Reconnected Relationships

"Come Together, Right Now......Within Me"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


There are those among us who, over a period of years, find ourselves migrating towards a polyamorous lifestyle.  Our "Circles of Love" include present and past mates as well as current activating love interests.  Some folks choose to be open about their adventures within the Circle, some keep their other involvements secret.  There is no judgment, really.  Deep down, every participant KNOWS whether or not there are "others" in the picture.  A choice NOT to "know" is a vote for compliance or complacency.  Plus...... energies on the planet are changing so rapidly now that the whole process seems to take on a life of its own.  And it should, really, because everything DOES have a life of it's own, even a "Circle of Love." 

At some point, just as quickly as a Circle begins, lovers and life partners can begin falling away.  It is as though they COME OUT OF US, for a season, to dance and play.........and then they GO BACK INSIDE..... to be replaced by a time of solitude and internal processing.........or, perhaps, by a new love who embodies all their key traits plus a few things more. 

The image I get around all this is portrayed in the movies as a person stepping in and out of a MIRROR, like Neo did in the very first "Matrix" film.  And I've seen this happen in meditations and dreams as well.  I saw a "soul blending" today in meditation, and immediately this Beatles song (shown above) began playing in my mind.  It is an exciting and a highly instructive time to be alive! 

A Heart of Innocence is a heart that does not expect, plan, or try to imitate.  It merely lets itself BE.... as events and opportunities flow all around.  We do not push ourselves, nor do we try to hold ourselves back.  The ENERGY, itself, takes care of all that.  And through each process, we learn to become more and more honest about the feelings and ideals arising from our Oneself Core.  We may even commission a part of ourselves to be a "fly on the wall," watching ourselves go through each process, each life "mission."  Little by little, all of life's puzzles begin COMING TOGETHER......right now......deep within us all.  ( 12/10/2008 )



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