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I feel that the hesitancy, which characterizes this inner work, is tied to the sense of loneliness that all artists and philosophers feel.  It is the reason I hang around these lists, rather than locking myself in some upper room and scribbling everything that comes into my brain.  That had its place, in the early years of my Recon Journey...........but I soon realized that the resonance (or dissonance) that occurs around "new" ideas, and the shadow work that the greatest purifier of knowledge and insight we can have. 
Day after day, each of us forces our Inner Socrates to drink his hemlock.   We each crucify Christ daily as well.  It is the only way to plug up that WHOLE that is feeding us with our own wild Elixir of Expansion!  This knowledge is seeping in through the Veil......and each of us is busy, running around plugging up the portals.  One thousand and one used for DUCK TAPE, eh?  Our Crystal Cities have been blown up and buried a hundred times.........a million times..........only to be discovered again, by newer generations.........and explored anew. 
The essence of crystal is RESONANCE.   It is a holder of knowledge, but it can also transmit knowledge as well.  When light enters the crystal, it dances all around............refractions of many colors, every color............and the mere existence of crystal can be an amplifier of energy as well. 
We only take out our fine crystal when someone special is coming to visit us, or it is a special occasion.  In that sense, it is set a symbol of "specialness." 
As I said yesterday........the Crystal City is a CITY OF DREAMS.   In Seattle area, we have a yearly festival called "The Street of Dreams"........where builders construct and furnish houses with all the new "gadgets" to people a vision of what could be.  Folks go there.......some to buy, some to get ideas, and some to simply open their spirit and dream. 


 By Daniel Jacob

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In the movie "Field of Dreams" of the characters is walking through a field with Ray Kinsella.....(played by Kevin Costner).........and he says to Ray:  "Is this heaven?"  

And Ray says to him..........."No, it's Iowa."   

The other fellow says:  "That's funny.  I could have swore it was heaven."     

Ray asks him:  "Is there a heaven?" 

And the fellow says:  "Oh yeah.  It's the place where dreams come true." 


This is the essence of Building a Crystal City. 

It's a City of IMAGINATION.  It's a City of LOVE. 

MORE ABOUT CRYSTAL ENERGY (excellent photos)

Oh!  I see one of my Architects is bringing in a few preliminary sketches now, for approval.  Do you want to look at them with me? 

Nobody throw a stone, okay?
A lawn carving........where it's still a bit cold:
Army Barracks (small army).......mainly for parades....



Oh boy!  We're having fun now, aren't we?   

Commentary on the 2004 Reconnections Conclave

By Daniel Jacob

"Building the Crystal Family"

Pictures from the Event (click here)


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