Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"The Economics of Oneness"

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 My Dear Friends,

Now is a time of rearrangement, in many areas of your lives.....not the least of which is the area dealing with finances and stewardship of natural resource. the true Spirit of Commercialism, which has come to characterize your upcoming Holiday Season (whatever your religion or nationality)--we would like to offer some Bridge Concepts dealing with these areas. 

We are the Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human.  We've never been very far from you, just far enough. And now, in the fullness of time---YOUR time---we arrive on the scene to pass on some well-deserved knowledge about how things really work, as a opposed to what you have been led to believe!

We spoke to you at length concerning Spirituality and Sex didn't we?  Wouldn't it naturally follow that we would also want to speak to you about that most important intersection which we might refer to as Spirituality and Bucks? 

(MuhuHaHa!  Carion Comes!

The whole of your economic landscape is in disarray at this time.  The "haves" are scrambling to keep what they have (and to get more), while the "have nots" are scrambling just to stay in the Game!  Ha!!!  This is a natural by-product of random infusions of Chaos Energy on a gradually increasing scale.  You are UNRAVELING dear friends..... and this is ALL  part of the plan! sometimes feels quite unpleasant, does it not? 

The situation we describe here applies almost equally to the areas of HEALTH and RELATIONSHIPS as well.  Lots of unraveling going on there, isn't there?  These three arenas (The Big Three!) are regularly serving as "choke chains" for your ever-expanding mental and emotional bodies.  They ground you when you seem to be getting too big for your britches!!!  And then they can also boost you when you need boosting, as well.   

The Oneness Position on the Multiversal Game Board is a perfect example of someone (or something) being "there" and "not there" at the same time.  Only those who move upon a Oneness Track can even see you.  Everyone else simply passes on by, as if you weren't there.  For some of you, this truth alone will constitute a transformational jolt.  You spend a good deal of your time wondering who in this world is THERE FOR YOU, and who isn't.  The answer is simple.  If you can see them, they are THERE FOR YOU (Or, rather, AS you).  If they can see you, then you are THERE FOR THEM (or AS them, in their perceptual universe).  If this were not the case, you could never be able to find each other.  Therefore, whatever you see, go ahead and use it in your process.  What sees you will undoubtedly return the favor.    


Let us speak now, concerning this commodity which you have named "money."  In his life flow, Master Jesus had occasion to be quizzed concerning its purpose and importance in the Grand Game.  When asked, the Master instructed his questioner to take a Roman coin from his pocket and describe the image that was printed thereon.  The man replied: "Caesar's."  Then Jesus uttered a now-famous line, in regards to this topic of MONEY.  He said:  "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and render unto God the things that are Gods." 

Upon who or what is the image of God stamped?  According to your Bible, the answer would be MAN, would it not?  This statement seems to imply the existence of some kind of hierarchy in creation.  However, we are not speaking here about a hierarchy for men.  We are speaking about a "pecking order" of things, places, situations throughout creation.....and the dominion of humans over them.  How does it feel to be at the top of the "food chain?" 

If one renders himself unto money, he is mobilizing a More Expanded Beingness (human) and relegating it to a Denser Beingness (mammon).  It is an aberration of sacred power.  We come now to also speak about the proper usage of power. 

Money is not evil.  Many there are who misquote the Holy Scriptures on this point.  The verse in reference says ".......the LOVE of money is the root of all evil."   No man can serve two masters.  And furthermore, humans must soon discontinue the idea of serving ANYTHING, since you are in the process of becoming Masters yourselves.   

We have said it before, and we will say it again:  "You walk a fine line between God as Healer and God as Slayer."  In truth, you are walking a fine line between EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING ELSE.  You are Bridge People, are you not?  Your task is to place one foot on this side of the Veil, and the one foot on the other side, so that a balance may be struck.  If one cannot (or will not) strike this balance, he could be considered spiritually sterile---or, on the other hand, an agent for some extreme faction that has somehow become present within a Oneness Resonance, yet refuses to join with it.       

If a bridge is to serve its proper purpose, it must be firmly anchored on BOTH SIDES, so as to present a stable means of crossing for those who venture out upon it.  This means that you must have access to tools and resources, so as to adequately operate in the World of Form, and you must also be able to traverse easily through the highways and byways of the Multiverse, so you have something new to offer the transforming people of Earth.   

Money is a symbol of one's connection within a world system--and its usage is a contract one makes to honor that system, so long as it also honors him. Remember, you were born to be a Sovereign. So was your neighbor, whether he realizes it or not.  Give honor only to that which honors you.  To the rest, simply grant an allowance of being, and place an internal inquiry concerning what Shadow Lessons their reflections bring.  End of story.  Use what you can, and let the rest pass.      

One could say the same thing of money that we might say about breath (oxygen).  When you breathe in and breathe out, you are making a contract with Earth's systems--freely receiving a measure of support, to sustain life, while giving back a measure of support in return.

If the giving and receiving of love constitutes the interface of Spirituality and Sex, then the giving and receiving of physical substance and support constitutes the divine interface between Spirituality and Bucks.  Do you see?   


