Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Citizens of the Multiverse"

 My Dear Friends,

It is a significant shift, indeed, when a leap of faith....begins identifying himself with EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE--rather than confining his (or her) experience to one body, one personality.........moving through a singular existence, in just one sector of time and space.

It is huge....and the feelings and comprehensions which flow from such a consciousness could be deadly if they weren't immediately re-routed and shared with EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE in return.  You are infinite and amazing, circuitous in nature........SPIRALING THROUGH TIME AND SPACE........with no beginning and no end. No birth, no death.....just continuous expansion and contraction of motion and awareness.  The Breath of God.  Heartbeat of Eternity.  

Though your various appearances in 3D might appear defined and tangible, having beginnings and endings, it is illusion.  What seems to arrive, in a moment of time, has always been with you.  What seems to depart, at any point, will always remain. The Veils surrounding your awareness at any level are placed there, via soul contract, to produce an effect or invoke a response.  Once the desired response is registered and routed back to the Oneself Archives, your consciousness is free to diffuse and move on. 

There is nothing to decide, nothing to achieve, nothing to prove.  Everything that could happen--within any universe--HAS HAPPENED, in every way that it can.  Catalogued, collated, archived.  "Footage" of each possible/probable universe are made available to any and all who request it.  The Cosmic Video Store is open, you might say, 24/7.  Simply believe, receive, and enjoy.   


A Citizen of 3D has but one definition for reality---that which is solidified and manifest in front of him.  All other possible realities get explained away, as figments of imagination (perhaps) or idle ruminations of mind. What he sees and touches is what he gets---no more, no less.  It's like being locked in a room with no windows or doors.  The only way a person might leave that "reality box" is if he had contracted someone, at a point in time, to punch a hole in the wall and show him the way out

We are The Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about to become human.  We've never been very far from you.  Just far enough.  Within our ranks are contained all of the essential Bridge Concepts which would be required to restore your connection to The Multiverse---that infinite storehouse of alternative, possible/probable universes ALL OF WHICH represent levels of YOU.   

As a Citizen of the Multiverse, your perceptual range expands immeasurably.  You still experience solidified reality (3D), but you can be blessed with many other angles of perception as well.  Moving through the 4D Corridor, you develop a capacity to experience the full spectrum of variations in time and history.  All time is NOW, by the way.......... and everything and everyone exists simultaneously---like so many channels on radio or TV set.  All the "shows" on the set are playing at the same time.  If you wish to change "programs," all you need do is change channels. 


There was a time when you required that experience called DEATH in order to take off one set of garments and put on another.  No more.  You live and die many times each day, though your conscious mind seldom lets you to realize it.  Your internal sense of "balance" and your Veil of Forgetfulness automatically keep from you the most dynamic aspects of your journey.  Soon, that will all change.  Little by little, you are letting yourself in on a fascinating "secret."  The Secret of the Ages!            

Moving through 5D and beyond, one gains access to infinite variations in subject/object density and position in space---to the extent that entire galaxies could be manifest on the head of a pin.  You can either experience great detail and density in life---slowing down to experience things, up close and personal---or you can vastly abbreviate your passage through time and space.    

Those in Multi-D sometimes (laughingly) refer to 3D Universes as the "Orthopedic Shoes" of the Multiverse---since excessive occupation with what is happening within them is what slows them down to the point where they the landscape becomes solid.  This is produced by a fixation on certain issues and themes with which some of you are at war---ideas that produce resistance, rather than acceptance, fluidity, and love.  This process is explained more thoroughly in our transmission entitled "How Universes Are Formed."   

The aspects of you that manifest in 3D do not really represent who you much as they search out and explore what you believe you aren't.  In truth, you are ALL OF IT, but you have forgotten this.  So here you are, temporarily locked in a (densified) environment, where you can confront, up close and personally, issues and themes which you have been resisting, across time.  You wrestle with them, dance with them, struggle with them until you are DONE struggling.  And then, you allow us to call you home.........home to everything and everyone.  Home to the NOW of Reconnection. 


Your admission as a Oneself Citizen of the Multiverse constitutes an end to Karma for all those who believe.  After all, if everything and everyone is YOU, than who would there be to pay back?  And who is it who must repay you? 

Those who experience hardship, at the hands of a neighbor, have simply placed themselves (by soul contract) onto the receiving end of a blow which THEY, THEMSELVES delivered at some point in time.  The YOU who is "here" is simply the other half of the YOU appears to be "there."  You are giver and receiver, though it does not appear that way.  That is the beauty of 3D.  It isolates certain perceptions, while blocking out others.  When those blockages are "cleared"..........when your Oneself Consciousness embraces and acknowledges BOTH SIDES of each become free to move forward, into whatever remaining themes and issues you have contracted to explore.   

It's a beautiful system for gaining adventure, and you have been at it for eons of time.  The eyes which look upon this printed page are the same eyes that observed, as the foundations of the world were laid down.  There is no other. 

You are so much more than you think you are!   And that is the fun of it.  That is the joy.  The darkest night eventually becomes the brightest dawn.  Back and forth, through every spectrum of being, across time and eternity........ you have been dancing, playing......exploring........while, at the same time, there are levels of your consciousness which have remained still and simple and wise........watching and enjoying each show, each movie, with great enthusiasm and amusement.

Citizens of the Multiverse.  You know who you are.  You know what you're about.  This is not the beginning of the end.  This is simply the end of a very long beginning.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy your inheritance.  You've earned it, though that was never required.  It's just fun to do, and you do it so well! 

<end transmission> 

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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