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"Linear Flow"

Q:  Daniel........that recent channeling, "Linear Flow," was intense.  There is comfort in it, but I also found it to be a bit alarming.  The "good" news is:  The Recons say that we're all okay no matter what we do.  The confusing part comes when you realize that many of us have been traveling a consciousness path for 20 or 30 years.  We've meditated, attended workshops, traveling on pilgrimages............ And now you say that none of that matters.  I'm feeling like I'm in a bit of shock, really...........

DJ:  Thanks for sharing this.  Assimilation of this information has always gone down hardest with those who have been involved in spirituality for any considerable time.  The Reconnections tend to equalize people, emphasizing the ONENESS element, rather than experience or intellectual prowess.  Hopefully, those who have studied spirituality for 30 years have done so, not to attain some kind of "salvation" or prestige.......but rather as an expression of their joy in the study.

This brings to mind the story of "The Prodigal Son," from the Bible.  If you'll recall, a rich man had two sons.  One of the sons decided to take his inheritance early, go off and squander it on wild living and fast women, and found himself hungry and broke in a foreign country.  The other son stayed with the father and continued supervising and working on his father's estate.  When the wandering son came to his senses, he returned home to the father, and asked to be forgiven.  The father was overjoyed, and welcomed the contrite young man back into his house, putting a ring on his finger and cloak on his back.  The faithful son was somewhat chagrined over this, because it seemed unfair. After all, he had put in so many years of service and obedience, while his brother wasted his life on women and strong drink.  In the face of this, the father reminded his faithful one:  "You have always been with me.  But your brother was dead (to me), and now he is alive again."  Indeed, righteousness is its own reward.  We don't earn kinship in the Oneself of All That Is.  Neither is there anything we can do to break it, other than to forget where the love really is.  And if we do forget, and live in darkness and loneliness for a time, isn't it so much sweeter when we remember ourselves, and come back home to the ONE?   This transmission seems to suggest that what some might think of as "righteousness" is its own reward, not a qualification for entrance into the Great Circle.  And you're right, that message can be very comforting.    

Q:  Hi Daniel..... The information that you're releasing now is quite interesting.  But I must say it is much more difficult to understand than most other info I've found on the net.  

[DJ:] The rate of change on the planet is so rapid now that, by the time a person reaches "understanding" in regards to an issue, his universe has already moved on to something else. All the elements are there to encourage TRUST IN THE PROCESS.......details of operation, the precision of function, internal emotional support, retroactive resolution of conceptual concerns, etc......but understanding is slow.......not from lack of available knowledge, but by lack of TIME to mentally sort things out before the next "wave" comes.

If we think of the functioning of life as similar to the workings of an International Corporation, with many floors and departments in its employ......the Human Ego was designed to be a mailroom clerk, delivering messages to various departments as they carry on business. Then one day, while the CEO is on his lunch hour, the mailroom clerk sits down in the "big chair" in his office and begins making policy decisions. He looks over the "books," reviews the minutes of the annual meeting, and starts writing memos to the department heads.

The mailroom clerk was never designed to run the whole show. Occasionally, the "uppity ups" may let him tour the Executive Tower to give him a small idea of how the Corporation works, but his job is basically to distribute the mail. If he tries to play CEO, not only does the Corporation spin out of orbit, but the mail doesn't get delivered either. 

Q:  Take for example the article on the web site linear flow. What are you saying. Just keep doing what we are doing?

[DJ:] The Recons are saying: "Let your Ego Level do what it was made to do." Don't try to figure everything out. Instead, concentrate on FEELING and EXPERIENCING, without judgment. Things have already been figured out in the Executive Levels (which are also part of the One).......you don't have to decide which direction to steer the plane. FEEL the inclination of the moment and go with that energy as it flows through you. You and the Energy are ONE. "Trust the force, Luke!"  

Q:  Sometimes it seems that "well-intentioned" help that is being offered, from beyond the Veil, is only working to complicate things.

[DJ:] Some of the "helpers" out there are too involved in the outcomes.  Like Little-League Fathers who are trying to live their lives out through their sons, they forget that THIS time around is YOUR SHOT at living. And it's YOUR process. People are always approaching the Recons with questions that imply "Tell us what to do." The Guides are less interested in sharing the WHAT than the HOW of the expansion process. They tell us: "Stand like this, focus here, and let your natural inclinations show you the rest. Take one step at a time, and the guidance will come to you naturally." Occasionally, they give entire printouts of the process......not to encourage the Ego to try and take over, but simply to demonstrate the details ARE available.

Q:  If the only reason we're here is to live out what we "contracted" to do, then studying metaphysics and thinking about other dimensions is just a waste of time, isn't it? 

[DJ:] Why THINK about other worlds when you can BE those worlds? In the time it takes to "figure something out," we could have gone there and come back (with pictures). But there is a segment of the Oneself who absolutely will not incline ourselves anywhere until we get a complete blueprint of the plan, and agree to it. I can feel it within me. Can you sense it too?  Anything that moves faster than this is judged to be a "possessive" force.

