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A recent conversation in e-mail, which may touch on what many are thinking and feeling.  The writer of the questions remains anonymous.  His words are in black, mine in dark blue.  This conversation is so typical of many letters I receive.  I would welcome any responses or continued queries which readers would like to send in. 

Hi Daniel!

 I have never e-mailed you before, but I just wanted to tell you how much I love those Reconnections and their messages! 

[DJ:] Thanks.  We always love to hear that.

And I have a question.

The Recon's talked about the Portal/Stargate in the Middle East, one of the first ones to be activated, in which the"Ancients" and the "Shining Ones" pass through.  In doing so, the people in that area are exposed to very refined Light,

[DJ:]  Radiance.   A brief description for radiance might be:  “An invitation to Expanded Perception.” 

and if they are not vibrating highly themselves, will be affected in ways which make them crazy, aggressive, etc. Yes?

[DJ:]   It can.   If they are not vibrating highly, they get to choose----ride the energy to higher perception, or go deeper into body-based control mechanisms (to keep from being lifted)

Well, jeeps, those "Ancient"  and "Shining Ones" do not sound very compassionate to me.

[DJ:]  For a Divinity Aspect to offer folks a “lift” (the ability to see life from Divine Perspective)………..and be refused……. is like informing a person that his house is on fire, and watching him remain seated in front of his television.  Which is the more compassionate move?  To tell him the house is burning, or to simply close down the Portal?  (By the way, many Portals HAVE been closed for this reason (disinterest), though not in the Middle East)  The SOURCE of humanity’s “misery”…….if you will…….is our adherence to our SEPARATION MINDSET.  The only way out of that is for Spirit to provide opportunities to see things from another place.  The opening of an Energy Gate provides that.  But it also mandates a decision.  To believe or not to believe?  To transform or not to transform?        

  Where is the love in that? 

[DJ:]  The Multiversal Exchange of Consciousness is part of a universally contracted process that is being conducted at this time on Planet Earth.  We ALL signed onto it……..even those who choose not to participate (at this level).  Some “players” in this Grand Game appear here simply to act out “parts” in a play……… demonstrate ALL the sides of a story.  In the universes of their perception (we are all multidimensional) THEY, TOO have their time of “remembering.”  But here, in the Universe of YOUR Perception…………they appear as victims, crazy-people……… The “love” aspect is their willingness to do this.  Have you read “The Tragic Ones?”   It’s an interesting turn on your reasoning here:

There are no victims.  Only volunteers.  And we……..who have volunteered now to REMEMBER, are being given these insights so we can move forward in the path we have chosen. 

It seems to me that They look upon humans like humans look upon an ant in their driveway.  "Opps, Just ran over it.  That's the way it goes.  Ant shouldn't have been there I guess."

[DJ:]  That might be one view.........if someone doesn’t see a BIGGER PICTURE.  Even ants in the driveway are playing out roles.  And the Reconnections are NOT adherents for cruelty or harshness………but they do recognize that the appearance of cruelty is part of WHAT IS……….as Jesus said to Judas, in one gospel story:  “The poor you will always have with you.  But ME you will not always have.”  Do you remember that story?  Mary Magdalene had just poured perfume on Jesus’ feet………and Judas was protesting, claiming that a better “investment” for the perfume would be selling it and giving the money to the poor.   It may sound insensitive…………but really, it simply recognizes a fact of life.  Carpe Deum.  Seize the opportunities at hand.  Do you want to celebrate the presence of the Ancient and Shining Ones, or do you wish to spend time bombing your neighbors?   It's pretty hard to do BOTH.  And so, we must eventually choose.  

  If they are so enlightened and compassionate, why do they not see the effects that their "traveling" has on us?  It seems like they don't care, as long as they can get to where they are going.

[DJ:]  There are many ways of viewing those “effects.”  You seem to be viewing things from a mindset that has a strong belief in victimhood, as though the people who are affected by the radiance are innocent bystanders.  There are other ways to look at life, where the role of “victim” can be viewed from an entirely different place.   I find it interesting that, later in this letter, you present yourself as being carefree and light.  Is the lightness a game?  A kind of detachment from realities we found to be offensive?   If it is tied to the BIGGER PICTURE…………then our reality will contain “fun” components, and also a whole spectrum of OTHER components as well.  Reconnection means merging with EVERYTHING, not just the light bright and the fun things.   

Where are they going, anway?

[DJ:] Everywhere.  And nowhere.  They come here for the same purpose we long to go there.  EXPERIENCE.  They get to feel human-ness, and we get the opportunity to integrate GODHOOD.

Why do they need to have a Portal/Stargate near populations?  Why can't they put the things in Siberia or the NorthWest Territories, where there are few things to be affected by their comings and goings?

[DJ:]  But that’s the IDEA.  It’s the PEOPLE who need the radiance.  Why put the Gate in the boonies?   Put it right there, in the midst of the city.  Let the people choose. 

I have read that the Middle East War is really about different "Forces" duking it out over a Portal/Stargate that is in Iraq.

[DJ:]  Well………it’s more than that.  Much more.  That will all be revealed, as humankind becomes fully ready.  What’s going on now…… frenetic as it seems, is simply a form of ACTING OUT……… humankind turns up the burner on itself……..forcing us to get closer and closer to a decision about who we are, and why we are here.  The Ancient and Shining Ones are giving us clue after clue:  “This is NOT who you are, guys.”   But for now, we are not quite ready to let go of the Game.  So, the burner gets turned up.  From here……….the Earth will begin separating out.  Many EARTHS are being formed.  Each one is like a bus that is heading for a different destination.  Once the buses arrive, each new “Earth” will spread itself out to become what the inhabitants have declared it will be.  In the end, everyone gets to have what he or she truly desires.  THERE is where the compassion exists. 

  Now, what I say to that is, "What-EVER!"  I do not tend to hang about in the Lower Astral 4D polarity stuff, too much truama/drama, not enough fun!  All that "Star Wars" stuff can be quite fascinating and all, but the "Ancients" and the "Shining Ones" are beiginning to sound to me like that is where they are coming from.

[DJ:]  Some come from there.  And some come from elsewhere.  Underneath your “I am having fun” statements (which I honor, by the way), I do sense a kind of grieving………that more of the BIGGER PICTURE has not yet come to humanity.  And I sympathize.  I have felt it, too.   Many of us are crying out our metaphysical equivalent of:  “How long, O Lord????”  

I hope that it is not true.  I hope you/The Recons can clarify for me ( and any others who may share my thoughts on this)  I hope to find that they are far more benevolent than I understand right now.  Of course, I AM just a cosmic goofball and all I want to do is have fun, so maybe I shouldn't worry my silly little head about stuff that is "beyond" me anyway....!

[DJ:] The fact that you are still worrying, in the midst of having fun, is a sign that you are bound for COMPLETION……..which includes ALL OF IT.......... fun, trauma, drama, mystery, history and joy.  It’s all there, and all available.  Thanks for asking these questions.  They are very important indeed.

Care to share your thoughts about this?  Write me. 

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