By Daniel Jacob

This gift, which is also called "The Golden Ray," by Spirit, is now believed to be incarnating in mass quantities on Planet Earth via our Next Generation of Star Kids, beginning in 2006. 


As we began processing about various Spiritual Gifts, as outlined by the Recons, the Clans and Tribes Forum took an unexpected turn.  Rather than identifying with specific Motivational Gifts from the list of 12, folks began sharing that they tended to identify with ALL THE GIFTS, and saw them functioning regularly in their lives.  Normally, I tend to view this as a means of sidestepping commitment and functioning undercover.  After all, we Recons tend to be independent souls. Trying to pigeon hole, define, or organize us can often become like herding cats.  Still, there was an persistent energy underneath all that which kept vying for my attention.  This article speaks to that omnibus experience of Spiritual Orientation that sometimes moves through us all. 

My original encounter with the Spiritual Gifts concept began in the 1970s, with studies into the writings of the Saul of Tarses, also known as the Master Hilarion.  One of his key phrases about the subject is used as an overture for the Spiritual Gifts page.  Here is what he says: 

"For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith. For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office: so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another. Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us........."    Saul of Tarses (Master Hilarion). 

Expressed clearly in this admonition, there is a PHASE SHIFT that occurs, between the idea of being ONE BODY of Christ, and being individual "members" of that body.  We are speaking here of toggling between two perceptual orientations: THE ONE AND THE MANY.  Understanding and experiencing this dichotomy makes up the very essence of Reconnections Teaching and Process:  Unity in Complexity.

First, we are individual, a face in the crowd, a member of a circle.  Then, we are there.......the Oneself, the Creator, the All In All.   Though most folks are familiar with the former orientation, there are many of us who have also had graphic experiences of being in the expanded state as well.  In dreams, meditations, or flights of Imagination, we see ourselves floating high above the Earth, out in space, looking down at our "Creations."  Then, in the blink of an eye, we are back.......chopping wood and carrying as humans again. 

Having access to this Phase Shifting, through actual experience, is at the root of many nervous conditions, to which medical science has given the title of "Psychological Disorder."  They become problematic when the person involved doesn't realize what is happening.  If we don't have a clear understanding of the transformation process, it can be easy to vacillate between severe fright and an inflated ego (which Saul addresses in the above admonition).


To become the ALL, in a moment of time, is to build a Bridge Across Consciousness, linking human traits and feelings to divine power and perspective.  If we stay there too long, we tend to burn up our normal 3D grounding, because of the intensity of the flow.  Our internal Guides and Teachers know this, so they make sure we regularly return to being human, so we don't get fried. 

The Reconnections clearly described one of these expansions when they spoke to us about "The Economics of Oneness."   In one passage of the transmission, they are addressing the question of WHY certain people, who move sincerely upon a Transformational Path, have allowed themselves (or have been allowed) to fall into serious debt: 

"If a bridge is to serve its proper purpose, it must be firmly anchored on BOTH SIDES, so as to present a stable means of crossing for those who venture out upon it.  This means that you must have access to tools and resources, so as to adequately operate in the World of Form, and you must also be able to traverse easily through the highways and byways of the Multiverse, so you have something new to offer the transforming people of Earth.   

Many who slip into "financial bondage," during these times of high transition, do so in order to attain a particular viewpoint.  What is it like to be a free man, living in a prison cell?  In a sense, you are JOURNALISTS for All That Is........working on "location," so to speak. You are sentient beings, living in close quarters with those whose sensibilities have all but gone.

"What am I doing here?" your soul cries out! 

And if it does, then realize that providence (and your own choices) have bid you to enter a "no-fly zone," having your wings still intact. 

Any awareness that cries out "I do not deserve to be here" is a gift to be carried.....if need be........right to the Devil's Doorstep.  For those words are Christ's Words, are they not? 

"Father.....Father........why hast thou forsaken me?"   Can you feel it?  In that moment, a work of atonement (at-one-ment) is completed.  For you have mixed and mingled the experience of "Sacred Sonship" and an experience of being "forsaken"..........and you have stirred them together within the same vessel.  They are no longer separated.  And you are no longer alone.  Shame has been turned to SAME.  THIS is the larger purpose for pain and suffering in your world at this time.            

