"A Conspiracy of One"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

Over the years, I have received a wealth of information that makes reference to "Government Cover-ups," "Men in Black," and an impending One-World Government that is ready to clamp down on all of us at any moment. It seems that this kind of info comes in cycles through my e-mail.

Some of the evidence for mass conspiracy can even be compelling at times.    There are former Government employees who are "tattling" on their bosses,  there are radio commentators and writers who are (allegedly) being  threatened for "revealing too much," and the list goes on and on. At this point, I have no doubt that everything which *seems* to exist probably does exist, somewhere in the Multiverse.  Denying stuff takes more energy than allowing it.  Besides, people tend to believe what they want to believe---and that constitutes reality for them and for the universes they create.

The question before me (and us) is simply this: What does all of this mean about ME?  After all, in my own universe, everything and everyone are simply mirrors of aspects of me, aren't they? 

And, if this be so, it means that I have been keeping things from myself. I have been conspiring against myself in order to manipulate my mind to focus upon certain things so that my emotional body will have certain types of experiences.

In Oneness, there is no "them." In my perceptual universe, there is only ME and MY MIRRORS. This is an allegorical interpretation, and it helps me to recognize the sovereignty of my own Higher (Creative) Self in regards to everything I perceive and everything that crosses my path.

Granted......the physical world actually *does exist.* All those people out there are living their lives, just as I am living mine. They are all "real." But the meaning of their lives (as I perceive them), and the effect that it has upon me, is entirely (100%) under the control of my manifesting, interpretive mind and emotions. And, because all empirical data must pass through that particular "grid" of awareness before I am allowed to perceive it, I am really a kind of Government within myself.

Therefore........when a message comes to me, from my perceived universe, which speaks about a "Government Cover-up," my application for that information is: "Daniel........you have been hiding things from yourself again. Wake up!"

How else are we to deal with this flood of data that is coming our way? As victims? As "innocent bystanders?"  (Is there really any such things as an "innocent bystander" in this Oneself World?)

Someone sends us a new and compelling article which reads: "The Congress and the President are secretly conspiring with ALIENS and they're allowing those "visitors" to practice genetic experiments on the people of America in exchange for advanced forms of technology." Sounds like something out of the X-Files doesn't it????

Yes, indeedy. And *each one of us* has our own version of the "X-Files" going on within us every moment of every day.   After all, who is the "President and Congress" if not mirrors of the governing body that exists inside each and everyone of us? And what could those "genetic experiments" be if not reflections of the process of Physical Transmutation that is happening within each of us as the Planet leaps into 4D? They come as a result of new and expanded energies that are merging with our bodies and making their home within every level of our expanding consciousness.  Aliens? Well, of course they are. They are parts of the Greater Oneself that have been living *elsewhere*, and now they're returning to mingle with us once again.

This may all sound very allegorical, and perhaps it is. But this is how I apply these perceptions to a Oneness Mindset and make sense of them. The process doesn't take away from the *reality* of the events and the people who are part of them and of the world. It simply *re-establishes* in my own consciousness that everything and everyone is a valid part of my itinerary and all of it is going according to the Master Plan that was laid out long before I set foot on this physical plane.

Yes, the "Government" is keeping things from me. However, they were and are doing precisely what The Expanded Self has ordained for them to do. More is being revealed everyday. In fact, information is being released en masse to humanity.

Earth changes? They are all part of the physical changes that are going on inside of the greater ME. Weather reports? They tell me about the vastness of these *emotional fluxes* that are happening within the greater Oneself that is the Danielverse.  Earthquakes? Oh my!  Yes!  I have to watch myself........ eating too much spicy food.........(burp)

Well, there you have it. A conspiracy. It's all been veiled, you see?  Hidden from me. It's been held back from my conscious mind by a Veil of Forgetfulness. And now that veil is being lifted. And the Cosmic Husband is preparing to kiss His Earthly Bride. And what God is about to join together......need never be torn asunder again.


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Q:  Reading your notes, I feel in some areas you may have been incorrect. Humanity is a race that is generally run by its own feelings and emotions and especially greed. Where governments are concerned, they do not hold the real power that controls everything that is said and done on this planet. If you follow the money you will find those that have the real control. The question is; Who has the power above the ones who think they have absolute power?

[DJ:] The ONESELF of All That Is holds the power.  The Puppet Masters in the World of Form are, themselves, PUPPETS for a higher purpose.  And everything that is playing itself out now is right on time, and very appropriate for the unfoldment of a Grander Design.  I know it’s hard to watch, though…………..

Q:  You can only become president in the USA if you have the backing of the money men.  The same is true in any country of the world.

[DJ:] President is such a PUPPET position these days.  Lots of steak dinners, laced with lots of bullshit.  A tasty steak sauce, that……….

Q:  What is money any way, but a substance that we are told is of some value. But in reality has no value whatsoever It gives the creators of money the ability to have power over the rest of us and to use us in the ways they want too; as slaves.

[DJ:]  We’re only slaves if we want to be.  To be liberated from the Matrix is a process that can’t happen WITHIN the Matrix.  A person must diligently sit and open himself……..so that contact can be made with forces and energies BEYOND the “reality box”………so that divine perspective can be added to the mix.  We get TAKEN OUT, refurbished, and then re-inserted............so we can do the work.  And it's only by embracing the SHADOW………….as SELF……….that such transcendence can be made.  Fighting the Shadow can be a full-time job.  We can either do that, or we have strength to reach beyond it.  We can’t do both at the same time.   MORE ABOUT SHADOW WORK   

Q:  Most of humanity does not realize it has become, nothing more that robots, working for those that hold the strings.

[DJ:]  If that is true, and it IS for many………….it is by choice.  And when they/we get tired of that choice, we WILL make another one. 

Q:  All those that are in power have to do, is to pull the strings and we automatically react in the way they want us too, because we are socially hypnotised to do so, and  if we did not react in the way we are expected to react, then suddenly they might just notice us and that might not be so good! Fear keeps us down.  Now is the time to become fearless.

[DJ:] Amen!  

Q:  To show them we are conscious and fully functioning spirits and not their robotic slaves.

[DJ:] Showing them is good.  Showing OURSELVES is better.   Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooo………….

Q:   I cannot say all of what is going on in a small email like this, so it may be best to leave it at what has been said here.

[DJ:] You did well.  You may do more in subsequent e-mails.  Thanks for letting me know what you are thinking. 

It is time for Humanity to awaken!  But when someone is in such a heavy sleep, no matter how much you yell at them; they will not awaken or even be aware of you... If only we knew what needed to be done...

[DJ:] It is WE, ourselves, that need to be “done”…………and we shall be!   Universal WOMBS, waiting to be fertilized by Cosmic Oneself seed!