By Daniel Jacob

I encountered a woman recently who shared with me that her husband, after 25 years of marriage, announced to her that he felt their whole life together was a sham.  He was (and is) deeply depressed and despondent. Considering the two fine sons they have raised, and her memories of many happy experiences with him and with the family, his words cut into her like knives. They have been taking lots of time for private discussion and couple's counseling, and she is drawing emotional support and nourishment from her close friendships, as well as her own personal grace and depth as a human being. 

This couple's reflection brings to us another aspect of  "Breaking Up to Wake Up" , which I wrote a few weeks ago.  It reveals more of the trials and tribulations that will inevitably continue to appear as Duality is replaced by Oneness Technology as the Master Program for Earth's Expansion.  This shift is a perceptual shift, and The Reconnections are speaking of it as THE CRYSTAL CONNECTION.  

They began alluding to this state of consciousness in the very first transmission they ever sent through.  And now, nearly 13 (linear) years later, they are preparing us for its physical realization.  At the time, they shared these words:  

"As we progress into this time period you call "The Transformation" or the "End Times," it seems very appropriate now for us to share with you a new level of seeing---a gradual realignment of viewpoint which will become a conduit from the focused, narrowly defined "Reality Box" you chose for yourselves when you entered the Earth Plane of existence.

In a very real way, the shift from what you call "Three Dimensional Thinking" to what is called "Multidimensional Thinking" IS that Transformation. In your Biblical literature, this change is described as occurring "in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye." My Dear Friends, the "twinkling" being referred to there is the SHIFT that occurs when your perspective of who and what you are changes from the fragmented, lonely minute being you once thought you were to a clear comprehension of your true Self and your relation to all existence Everywhere. And the only change that occurs is one of VIEWPOINT."

The husband in question is not crazy.  I have heard a lot about him prior to this difficulty--his personal genius, his wit, and his colorful personality.  Listening to the wife telling me about this incident, I didn't get the feeling that he is simply going through some mid-life crisis either. So far as I know, he hasn't found another love, or an alternative lifestyle that he would like to adopt.  He is simply feeling sad, disappointed with life, and he is openly expressing things that a lot of other people on the planet are feeling, but dare not speak.   


One of the drawbacks to categorizing things in 3D life comes when our baseline for what is "real" starts to shift.  The belief in "falsehood" or "illusion" can be handy if there is some idea or person that you we don't want to integrate at the moment.  We encounter an idea, declare it to be "illusion," and keep going on our merry way.  If someone opposes us--we discount that person's worth as a human being, or we demonize the ideas they present, and we're freed up to do whatever we want.  

But herein lies the difficulty.  Today's solution can often turn out to be tomorrow's problem.  For something to be "false," there must also be something else that is "true."  And that "truth" becomes a foundation upon which people build our lives.  In the case of the woman mentioned above, a huge portion of her sense of well being rested in the belief that her marriage and her family were real, and the whole experience had lots of meaning for all concerned.  

Then......seemingly out of the blue, her partner announces to her that everything has been a lie.  If males out there wish to get a drift on what this feels like, watch the opening scene of the movie "Bliss," in which a young wife (Sheryl Lee) announces to her husband (Craig Sheffer), in the presence of a therapist, that she has been faking all her orgasms. From there on, the game is definitely afoot! And it all begins with a confession, which feels like a stabbing pain in the heart.  Or, in the case of this young husband, the stabbing pain was felt a little lower in the anatomy.   

In my experience, the thing that hurts most about having this kind of interaction, is the inevitable doubt that comes up in the face of the recipient of this information, when something that she has considered truth is said to be a lie.  The closer the person is who challenges our reality, the deeper the wounds go.  "Et tu, Brute?"  In the end, the deepest challenges of all are inflicted by that recipient's own mind.