The Recons call these doubting aspects "The Brakes" for Planet Earth, and it's all part of the process, I guess. Fear. Anxiety......two elements that are the flip side of Patience. Learning to trust. Learning to believe. We've immersed ourselves in Limitation Mindset, and now we're having to give it up. You're right. It's not easy.

Q:  I am in this life and on this planet and proud to be here. To taste and savor this life. My pursuit of angelic help and channeled masters is to enhance this life. Right now!!!

[DJ:] Which part of the Oneself gets to review and decide what "enhances" life and what doesn't? The Mailroom Clerk or the CEO? The Linear Flow transmission says: "Keep your eye on the ball (the dominant tone). Don't sweat the details. And don't judge." The fact that there are parts of us who still DO sweat the details is a sign that we're too uncomfortable to speed up just yet..........so we apply "The Brakes." The tour passenger pulls a gun, tells the tour bus driver to sit in the back, and takes over the wheel. Of course he's never driven before, so he spends the next hour trying to figure out the controls. How much of the trip does he get to enjoy? How may sights does he get to see? How many pictures can he take?

Q:  So, that being said, can you give me some instructions to accomplish my task as I take out the garbage and plan dinner and walk the dogs, and well......... you know............

[DJ:] In any given moment, there is only ONE THING that a person can volitionally focus upon and do. There is no heirarchy of activity which determines the "good" and "bad" of it all. There is only energy. We may overlap tasks a bit, for the sake of efficiency, but we are still juggling and re-allocating just one thing we choose to accomplish......and then we move on to the next thing. The Guides are simply saying "Don't sweat the details" as you leap from one universe to another. Instead of deciding what to do next......follow the energy as it guides your steps in the NOW. Each NOW has it's own vibration, and it's own innate intelligence to direct you. In that Now, you are ALL OF IT, not just the task being focused upon. Realize that you could never be reached by that energy, nor inspired by its movement, if levels of yourself (far beyond the Human Ego) hadn't deliberated about the appropriateness of that move, and okayed it. If you like to spend time examining and evaluating..........set aside some time so that you can "figure out" what has happened to you previously........using the principles listed at this link: http://www.reconnections.net/how_to_figure.htm

Reasoning from PERFECTION, and working your way backwards from there, is the only way to get the FULL PICTURE of what just happened. After you do this, you will gain more and more confidence to simply LET GO........and not doubt. And yet, if you doubt........it simply means you need to apply the "brakes" for a bit......to slow down.....and that's okay, too. Everything has it's rhythm, its cadence.

Q:  And please don't tell me that time is irrelevant because that's not the world that I live in now!

[DJ:] Actually, there are many worlds we are living within. We can see them as we survey a person's energy stream. We don't look at details, unless that is the task at hand. Most people encrypt their energy so only THEY have access to the "real deal" when the time comes to open their present. But we can see the arrangement of things...........with many realities "stacked".......one upon the other, moving in and out, and you are there in each of them, very much like you are here. Some aspects of you are time-encoded, and some feel to be relatively free of time.

A:  I'm not mad about this, really........ but jousting a bit with you across the Veil. 

[DJ:] Actually, this is perfectly "timed" (so to speak) LOL! for addition to the site. The "Linear Flow" Transmission has thrown several people for a loop..........and your articulation of the problem is pristine. You are helping the cause greatly by speaking up! 

About the time that "Linear Flow," "Falling Apart World," and "Magnetic Pole Shifts" were completed, I began re-reading some old channelings by Ken Carey, author of "The Starseed Transmissions" and "The Third Millenium."  Ken has always been a touchstone for me, having received some powerful visions of Planetary Transformation as far back as 1969.  His natural flow with words is poetic and profound.  I was excited to see the following words printed among them, having been published up to 10 years before the Harmonic Convergence.  I would love to share a bit of it with you now.  From his own "extraterrestrial" sources, Ken shared:  

"We are prepared to join in conscious communion with you......with those members of your species who have experienced psychological death and rebirth.  Before our help can materialize, however, there must be more openings on human levels.  We are unable to commune with humans whose vibrational fields are distorted by ego factors, emotional reactions, excessive conceptualization, or past-future orientation.  In such cases, our presence would force their vibratory patterns into alignment with ours, robbing them prematurely of a portion of their identity.  We are only able to work with those who are consciously aware of who they are and what they are doing.  With these, union becomes re-union. 

It is critical that you remember your origin and purpose.  Your descent into matter has reached its low point.  If all that you identify with is not to be annihilated in entropic collapse, you must begin waking up, begin living.  You have been dead to the most important parts of yourself all these years of your history.  But your time in the sarcophagus is complete.  Arise, then, from the ashes of ignorance and rejoin the cosmic brotherhood.  The time of separation has come.  The are but two roads before you.  You can walk in the innocence of those who trust, or perish in the impending collapse of your rational systems.  The choice, as it always has been, is yours."  <end excerpt>

From "The Starseed Transmissions," Copyright 1981, by Ken Carey.




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