves around that Center.  In each personal universe, this same rule applies. We don't speak these things to encourage egocentricity.  Just the opposite!  To be egocentric is to assume that the needs of "others" are of no importance.  That is a separatist position, not a Oneness view.  In a Oneness World, there are no "others."  What we are referring to here is more like Ego-Synchronicity.  

To assume that the gravitational pull of Planet Earth is from your very own heart, and all aspects of that jewel are parts of YOU......tends to UNITE AND IGNITE YOU, along with everything and everyone you see, into a meaningful, ecstactic, Reunion Dance!  

The word "gravity" has more than one meaning, you know.  Besides its reference to the magnetic pull of Planet Earth, it also refers to a state of seriousness that a person feels about some subject or idea.  In your own life, what is it that you are truly SERIOUS about?  What means the world to you?  When you have discovered this, your PERSONAL PASSION, you will begin to understand how to administrate the magnetic pull of an entire planet. 

Some of you actually KNOW what excites you, and we congratulate you for that.  Others only think they know, and they get frustrated when things don't go their way.  Let us tell you this:  At this time in history, the name of the game is NOT developing patience, building faith, or passing some arbitrary "test" that is being set forth by a God or Goddess who holds the keys to your happiness.  It is 100% about REMEMBERING WHO YOU ARE, and reconnecting with the power and love that has always been yours, since the dawn of time.    

Your heart and your life force is a VORTEX.............a VORTEX MERKABA, as we once shared.  The steady pulse of your Soul's Energy, flowing through Earthly Channels, is what regulates and sustains the actions and reactions of everything and everyone around you. Within their own universes of perception, the same is also true.  It's a Multiverse, you know.  Lives and life purposes tend to overlap.........sending messages of love and joy in all directions, serving many purposes all around. 

What you really want is what you're getting!  There are no mistakes.  You are both the cause and the effect of everything that occurs.  When things happen, which seem beyond your control, it is because you are programming reality from your sub or unconscious mind.  At that point, your life is a surprise package, sitting in your Now Moment, underneath a holiday tree!    

The range of what we think and do
is limited by what we fail to notice.
And because we fail to notice
that we fail to notice
there is little we can do
to change
until we notice
how failing to notice
shapes our thoughts and deeds.

~R.D. Laing

For you........who hear and comprehend this message.......our counsel is to let your eyes look STRAIGHT ON.  Do not be distracted by trying to figure out what others are doing, what they think of you, or what they need........unless your Soul calls you specifically to that service.  Do away with craning your neck, trying to second-guess the Universe, trying to protect yourself from transformative heat and confrontation through daily circumstance.  Deal with what is in front of you, and let the rest of it be.  Pay attention to what is INSIDE YOU........because, with few exceptions, that is the source for what happens on the outside.

Let it happen!  Let it all happen!  Let the potter's furnace be heated 10 times more, if need be, than would normally be required.  Step squarely into it, if that is what you are called to do, so that total realization may be attained.  Sit, Stand, Dance......there in the fire.  Dancing.....dancing in the flame!  The only thing that can ever be destroyed are the ropes that tie your hands.  Everything else is eternal!     

As the days and months pass, many things which you have previously held dear will be called to account.  Your diminishing body energy and personal resource will not long be able to tolerate superfluous things.  This is not the result of deficit.  It is simple prioritization of life.  Energy and resource, quite literally, ABOUNDS all around you!  Your problem is NOT lack!  What makes you feel tired and weak (we prefer to use the word "soft," in such cases) is the recent alterations of time differentials between the moment you think a thing and the time it takes to manifest. That gap has shortened, considerably!  

Do you remember the first time you operated a stick shift in your father's car?  You kept popping the clutch, didn't you?  You would climb into the car, start the engine (making your declaration of intent).........then, you would put the car in gear (making your decision about a specific course of action), and then you applied your foot to the gas.  What usually followed was an over-allocation of force (too much gas!), resulting in a dead engine.

Sound familiar?  My Friends, this is what is happening to many of you today.  What once seemed reasonable, in order to bring about the attainment of a goal, is no longer standard protocol.  Those principles and practices are yesterday's news.  You're not borrowing Daddy's Pickup anymore, son.  Under that hood of yours lives 100% Ferrari.  Some of you are a bit more like the Millenium Falcon, in those Star Wars movies.  You aren't much to look at, but your Soul Self is rebuilding all the right places, with plenty of power where it counts.  All that will soon be needed is for you to REALIZE how much power is there, so you don't keep spinning your wheels, and grinding your "gearbox" into dust.

We will speak more about this in days to come.   In the meantime, we would invite you to search the depth of your heart, so you can search out those personal "passions" which too many have buried---underneath their list of "do's and don'ts," as well as a growing list of unattended responsibilities. Look right past the "shoulds" and reach for the goods!   Find what excites you, and let your vortex spin.  Then, stand back and watch your world spin right along with it.  Watch it spin, then LET IT IN.  It's all YOU.  All of it.  Including us.  And we are always here. Reach out for us, whenever the need is there.  Speak, and we will hear......and come to you in whatever form you require, in the timing and manner we have long ago appointed. 

So let it be.  Stand up. Be free!  Now is the time.  Selah. 

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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