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Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

"The Children of Oneness"


My Dear Friends,

Now is a time of great stress and activation upon the Earth!  And there are even greater activations yet to come.  It is for this reason that we approach you once again, in our usual shared space of remembrance and fond communion. 


The Spirit of the Oneself is now calling forth all those who have been cloaked in limitation, or sleeping in separation, to ARISE--and to take on those tones of illumination that are their birthright, their legacy.  And you who receive this message, in whatever form it comes, may consider yourself to be one with them--and also invited--regardless of past experience or chronological age.  For the herald comes now to each, in his or her best familiar language and sacred circumstance.  And there is no favoritism required.  All are called, and all are welcome.  But not all will respond.  And that, too, has its resonance.  


In our transmission "Neo-Shamans of the New Millenium," we spoke to you about a group of individuals, who have been strategically placed, all over the globe, to be of help to humanity when the intense changes begin to happen.  Of these individuals, we said the following:


"These are the Children of Oneness, aged and seasoned to meet the need which shall surely soon present itself!  Though they were born "from the old ways" and steeped in ancient customs and bygone disciplines, they return today to stand beneath the Tree of Life.   As thunder rolls and temporary chaos shakes the Tree, these wise and wondrous beings shall catch the ripe fruit, precisely where it falls."


At the time of that transmission, we made no differentiation in the Neo-Shamans, except that they were quite gifted, and they would come in very handy during the upcoming planetary shifts, as your planet moves closer and closer to conscious collective access to the Fourth Dimension.


In times may have received information regarding certain soul groups--called by various names, and distinguished by certain skills and innate abilities.  They are found most among your young people.  Whether they are referred to as Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Psychic or Star Children, or by whatever name, the CHILDREN OF ONENESS are now awakening--and soon, the rest of humanity will begin awakening with them!




We speak now in linear terminology, though all time is illusion.  And if time be illusion, then all differentiations made, concerning AGE or MATURITY, are illusions as well.  These incoming souls will more than establish that.  Yet everything has its purpose. And everything surely has its place.  The Oneself is not in the business of invalidating any point of view, but will simply continue adding variations, multiplying concepts, and expanding experiences.......on and on......forever!


In the Multiverse, there is a context of reality that honors every idea imaginable (and then some!).  This includes even those realities that choose to organize themselves around the "dishonoring" of some idea, in preference over another.  


Yet any consensus reality that identifies itself as "un-this" or "not-that" are primarily distinguished by the confines of their "un-consciousness."  When one reality excludes another, the Multiverse instantly frags out another universe to embrace it.  And these two or more realities exist concurrent to each another, and even overlap at key junctures, so long as their combining does not damage or distort the individual precepts that they came here to represent.  


And, if there be no preference or differentiation in regards to age, we must not exclude those who are older in years, who might otherwise be considered "elders"--and thought to be past their prime--except for the fact that their hearts and minds still remain open to the tones, and resist them not.  


And so we speak to all of you, calling you Children of Oneness. And we visualize you as forever young and vibrant, but are also glad when your numbers swell with representatives of more experienced generations.  For the "newer models" come into this universe already equipped with the natural awareness and personal acumen that will be required to lead humanity into 4D--while the older "kids" must drink of these tones now, so they can expand beyond their previous experience, and catch up to something entirely new.




As time moves forward, within the space of these next ten years, the whole of your planet will shift and rearrange itself profoundly.  You may wish to ask exactly us how this will occur.  And yet, when all is said and done, it will be WE who will ask YOU to describe your new, personalized reality.  For Planet Earth has entered "The Age of Conscious Choice," wherein every man, woman, and child will be able to choose, for him or herself, the exact environment in which life to live.


Yes, time is illusion.  But we do not mean to imply that time does not or will not continue to unfold--for it absolutely will.  You will soon be able to create your time sequencing in any way you desire.  The "illusion" aspect consists of the belief that a person is bound by time...or a slave to it.  That is part of an old game.  Soon, things shall unfold in an entirely new way.    


Time is your friend, a perfect accompanist for your glorious dance of perception! All you require is a willingness to remember, and it shall all be there for you--what was, what is, and what shall be--all nicely indexed, and available for your instant enjoyment.