"I thought he loved me, cherished me, told me the truth."  How many wives have said this about their husbands?  How many husbands have said this about their wives?  Usually, their words are followed by:  "How could I be so trusting, so gullible, so stupid?"  And so, in a moment of time, 10 years, 25 years, or even 50 years of trust and happiness disappear, in a puff of smoke. In it's place there rests a pile of ashes.  It is all that is left of the beauty and clarity of child-like innocence

This sort of thing is happening all over the world at this time.  It's happening in politics, it's happening in our schools, in our churches, and it's happening in our homes.  In fact, Spirit tells us that this kind of energy is passing over our land at this time--like the proverbial "Angel of Death" in the Bible--revealing a whole host of "illusions" where pillars of society once rested.

Regarding the concept of "illusion".......the Guides have told us:  "The only illusion that exists is the belief that what is seen, in any physical space, is all there is that exists in that space."  In other words, the only idea that is absolutely false is our belief in absolutes.  And so, all across the planet, absolutes are being brought into question.   


When I went to The Reconnections with the above story, I asked them what they had to say about this 25-year marriage, and the disturbing statements being made by this woman's partner.  They told me:  "There are many highly empathic souls on the planet at this time, who are taking energy from the Collective Unconscious and grounding it to themselves and to their families."  

I asked The Guides to elaborate, and they continued. 

"We told you once that Reconnection to Oneness is something that must happen individually.  When it does, even if only one person accomplishes it, the energy spreads through the Planetary Neuro-System like a virus spreads through a physical body or a computer database.  Since every human is holographic in nature (you are all logged onto the same "network") each of you has access to everything being felt or processed by the Oneself that you are.  At the same time, every human has a choice concerning how much of this information he or she wishes to acknowledge, at any given time.

The Veil of Forgetfulness is a semi-permeable, etheric membrane that separates and insulates a 3D personality from encountering more knowledge than is required or desired for his present journey into the World of Form.  When the majority of your planet if feeling something important but highly volatile, it is still possible for entire groups of individuals to block comprehension of this feeling, in order to maintain what they believe is a state of "sanity" and order.  When this happens--certain individuals, who have learned to access the Gift of Empathy since childhood--will pick up the slack, and process those energies that are being blocked or denied.  Some people perform this service to such an extreme that they are considered, by medical professionals, to be clinically insane.


DJ:  In my series "Conversations With Star Kids"......posted on, I discuss the relationship between emotional denials in the lives of parents and long-standing depression or hyper-activity in the lives of their kids.  There is a direct connection, you know.  And, in the next issue of "Children of the New Earth" Magazine, I will be elaborating on this idea, in an article called "Taking Over the Family Business: Star Kids and Empathic Healing."


The Guides continue: 

"Your friend's husband, because of his emotional giftedness, is feeling deeply into the Mass Mind, and he is grounding some of what is there to his human marriage and family.  You might say that he is "working the grid," using his loved ones as a showcase for the planetary despair that others are trying to ignore.  He is a voice, crying in the wilderness.  Now, his family and friends are crying with him.  Soon, people all over the world will be crying out about these issues.  And then, some solutions will start to present themselves.

In a very real sense, this 3D World IS a sham.  What is seen here is a gross understatement of who you are and what you are doing.  Until now, you have been programmed with the belief that "what you see is what you get."  You have rested upon the foundations that exist here, and you have solidly bought into the consensus reality, what was taught to you at your mother's knee.   

Now is a time of great unraveling.  All over the planet, there are systems and people--whom you have believed to be unshakeable and infinitely trustworthy--revealing parts of themselves that are fragile, unstable, and quite fallible.  In other words...your "clay feet" are showing!  

World governments are rife with individuals who are saying one thing and doing another. Human businesses offer products and services, claiming such and such will be yours if you invest in them. You take the products home, and then find you have been given something else. Longtime lovers are leaving or dying, religious leaders seem corrupt and conniving, neighbors are fighting with neighbors, and global terror appears to be creeping around every corner. The courts and jails are stacked to the rafters, yet justice seems nowhere to be found.   

These experiences, which are forcing themselves into many of your lives at this time, are chaotic in nature and appearance, yet they are being strategically presented to further your personal expansion and bring about an ancient remembrance.  It's a "break-up" of another kind--involving families, governments, religions, philosophies, and the very foundations of what you call "science."  

