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Art by Dale Wicks


by Daniel Jacob

We did some powerful exercises in a recent Reconnections Workshop, involving the processing of our Multidimensional Self.  The Game we played included a laying out chairs, which represent a sacred space for conversation (dialogue) with a person's various internal "selves."  These individuated aspects of consciousness are constantly on the move through our 3D Mind.  We can hear them, like jumbled voices--and, in many cases, we can feel the pull of their various agendas and needs.  All we must do, to tap into them, is create a Game Format which allows for these types of dialogues to take place (without freaking us out).   

Usually, there are three chairs that are set out.  The one in the middle is the "home base" for our Watcher/Knower Self--the part of us whose only task is to pay attention to every little thing we are creating in our personal reality.  Another name for this guy (or gal) would be THE MONITOR.  The other two chairs are for various aspects of the DUAL NATURE of humanity.  For additional info on the psychology of selves, click HERE.   

For every "this" there is a "that" to go along with it.  For every "you" there is a "me."  For every "them" there is an "us," and so on.  It's a fantastic dance of form and substance, and we've been doing it all across time.  We stand firmly in one side of a polarity, just so we can experience the other side from a dissociated position.  In the awareness of that Watcher Self, who sits up on the "wall" of every "reality box" we build (usually eating an ice cream cone), we are ALL OF IT, and we know that.  But in the individuated and fragmented selves, we have a set of blinders on--just like the ones that are used for horses that pull carriages in a large city.  This process deputizes a soul fragment to fully focus upon one side of an issue--feeling all the emotions and having all the experiences that come with that mode of focus--so that other fragments can focus into the opposing viewpoint for that issue.  This Game is a variation on the Shadow Challenge Exercise that we conducted some time ago in our Reconnections Research Forum.  It demonstrates how this whole dance in physical form is about focus, and about being willing to move, from position to position on the Game Board, so we can attain a conscious connection that is strong and balanced.

The Reconnections are constantly reminding us that their definition of "balance" does not mean living our entire lives "in the middle" of every issue.  To them, the real nature of "balance" is found in the Hermetic Nature of transforming humanity--in our ability to traverse the various dimensions, with ease and clarity, because we have attained a Oneself Resonance, as well as a firm grasp of our Multiversal Oneself Core.    

In his book "The Psychology of Consciousness," Robert Ornstein constructs a chart that illustrates some of the major dualities that affect the human journey in a major way.  I am including it here for your discernment.  By understanding the various fragmentations that consciousness can take, we allow ourselves to expand into that sacred Watcher/Knower Self, so that a modicum of wisdom can be attained from *every* precious experience we have.  We are speaking here of "sides" in every dance of polarity.  This is the most complete and astute list I have found yet.  I hope it helps. 


Who Proposed It? Side 1 Side 2

Many Sources





Blackburn Intellectual Sensuous
Oppenheimer Time/History Eternity/Timelessness
Deikman Active Receptive
Polanyi Explicit Tacit
Levy, Sperry Analytic Gestalt
Domhoff Right (side of the body) Left (side of the body)
Many Sources Left Hemisphere Right Hemisphere
Bogen Propositional Appositional
Lee Lineal Non-Lineal
Luria Sequential Simultaneous
Semmes Focal Diffuse
I Ching Creative (Heaven)  

Receptive (Earth)


I Ching Light Dark
I Ching Time Space
I Ching Masculine (Yang) Feminine (Yin)
Many Sources Verbal Spatial
Many Sources Intellectual Intuitive
Vedanta Buddhi Manas
Jung Causal Acausal
Bacon Argument Experience

In the Workshops, we find ourselves working with more personalized aspects.  We dance between a personal "critic" and (perhaps) a personal "nurturer" self.   Or, perhaps we might process the "playful" self versus the "serious" side of our nature.  Each aspect is given a chance to share--to plead its case, in a way.  And the Watcher Self, who maintains a place of neutrality in all the dialogues, becomes privy to all the data--and eventually becomes a powerful source of counsel for the entire personality structure to access.   

When the Game is played in a group, there is a Designated Facilitator, who holds the place of the Watcher Self while a player, who is doing the processing consciously, allows him/herself to channel one side or the other, for the many polarities that exist inside him (and the group). 

One powerful feeling that is moving through the Metaphysical Community these days is the expectation that we are all going to abandon this process, very soon, and evolve into a more expanded one.  In my belief system, I believe that we are in the process of expanding, even as we will be continually returning to a 3D format, at various levels, to access the details and gain personal sensation and experience. 

In Reconnections Teaching, 3D is just another part of the Multidimensional Oneself.  It isn't the Devil, nor is it the incredibly expendible "ego" that the Buddhists are always trying to transcend.  3D has nowhere to "go," because everything is always right here.  Either you get that or you don't.  If some people would like to go hang out in the land of amorphous globs for awhile, that's cool.  But eventually, we're all going to want to continue unraveling the tangled "nots" that have developed in our collective psyche--namely........."I am NOT this," and "I am NOT that."  It's so tedious, isn't it?  All this denial of SELF! 

"Onward and Inward!" as the Reconnections are prone to say.............


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