Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Desire Without Agenda"

Hello, My Dear Friends,

Each of the phases of development, through which you are now passing, is designed to highlight and explore a different way in which you are connected to All That Is.  Your increased interest in Conscious Creation, for example, has taught you about the INITIATIVE aspect of yourself .  Through use of Magic, Sorcery, Affirmation, and Visualization, you have come to accept yourself as a creator of your personal reality. You have learned to *own your power*--- finally understanding that absolutely nothing happens by accident.  As the saying goes:  "There are no victims.  There are only volunteers."  

Now it is time to talk a bit about the RESPONSIVE aspect of being human.  You are not merely the creator in your universe.  You are also the creation as well.  And this is quite a mystery, is it not?  On one hand, you are like an expectant child---sitting in front of your Christmas tree and surrounded by mountains of presents.  Your eyes glimmer with anticipation and joy, as you open each one.  Then, as the unfoldment continues, you are gradually made aware of the fact that it was YOU who created each present in the first place, and it was YOU who wrapped them and put them under the tree.    

We are speaking here about the many LEVELS of human consciousness.   They are defined centers of awareness, existing within the same being, functioning in a very compartmentalized way.  The purpose of Reconnection is to provide doors and windows for those compartments.  Your goal here is NOT to remove the separation from your universe and throw away the structure.  Rather, it is to educate yourself about how your universe works even while you still remain a part of it.   


Since the beginning of (linear) time, there have been beings upon the Earth whose primary purpose in life has been to monitor all of developments of the human race.  These beings are referred to as "Watchers."  In order to exist in this state, an entity has to be able to vibrate at a certain pitch---a tone that allows him to personally identify with all of the basic components that are present within any physical context. Once this tone is attained and held, the Watcher is able to examine, in detail, all of the various parts of these physical interactions, cataloging them for future reference banks which can be utilized by anyone who knows how to access the system.  

We realize that this explanation is very linear in nature.  It is designed to be that way.  And, although we have emphasized in other transmissions that reality does *not necessarily* need to occur in a linear way, the fact that it *can be* experienced sequentially necessitates the assignment of Watchers to keep track of things.  In a sense, these beings are like card catalogs in a library.  Or, if you are reading your copy of the Holy Bible, the Watchers represent the "chapter and verse" delineations that make accessing and referencing the Bible so easy.    

To be a Watcher within any physical context, an entity must have enough interest in the outcome of those interactions that he is motivated to focus upon it.  However, when he does, he must remain objective enough that he is not (energetically/emotionally) drawn into that reality.  And this is exactly the reason we are speaking about Watchers at this point in the discussion. It is Watchers who make OMNISCIENCE possible for the Godhead or Oversoul within any universe.  In fact, one of the requirements for becoming a God is a familiarity with and an ability to access the Watcher's files.    

That race of beings known as "Angels" started out as Watchers.  They became commissioned by the Oversoul as messengers and servants when the need to do so presented itself.  These beings usually remain in the etheric realms, but can manifest in physical form when necessary.  We are talking about them now so that you will be able to comprehend that you, too, have a level of SELF that is a Watcher.  And you can access the data banks of that self when you go into an attitude of total receptivity and calm.  Then, when you have retrieved the necessary details about your current situation from the card catalog, you can transform yourself energetically so that you can steer your universe to any destination you choose.  


In our lessons about the Reconnection Universe, we have often described it as a Tour Bus that is traveling through (previously) Unseen Realms.  The driver of the bus is YOU, even as every passenger on the bus is also YOU.  They are simply fragments of the same ONESELF that created the whole touring system in the first place.    As you lead your Tour through the highways and byways of possible/probable experience, the passengers begin to say "Oooooo......" and "Ahhhhh......." as they snap pictures of what is seen along the way.  They are extended lenses that your WATCHER uses to assist him in the dispatch of his duties.  (We use the term "him," even though Watchers do not necessarily have a gender).   

What steers the Tour Bus is the presence of DESIRE (interest) concerning some issue or theme that exists within the All That Is.  What keeps the Bus etheric, and therefore light enough to go anywhere and do anything, is the fact that said desire does not have an AGENDA concerning how the situation develops.  He is just there to notice what is happening, and to accurately record the events for "future" posterity.    

You may ask yourself how it is possible for a being to possess interest in a situation without desiring to control it or affect the outcome in any way.  The answer to that is simple.  In the Multiverse, there is a universe that (quite literally) embodies and honors *every outcome* that could ever possibly be.  A true Watcher knows this (as a basic part of his internal programming), and is quite content to let it be.  He is more focused on fulfilling *his* assignment than in affecting the outcome.  Thus, the files that catalog the Multiverse are fastidious in their accuracy.    