As has been written in commentary, the world is your desktop.  And we frequently use these computer analogies to describe the awesome world in which you will soon find yourself.  You did not create computer technology out of nothing.  Actually, you remembered it, as a model for how human consciousness works, in the expanded realms.  And yet, your own consciousness has so much more to offer than any computer known today.  But that is another story.  


There is much to say about the "software" that you now carry within your inner "system."  It won't be long until you are able to fully install and access these resources.  And then, your present existence will have made another quantum leap--the transformation of a lifetime.  Many lifetimes, actually.  And your children will be first to discover this, for they are the ones with less "inhibitions" and "hesitancies" to clog up their system.  They see something, they feel attraction or desire, and they go immediately to check things out.  No muss.  No fuss (unless someone gets in their way).  


Anyone who dares to believe what we are telling you can now freely go to visit Program Central.  You can pick and choose where you will go, in the Multiverse, and decide what you will do once you're there.  You can even pick the density at which you will experience it.   When your transformation is complete, your consciousness may look a lot like one of those futuristic TV consoles, with many pictures appearing on the same screen.  Then, all you'll need to do is minimize or maximize your choices, before you leap right into the center of where you wish to be.  




We are pleased that this physiological channel has allowed a special connection with a certain "wave" of young people, rising to meet this awesome challenge.  The Star Children are bridge people, in the truest, most basic  sense of the term---mixing and mingling "alien" technology with human sentience and 3D comprehension.  It is a unique blending of Neo-Shamanism, that will be of much service to the planet as its mysteries unfold.  


It is the prerogative of every person to decide his or her resonance with these group descriptions or attributes of being.  It does not matter what people call you---for, deep down, you are everything and everyone.  But it does have impact on those who are still awakening, who might require some "handle" to grab onto, while stabilization is underway.  Therefore, this new "tale of two comets," will serve mightily to open channels of remembrance for many who now flounder in their relationships with self.


The descriptions that come from this new material are designed to give humanity a taste---a random sampling, if you will---of what a gifted and magical child  might be like.  After that, people can use their own process of visualization to make contact with the magical child inside themselves.  This is really the purpose of all channeling.  It is to demonstrate how a person can make contact with the Expanded Self, so as to encourage him or her to go within for more specific guidance.   


These Children of Oneness are like snowflakes.  No two of them are exactly alike.  But they do come from ONE Source, and they come to fill a huge void at this time in human history.  It is a void left by the wide-eyed "believer"---a person who is willing to be filled and used, in mighty ways, to benefit humanity.  They will move past the more cynical remnants of generations gone by.  These new ones will become whatever they need to be, in order to accomplish this crucial purpose.  They will be marvelous to behold!  Perhaps those cynics may yet find their inspiration!  




If those they love are lost in illusion, the Children of Oneness will sometimes lay aside their own goals, and actually BECOME the illusion, in order to help parents, teachers, or friends to wake up.  And this, Dear Ones, is one reason why there are children who are breaking peoples' hearts today.  They are taking on "dark energies," in order that the rest of you might reach in and learn to find your own "light."   


In Oneness jargon, the word "darkness" does not mean "evil."   It means "unconsciousness," and it refers to those parts of a person's life that are sleeping in separation, or hidden in shadow.  Conversely, the word "light" refers to "conscious awareness"--especially when it comes to acknowledging your oneness with everything and everyone. 


Calling someone "evil" means you are disowning that being as part of yourself.  Calling something an "accident" or a "mistake" means denying your role as creator of everything in your reality.  This can never work.  If something appears in your world, then it's a part of you, and your own creation.  For many, this is a very difficult concept to grasp.      


A society that continually denies its own shadow is a society that can never grow or prosper.  The Children of Oneness are beginning to remember this, and they are feeling your collective labor pains on levels that few can even fathom.  Regardless of whether or not you approve of their actions, these youngsters are beginning to throw caution to the wind--even to the extent of breaking laws and taking lives--so that humanity will sit up and take notice.  Your time of delivery is at hand.  It can either be an easy birth or a jagged and painful one.  Each of you designs your own induction into this process.    


A gentle, loving awakening is preferred.  We do not endorse violence, nor do we think that it is the best way to get things done.  But neither can we deny that it is inherently a part of your human nature.  In the days to come, humanity will experience all types of "remembrance," as you slowly come to full comprehension about who and what you are.  Part of that will be glorious, and part of it may be quite distressing to your 3D mind, as well as your personal attachments to comfort and security.  So be it.  It takes what it takes.  What lies ahead will be worth the labor pains, and cherished for eternity! 




