"Disturbed Sleep Patterns"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B
Many people write me about "disturbed sleep patterns." Some want to know if their newly-forming "nocturnalism" can ever be reprogrammed.  I explain to them that we ARE being re-programmed........not by the ego, necessarily........but by an administrative element in our Expanded Self who knows what we need and how to adapt us for living in a Multidimensional way.  To say that our patterns have been "disturbed," or our lives have become "disordered" implies that there is some magical, immutable "pattern" by which we all must live. There isn't. Our body and psyche is trying on "new clothes," so we can explore how we can better adapt ourselves to having access to BOTH SIDES of the Veil.  This only happens because, at some point in time, we said:  "I'm ready."   

Discomfort comes when we get stuck in that Gate.......between moving forward into Multidimensionality or going backward to that which was once familiar and "normal."  We're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy! 

The Reconnections are constantly reminding me that WHAT I CURRENTLY HAVE IS REALLY WHAT I WANT.  There are times when my Ego tends to "disagree" with that, because the Danimal Ego only sees a small portion of the picture.  The easiest and most workable way for a transforming person to make this conscious leap is by going with the flow........a NEW flow.......neither forcing himself to do something nor keeping himself from doing something just because it doesn't seem "normal."  

I can get REALLY BITCHY if I am up till 4am and then I have to get up and go to work by 9am.  However, sometimes that's the way it has to be!  For the most part, I try to CLEAR MY SCHEDULE, as much as possible, to allow my natural "flow" to express itself each day.  Awhile back, the Guides gave us a set of 3 Commitments we need to make for living a happy Multi-D Life.  In a sense, these commitments are like "marriage vows"......as we learn to identify more with our Eternal, Multidimensional Self.    

The Three Commitments

      "To thine own self be true:  thou canst not then be false to anyone..."

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1STAY FREE:  Don't do what you don't want to do.  Don't stop yourself from doing what you truly *do* want to do.  Try your best NOT to clutter your life with extraneous promises about the future. 

2. STAY PRESENT:  Stay in the Now.  Past and future are always adjuncts to that.  Don't let the world rob you of this priceless gift of NOW.  (your PRESENT from All That Is).

3.  FOLLOW THE ENERGY:  Let your body be your barometer. It will show you what you really want and need.  You will always create what you need to get what you really want.  If that doesn't seem to be the case, it's because you've lost touch with some highly influential part of yourself.



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