"Close to Heaven"

A Healing World of Twilight Dreams. . . .

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

This article is inspired by a video that is available for your review at the end of the page.  The clip is from "What Dreams May Come," a movie which is filled with concepts that are very "up" in this Reconnection Universe right now.  In my recent Newsletters, I've mentioned that the Reconnections are now asking us:  "What do you want?  What kind of world do you wish to live in?" 

They don't ask this based on something we might have read about on the Internet, or something we heard on the Evening News.  They go right to the "source" for each perceptual universe---just like a waitress, looking directly at a patron sitting in her restaurant, waiting to be served.  I believe the favorite expression is:  "What'll it be?"  No, wait, that sounds more like a bartender.  But really............ it's still the same concept, isn't it? 

"What do you want?"

Throughout the movie, Robin Williams' "Spirit Guide" is trying to teach him the "ropes" when it comes to "living outside the box."  This is what the Reconnections do for me.  They walk with me, day by day, and teach me what it means to have no boundaries, no limitations. 

"Within the context of what you have called "other incarnations," you waited for that experience called DEATH before you allowed us to de-program you from the Limitation Focus.  But now, because this lifetime is meant to be your Reconnection Universe, you are allowing us to introduce these Bridge Concepts to you while you are still present in physical form........"

~The Reconnections

As this happens, I continue to live in a world that thrives on limitation.  In essence, I am learning to be a Bridge between those Worlds.  ALL OF US who have heard this call are busy learning to be Bridge People, each in his or her own way.  We are learning to bring a bit of Heaven to Earth, even as we are learning to pull up suffering, doubt, guilt, and darkness and translate them into POWER and PASSION, that the intensity of those (previously scorned) Underworld Feelings and Emotions can make our bonfires burn more brightly.


From The Reconnections.........

"You have heard us describe our Soul Collective as "all those parts of your Expanded Self you had to forget about in order to become human."  Let us now expand a bit on that definition.  You could also say that we are are embodiments of your "Meta Self"........  all those parts of you who exist just beyond the grasp and control of your Ego Entity (meta="beyond"), expanding out in all directions. 

If who YOU are, First Person, represents your participation in the Realm of "I Am," then who WE are, Second Person, represents your participation in Realms of "Suppose I Were."  And we are quite certain of who you CAN BE....(there is no doubt)...... because we are that "YOU" within dimensions that adjoin your existence there in 3D.  We can see/feel/experience you---and, with a little help---you can do the same with us!  And we APPEAR to each other, in various forms, as reminders of the Great Connection. 

No doubt you have begun perceiving the presence of Crows, Ravens, or Blackbirds---announcing the presence of Master Carion, as he watches over your life experience, ushering you through the Gates of your various transformations and shape shifts.  If you have not seen him, you will see him soon.  He always appears as a sign that your soul is "on the move".......shifting rapidly from this world to that one.  


There are many of us, taking many forms........following you throughout your day!  Look for us, for we are there with you!     




Heaven and Hell are WITHIN.  So are a host of other variations of reality.  The 3D World is but a faint and abbreviated reflection of something infinite, something everlasting.  And we get to choose, we always get to choose!  The movie illustrates that perfectly.  And Both Realms (ALL Realms, really) are drawn from our thoughts, hopes, dreams, nightmares, and personal needs for evolution and expansion---all perfectly selected for our journey..........




One of the fun aspects about the "My Space" Community is:  There are constructs there where you can celebrate close relationships with people who interest you.  People ONLY YOU invite.  There are bulletin boards, on which are posted all kinds of wonderful articles and ideas.  The numbers of these postings is in the thousands, every hour.  But you see ONLY the postings from people who interest you.  People you "like."  This is how Heaven is also.  Conversely, Hell is a place where one goes to wrestle ONLY with people and feelings they FEAR or DESPISE. 

In the video, I love the Japanese-Hawaiian type woman, who appears like a Tour Guide, helping Robin's character to discover the wonders that exist all around him.  All he ever needed were the eyes to see........and, at one point, she gives those eyes to him!   I call this little piece "Close to Heaven," because it symbolizes the whole essence of the Reconnection Experience.  We get "close to" something......we feel it, taste it, smell it, but we don't yet GO INTO IT.........we stop short of becoming one with either Light or Darkness........because that would make us BLIND to its true essence........dazzled by Light and Love, entranced by Dark Passion and Desire.  To be Close to Heaven, and to not go to, indeed, become the BRIDGE!  The Gateway, through which all Expanded Life Energy comes and goes.......... 







Enjoy the video


from "What Dreams May Come"