"Yes, we do seem to act out the wildest dances, once we get ourselves locked in to the big "R" (relationship).   It's as if we are finally satisfied and settled............getting our "seat belts" we can't (easily) be thrown from the vehicle......we free ourselves to plumb the depths of, not only our own shadow, but also the shadow aspects of our partner, our parents, our partner's parents, and sometimes the whole rest of society.  

The jealousy and envy that can spring forth, the anger and rage that is so often seen, goes way, way back in its origins.  The roots take hold long before a partnership is formed, and consummated.  They wind their way around and through our whole "system" of relationship between parents and child, sibling and sibling, cousin, uncle, distant relatives, and even ancestors.  And, when we betray or are betrayed--it is an affront to all who have come before us.......and perhaps......even all who will come after (or so we believe). 

And yet, it didn't even begin there, either.  It goes back further, to the very heart of the relationship between God and man, doesn't it?

 "I am the Lord, Your God.  Thou shalt have no other Gods before me!"  

Yes.  There it is.  The demand for fidelity.  Pre-eminence personified.  The nuclear family, and particularly the relationship between man and wife, parent and child---is meant to be the perfect mirror of an ideal bonding between God and His Creation.  Christ and His Church.  Or, so we feel. 

At our core, we're not really people, once this process is underway.  Not really humans.........with human needs and feelings.  We're actors, playing upon a human stage, this Dance of the Ages.  But wait.  We, too, are Creators.  It's in the genes, do you see?  It's in the vibration of our now moment.   And we can have a choice.................if we are only willing to believe........"