Things are not always what they seem.  They are at least that, but frequently they are so much more!  Your challenge at this time, is to acknowledge what is happening, and release your strong attachments to a world system that has been nothing more than a cardboard facade--a shadow representation of the vastness of who and what you are. It is real, as everything is real, but it is quite incomplete.

Let it go.  Let it all go!  But stay present, remain alert--and watch, while everything upgrades and rebuilds itself, right before your eyes.  As the third phase of the Cosmic Christ Activation initiates--a whole host of internal "software" will begin to open and become available for your use. The husband in this story is finding his, and you will soon begin to find yours.  We will be sharing more in our transmissions about "Spiritual Gifts."

Remember what we told you in our message about the fall of the New York Trade Center in 2001?  We said that a considerable amount of good can come from something that seems quite evil and senseless.  All a person needs are eyes to see it in a new light.

At present, this husband may not even know why he is feeling as he is. Some Empaths are very functional in their art, even though they have never really understood what they are doing, or why. As the foundations of her world are being rocked, this wife has a great opportunity, if she chooses to re-arrange her thinking a bit. 


When people see their lives crumbling into dust, they often cry out:  "This is enough to make me lose my faith!"   And, if they choose to go with that, they will be drawn to the universe where that "truth" prevails.  But other people do not surrender their sovereignty so easily.  Instead of losing their faith, they decide to USE THAT FAITH.  Having fully believed in a certain reality or a truth, they refuse to surrender it, even though all those around them seem to turn away.

This wife is personalizing something which is not meant to be personalized.  And she is questioning something that no longer needs questioning. The love which she has felt, flowing in and around her family for 25 years--THAT is very personal. And it is very real.  Whether her man can see that or not, during this time, is quite irrelevant. She is now the custodian of that love. If she believes his words, and throws the love away, that action will be on her head, not his.    

What the husband is doing feels to be very trans-personal.  He is taking on something that is bigger than both of them.  He is daring to go where few others wish to be.  He is a pioneer, clearing the way for humankind to begin feeling again.  

Remember what the Guides said to me, during Humanity's Team last year?  They said:  "Sometimes it becomes necessary for the one to take on the many, and to hold that tone, until the many are ready to become ONE."   

This man is an Empath.  He is taking on "the many"...and he is portraying that vision to his wife.  Her suffering comes from the fact that she has not yet expanded her own soul and life purpose to deal with this level of perception. She is living with a genius, yet she is trying to treat him like a regular guy. And she is treating herself like an abused woman, rather than stepping forward to become THE GODDESS for this world that he is wearing for her.  

A CRYSTAL CONNECTION works in one of two ways.  Either it magnifies the energy which comes into it, or it amplifies that which shines through it.  

Up to this point, The Reconnections have been emphasizing the importance of each person seeing his or her world as a reflection of self.  "As above, so below."  This brings a magnification of a reflection

Now, the Guides are giving us an opportunity to see our own issues, problems, and life situations as simply a microcosm of the Greater Whole. "As below, so above."  Herein is an amplification of the refraction.  

In relationships, it is no longer "you and me against the world," folks.  We have all become bigger than that.  It has now become "you and me AS the world."  For some of us, this is a huge pill...way too big to swallow. We want our own family, and our own little lives together--and, if we can't have that, we choose to take our marbles and go home.  Forget the world.  Who cares about the bigger picture?     

This wife may go on for several years--grieving over a love that she believes was stolen away from her. There are thousands, even millions........both men and women...... who will be immersed in that kind of pain before long.  So be it.  The interpretation of events in a person's life is always a matter of choice. It is a ticket that is purchased, so he can climb aboard a train of thought, and depart for a specific destination.

How important do you think you are, in the greater scheme of things?  How grand is your design, in relationship to the Whole?  The world is filled with grief, and wonder, and joy, and sadness, and grandeur, and so many other things.  As the energy rises, the waves of realization get bigger and bigger.  If you are only ONE OF MANY......and these waves come slapping against your will you survive?  