There are those who would say that "it is only human" to want to create an agenda within one's physical reality.  And this is very true.  Watchers are not human.  However, they are spiritual components that are very present within the human psyche.  They are more an expression of the divine nature than the indigenous part, and many humans fail to notice that they exist within themselves at all.    

To be human is to be a hybrid mixture of the divine and the primal.  You experience passion, desire, frustration, joy, wonder, curiosity, and a whole host of other emotions and sensations.  You are an audience for productions that span all across time.  And yes, you WILL become invested in how your plays end.  But your Watcher will not.  Your Watcher will stay clear, and unfettered by the temptation to manipulate the future.    

To be human is to be *so much more* than a mere a card catalog.  But being human certainly doesn't make you less.  And hidden, within what you have called your subconscious or unconscious mind, there is a cool and dispassionate being who is taking copious notes about how everything is proceeding.  And that being is ALSO YOU---an inner resource that is quite available to assist in your process at any time.      


The primary role of Watchers is to maintain the etheric superstructure for your physical reality.  Humans could not or would not do this because they don't want to miss anything that is going on.  They live in a veiled state, wherein they have the ability to forget about certain details so they can focus upon others.  And, if they needed to leave a particular situation, even momentarily, in order to sift through the records to find the information they need to solve it---their fear is that they would be so bogged down in the details that they wouldn't be able to find their way back.   

Watchers, therefore, are like SEARCH ENGINES for the Inner Net.  When you decide what topics you wish to study, the Watcher will GO GET IT for you in the archives of All That Is.  He'll let you stay here, absorbing the sights and sounds of the situation, while he burrows through mountains of data, looking for just the right insight that will help you resolve the problem.   

In order to access your Watcher-SELF---you must, first of all, believe that he exists.  Secondly, you must be willing to DELAY ACTION on your situation while he is pulling up links from the Inner Net.  You must continue to HOLD ON to what you wish to have happen---even as you release the "detail work" to another part of yourself that knows more about what is happening than your ego does.  If your ego totally LETS GO of the desire before all the links come up on your screen, you will abort the search process and move on to another topic.  However, if you insist upon acting without utilizing that search engine, you will probably spin your Bus out of control and miss some fun stops along your Tour.  


The Book of Hebrews, in the Bible, begins with this verse:    "Faith is the substance of things HOPED FOR, the evidence of things NOT SEEN."  (Heb. 1:1)    The "Middle Ground," about which we have been speaking, exists within a state of FAITH.  It vibrates with enough interest in the outcome to HOPE FOR something to happen, but enough restraint to keep from trying to *push the river* in order to *make* things happen. 

The complacency (on one end of the spectrum) is carried within the mind and heart of the Watcher.  He listens, takes fastidious notes, but couldn't care less about the outcome.  The deliberation, on the other end of the spectrum, is functioning within what is called The Negative Ego.  Another word for the Negative Ego could be the Devil.  He is that part of you that says:  "I WILL........." and then sets about to make it happen.      

If you try to steer your Tour Bus with deliberation, it will surely be highjacked by the Negative Ego.  Though the Devil can often go joyriding with one physical body, he will find that moving an entire universe (a Tour Bus, loaded with passengers) by sheer deliberation is very difficult.  The process can get so unwieldy that he wants to crash the Bus and get off.  This is one of the primary causes of suicide in your reality today.    

Your challenge, during this present journey, is to resist excessive deliberation in your life without becoming complacent.  You can turn the wheel of the Tour Bus as your spirit dictates, but don't try and fight the traffic.  That traffic is *also* YOU.  When confronted with a conflict, a conundrum, you simply need to turn to your Watcher to get the information you need to reframe your reality and see it from a new perspective.  Once that new (expanded) perspective becomes available to you, the Bus will traverse your highways and biways with ease.    

The only healing needed, in any situation, is AWARENESS.   Magic and Sorcery did not always wait for awareness.  That is why it fell short.  Reconnection Magic is much more wholistic in nature.  It may *seem* to lose the battle, even as it eventually wins the war.   

As you allow your Watcher to work for you, in daily situations---searching for insights that expand your heart and mind---you will begin to relax, and become more serene.  You will SIT BACK, and you will "leave the driving to us."  And yes, the driver DOES accept tips.  And though he DOES listen to requests, demands will make him stop the Bus and get off.  And what will you do then?  

Your Now Moment is a Multidimensional Vehicle that can take you anywhere and anywhen you wish to go.  The only requirement for using it is that you have to keep your *hands and feet* inside the car.  This requires trust.  This requires faith.  And, most important of all, riding this Bus requires a SENSE OF HUMOR!!!   Enjoy the ride.  

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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