Is there such a thing as ice water in Hell?  Oh my.....yes!  There are creditors and there are borrowers alike, whose souls have been all but lost---steeped in frivolity, high anxiety, or cruel usury.  It is a place in consciousness  "where the damned have howled away their opium den, a back-alley flop house, a den of thieves.  And you are there, right in the midst of it.  Your heart recoils, but your circumstance gathers you in--just another sheep, preparing for the slaughter.  Yet you DO NOT you see it?  You go down, down...into the very depths of decomposition and disgrace, only to RISE tell the tale.    

There are no accidents. And there are no tragedies that are not ultimately reclaimed--no dark nights of the soul that will not be coated with your own special silver lining.  Just STAY PRESENT, and realize there is always a greater purpose that is being served.  There are those among you who are Kings and Queens who, for some reason.......find yourself being stripped of fine a moment of time........shivering in the cold, while cruel centurions cast lots to see who gets to take home what is left of your dignity. 

Where you are going now, as a a planet......there is no separation.  There are only distinctions, assisting your process of perceiving and understanding.  If money is in your neighbor's hand--it is your money, too. This is because you and your neighbor are one.  Is there money in your hand?  It is also yours, to do with as you will.  But it does not necessarily belong to your neighbor, unless he believes it to be so.  Remember, each universe is your very own creation, and his universe belongs to him.  He can do with it as he will."  

The Multiverse, clearly, does not function on a "right and wrong" paradigm.  That kind of bias is saved for individual Universes, which explore those ideas in every conceivable way.  Instead, it focuses upon raw EXPERIENCE.  As Citizens of the Multiverse, we learn to let go of the practice of jumping to conclusions about things.  We do this primarily because, in the Multiverse, there is no such thing as a conclusion.  Everything continues on and on, fragmenting into whatever variations of expression it requires to serve its purpose. 


The Gift of Conciliation is granted to an individual, in a moment of time, when he or she is able to attain a sense of NEUTRALITY about things---a purgation of ego-centered bias, enabling him to function purely and simply as a "Journalist" for the All That Is, during a specific event........a Watcher, who takes notes and snaps pictures.  In order to move fluidly from viewpoint to viewpoint, the Christ Interface Energy enables him to literally be "all things to all men," as Paul tended to phrase it......"in order that he might save some." (I Corinthians 9:19-23). 

The idea of "saving" men, when viewed from a Reconnections viewpoint, does not mean advocating for them before an angry God, or getting them off the hook on Judgment Day.  That is Old Paradigm Limitation Thinking.  Rather, it is truly making reference to "saving" a person would click "save" when he or she is finishing working on a computer document.  The snapshots and sensory perceptions that are gathered, as a result of BEING ALL THINGS AND ALL MEN, become a unique and powerful way of gathering and sustaining the BIG PICTURE in life.  It is reserved for those who are willing, if only for a moment, to let go of their SMALL PICTURE, and go somewhere else in consciousness.

As I said, this Orientation tends to come and go, in personal experience, while we function in 3D.  To stay here too long endangers our sense of humanity.  Therefore, it is also important for all of us to continue scanning our internal desires and motives---looking for evidence of our personal "place in the circle".....being MEMBERS of the Oneself Body......until such time as we leap to the task of being a Conciliator once more. 

By definition.......a Conciliator is a "go-between"........a mediator of souls.  The Recons often use the term "Bridge Person" to describe this function.  And, indeed, there are Motivational Gifts that focus on the process of "bridging," though they tend to be more specific and strategic about who (or what) is being bridged and why.  In days to come, we'll learn more about how the Charismation work, and how understanding them can be our greatest tool for attaining self-acceptance. 

"The Soul is crying for a reality experience which only physical life can give to it.  The body is crying for an immortality experience which only the soul can give to it.  As you permit this union to fulfill itself, you will directly know what it feels like to be the love that you are."

"Love Without End " by Glenda Green

Conciliation.  The Christ-Self Interface.  A moment in time, which becomes a dance with eternity.  It's the kind of JOY that I long to create, and perpetuate in my everyday experience.  If I am dedicated, and take each moment as it comes......adding or subtracting nothing......I find myself regularly standing in this strategic position within the Body of the Oneself.  It was once said, about the handling of money:  "If you take care of the pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves."  And I think this is also true about JOY (which the Recons call "The New Currency of the Multiverse.")   If I continually focus on the small joys, they will eventually lead me to bigger ones.  So let it be!

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