(I invite the reader to consider this quote, and then return to what is written below)

Great suffering often brings great realization.  Kahlil Gibran tells us:  "Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your  understanding. Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain."  The above-mentioned wife is certainly finding her pain. But will it bring an opening, to even greater comprehension--or will it bring darkness and introversion into shame?  

Shakespeare gave to us a powerful story about a man named Titus Andronicus.  In this powerful play, the title character reveals the effects that deep penetration of suffering has had upon him. Though some would surely say that his misfortunes had driven him mad, Titus seems to declare that they have taken him beyond the threshold of mere human experience, clear into the Archetypal Realms. The diagnosis of "mad" may still be assigned to him, usually by a psychiatrist who does not have the nerve to follow him where he has chosen to go.

Carl Jung just might disagree. In fact, Jung felt that such experiences became gateways into a person's genius. In this regard, the words of Salvador Dali (the famous abstract artist) come to mind. Of himself he said: "The main difference between me and an insane person is that I am not insane."

In one scene of this play, Titus has just witnessed the false accusation and execution of two of his sons, and he has learned of a merciless rape and attack upon his cherished daughter---an attack that resulted in both her hands being amputated and her tongue cut out. In a very stirring speech which perfectly illustrates the principles we are discussing here, Titus declares (upon examining his daughter's wounds):

"It was my dear, and he that hath wounded her hath hurt me more than had he killed me dead; for now I stand upon a rock, environed with a wilderness of sea, who marks the waxing tide grow wave by wave---expecting ever when some envious surge will in his brinish bowels swallow him.

This way to death my wretched sons are gone. Here stands my other son, a banished man, and here my brother---weeping at my woes. But that which gives my soul the greatest spurn is dear Lavinia, dearer than my soul. Had I seen thy picture in this plight, it would have madded me. What shall I do, now I behold thy lively body so?" (Act 3, Scene 1)

It is at the point described here that every man who suffers must inevitably make a choice. To fall into mere "madness" would mean that he had given up to a life of being interred in a mental institution---a life of medication and confinement. Titus prefers to use the pain rather than allowing it to consume him. As the jaws of rage and regret begin to close about him, the old man breaks through the Veil of his experience and pulls in Archetypal Powers to surround and support him. Knowing, on some level, that he is a Multidimensional Man, he calls upon the rest of his manifest "selves" and aspects of self to assist him in modulating and focusing the energy. He goes on to declare:

"If there were reason for these miseries, then into limits could I bind my woes. When heaven doth weep, doth not the earth o'erflow? If the winds rage, doth not the sea wax mad, threat'ning the welkin with his big-swoll'n face? And wilt thou have a reason for this coil?

I am the sea. Hark how her sighs doth blow. She is the weeping welkin, I the earth. Then must my sea be moved with her sighs, then must my earth, with her continual tears, become a deluge overflowed........" (Act 3, Scene 1)

Shakespeare wrote at a time when high drama and tragedy were the order of the day.  Many of us have already lived out a considerable portion of our life drama, and we now feel ready for something else.  Once you have suffered enough to "become the sea, the wind, and the waves," what will you do with all that power?  The Recons urge us to share it.  Give it away!  Sprinkle it on everything you touch, everything you see.  

The Crystal Connection puts a person in touch with his or her ability as a Conscious Creator.  It takes us right to the gates of our very own CRYSTAL CITY!  Selah!   It helps us learn a new way of figuring stuff out.   

In days to come, the Guides will be talking to us about the ONESELF, and the varieties of Spiritual Gifts that are being distributed, so that each of us can find his or her place in the Greater Scheme of things.  By making this Connection, we understand that we.....each of us....ARE that Oneself.  This realization automatically gives us access to a considerable amount of new RAM (random access memory) to upgrade and amplify our internal computer system.  

If you are doubtful about your own concept of a Crystal City, or Crystal Garden, or whatever......feel free to log into mine.  The Reconnections offer this concept, not as a hard and fast rule.....but merely as an example of what could be.  Where you go with yours is entirely up to you.


Copyright, 2004, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.