As we said earlier, there are several divergent "waves" of exceptional souls that are arriving on Earth during this time.  The details of their flow and function are being nicely laid out in books and articles, written by selected individuals with whom they form channeling partnerships--Oneself Elders, who will support and sponsor their energy as it merges with mainstream society.  


Some of these youngsters could be called "systems busters."  Others will become local or world teachers.  Some will be leaders during times of world transition, while still others are now busy healing humanity through empathic links they are forming with your mass consciousness.  


Their purpose and connection is ONE.  But their goals and orientations will vary. In whatever ways they present themselves, and however they function, the Children of Oneness are here to assist.  And they are strategically placed throughout the world, so that all of humankind can taste their wonder and uniqueness.  Look around you, for they are here.  They may be hidden, as many of them continue to sleep, and may do so for some time to come.


If you are assigned the task of parenting or teaching one or more of these youngsters, do not try to control them.  But do not let them control you either.  Instead, allow yourself to merge with them, as a true and glorious aspect of yourself.  See their questions and needs as a true expression of the needs and feelings of your own magical child, living deep inside.  


We realize that this may seem like somewhat of an ideal scenario, and life can often present situations where parents must exercise authority, and take steps of action to keep their children safe and secure.  That is all right.  You  still live in a world where separation still exists.  But as you function in this capacity, we suggest that you continue to look to your own inner child, asking how he or she would feel about being "regulated" in these ways.  And look for every way possible to approach those under your care in a spirit of collaboration---rather than the separation of "parent, teacher, and child."  You are all of these things.          


Watch the children and learn.  Do not merely correct them and that you know better.  They function from an entirely different database  than what you have known.  Observing them in their innocent play and relaxation can bring wondrous insight.  Allowing them room to move and to breathe, and offering encouragement to question the status quo can bring fresh new ideas--some of which may have never been considered before.  Above all, you must give yourself time with them.  Time to care.  Time to listen.  Time to realize!    


Now is the age of the Children of Oneness.  This is their moment to know and to become known.  If you wish to enter heaven, you must approach the gates as a little child.  It does not matter whether you are a child of 10, or a child of 70.  As we have said, there are no "experts" anymore, concerning this new energy into which you now move.  No one has ever gone where humanity is about to go.  But there are those who are "expert" at being open and sincere.  They are the ones who have not yet been bogged down with protocol, the denial of feelings,  and the playing of roles.  They see, they feel, they respond.  They remain authentic to who they really are.  


We smile with joy, noticing your wild new hearts, as they shine in the mid-morning sun!  The weeks and months ahead shall be filled with opportunities and stimulus for new growth.  We will continue to stand by, and offer whatever knowledge or remembrance we can, to facilitate your quick and easy integration of these powerful and expansive tones.  Just call for us and we will be there.  


Be open.  Be willing.  And be ready to bend and grow.  Let your aches and pains come forward.  They have no power over you, save to remind you of what you are leaving behind.  Let your (own) music play.  Let your (own) show begin.  Feel it on the inside, manifest it on the outside.  Believe and receive.  


Arise, shake off your sleep, and be reborn. It's a Circus of Remembrance, dancing under a Big Top of Multiversal Connection.  The Greatest Flow on Earth!         


<end transmission>   




"…I saw them........ cross the twilight of an age,

The sun-eyed children of a marvelous dawn,

Great creators with wide brows of calm,

The massive barrier-breakers of the world,

Laborers in the quarries of the gods…

The architects of immortality.

Into the fallen human sphere they came

Faces that wore the Immortal’s glory still…

Bodies made beautiful by the spirit’s light…

Carrying the Dionysian cup of joy,

Lips chanting an unknown anthem of the soul,

Feet echoing in the corridors of Time.

High priests of wisdom, sweetness, might, and bliss;

Discoverers of beauty’s sunlit ways…

Their tread one day shall change the suffering earth

And justify the light on Nature’s face." (Savitri pp. 343-4)

--Sri Aurobindo


MORE ON THE CHILDREN OF ONENESS (A Commentary by Daniel Jacob)



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