Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

"The Time of Crossing Over"


My Dear Friends,

Many of you are beginning to feel it now, deep inside.  Others are watching it happen, all around them, in the lives of those who they have chosen to take this journey for them.  It is humanity's time of crossing over.  It is your own time of heading home.

Your life and the life of your planet, which are now one and the same, shall be like pottery thrown hard against a stone wall.  The shards scatter themselves across the courtyard, as each one becomes  quickened, and begins to dance a new dance.  And you are here to observe it all, to feel each and every part of it.  Long have you waited for this magical moment!   Concerns about the future, regrets about the past, now fade like the last rays of a sunset, calling you to rest from that wearisome and troublesome day.  Your time of preparation is complete.    

A time of resting, a time of brief repose.......and then comes the dawn!  The first rays of eternal day fall upon your soul like drops of rain after a great drought.  And you open your eyes, and you drink in the day...........

Behold! A host of rainbows, gathered all about you!  An ocean of clouds, and you are like an eagle rolling upon winds of infinite possibility!

There is no going back now.  There will be no shrinking from this journey, as it opens now before you.  Each piece of your shattered former life has become a child unto itself--a newborn babe--the promise of a new day, playing out in detail whatever you wished to accomplish there in physical form.  It's all present, all accounted for, and none shall be forgotten.   Each path will be explored, each life lived to its fullest..........while the Whole You.........the Composite YOU....... hovers here, upon the breeze, in bright fulfillment of what once seemed but a dream, an impossible beatific vision.

The fabled Ring of Power has been destroyed, tossed back into that flaming abyss from whence it came.  A fire in the belly, a craving for Conscious Control.  Let it go!  Let it go!  Dreams of Ego-Based Power!  Carrots at the end of some stick, driving you on and on and on.  Let them go!  Let them all go!  

Those lives of hungering and striving shall also continue on......FOREVER......though you have already discovered what you need to know of them......namely that they are, and that their object was never to be satisfied..........and they never will be satisfied!  And that, too, is a matter of free and honest choice.

Now is a time of inner sweetness, of gentleness and joy.  It is a poem of peace and freedom, singing upon the lips of those who believe, those who have found that deep inner well inside themselves.  They drink freely from a cup which never runs dry.............and that, too, is a matter of free and honest choice.

Bound for heaven. You're on your way. The Ship has departed. The Royal Vessel now sails into the sun!

<end transmission>




Channeled by Daniel Jacob

Copyright, 2004, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research, so long as the above URL and this copyright are included.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc. 





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