Many who slip into "financial bondage," during these times of high transition, do so in order to attain a particular viewpoint.  What is it like to be a free man, living in a prison cell?  In a sense, you are JOURNALISTS for All That Is........working on "location," so to speak. You are sentient beings, living in close quarters with those whose sensibilities have all but gone.

There are no accidents. And there are no tragedies that are not ultimately reclaimed--no dark nights of the soul that will not be coated with your own special silver lining.  Just STAY PRESENT, and realize there is always a greater purpose that is being served.  There are those among you who are Kings and Queens who, for some reason.......find yourself being stripped of fine a moment of time........shivering in the cold, while cruel centurions cast lots to see who gets to take home what is left of your dignity. 

We speak now about actualities and trans-actualities (acts and transacts).  The former term refers to the fundamental state of things. We are ONE. All is ONE. The latter term represents the appearance of things, a state of focus that is attained when one wishes to view something up close and in detail.

Things are not always what they appear.  They are at least that, but they frequently can be so much more. The determination of what is "real"--in any universe--is a matter of perception, not existence.  Everything exists, but people only tend to see what they wish to see.  And that, too, is perfect. The 3D Universes are "made-to-order" training modules---efficiently and easily guiding you into an ever-expanding, specified knowledge of the vastness of who you are.

Your usage of credit is one way of "faking it till you make it," by riding on the coat tails of "someone else," who seems to possess a certain business acumen--which is also yours, though you have placed it somewhat at a distance.  You pay that person "interest," so that you can perpetuate the illusion of separation just a little while longer.  Or, perhaps, it is a way for a free man to experience the loss of freedom, if only for a time. 


The issue of money and wealth is one of the greatest deflectors of power and attention in all of recorded time.  So much power has been attributed to little pieces of paper or bags of coin!  And why would this be so?  Is it not because each of you is desperately concerned.......totally enraptured.....with issues concerning the timing of your personal re-awakening to power?

You come to this dimension from a place where you can literally do or have ANYTHING........just by thinking it.  Because of this, your earnest desire is for the creation of a time and space to GET AWAY from all that power, and get completely ENGAGED with certain aspects of life--placing yourself in the midst of a whole host of chaotic themes, needs, conflicts, and conundrums.  Though you fret, fume, wail, and wonder---your life of limitations is truly giving you the RIDE OF YOUR LIVES!   Though the Veil of Forgetfulness quite effectively hides this wry motivation from your conscious mind, you are really a bunch of Cosmic Houdinis.......secretly delighting in the amount of handicaps you can overcome!  

Like children, playing at Disneyland.........riding the rides, and dancing with your suddenly hear your Mother's voice:  "Kids.......come on, it's time to go home!"  And there, on the boardwalk, you cry out, almost as ONE: 

"Awww cummon, Mom, just five minutes more!  Please???????"

These realms of ownership.......of gain and loss, of usury and also forgiveness of debt.....provide a continued means for personal alienation and hardship.  Some of you get to "have," and you become proud of your positions.  Others of you get to "have not," and you stand ashamed in the presence of your peers.  Either position affords its own set of Separation Delicacy!   

And they come.  Problems with money, health, love and romance.  Each conundrum gets you that "five minutes more" that the child part of yourself tends to crave.  The deeper you go into debt, the more life force gets anchored HERE, in this World of Form.  Anchors Aweigh, my friends!  Your five minutes are up.  Get your hat, coat, and let's go! 


The best and most effective way of extricating oneself from this tightly bound "rosebud" of a world, with all its thorns, is to realize that everything you see unfolding around you has already been completed. Shall we say that again?  Everything you see happening around you has already been completed. 

You are not here to make decisions and solve problems.  Those issues were settled a long time ago (speaking in a linear sense).  What brings you here, at this time and to this place, is your earnest desire to understand (at a deep level) WHY IT IS that you made the choices you made.  You wish to WALK THROUGH THEM AGAIN, as it were.......and FEEL INTO your process, so you can study your thought patterns, and sensitize your consciousness about the environments and circumstance at the time of their creation.   

When you find yourself feeling trapped......and up to your neck in not panic, and do not lose heart!  Simply say, under your breath:  "I'm watching myself go through this."  That one statement may not mean much to a Limitation Mind, but it is priceless to a Citizen of the Multiverse!  It signals the installation and initiation of your Watcher, Knower Self.  It is a statement to your world and to your conscious mind that YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE.......a message we have been giving to you since the beginning. 

Another key element is your realization that there is no such thing as an "ideal" way to live in 3D.  One man's success is another man's failure.  It's all a matter of perspective.  And even though the world around you seems fully convinced that there is, indeed, a "way things should go".......don't even waste your time getting tied into it.  Those "standards and practices" simply serve as "seat belts," anchoring new arrivals into the Game, so they can fully enjoy the ride.

Your universe is no longer about the business of giving people what it is that they need. That time (that paradigm) is now over.  Rather, your vibratory patterns of creation and manifestation are focusing directly upon what it is that you WANT, and they are bringing that forth to greet you. 

Do you remember the prophecy, once stated of old:  "That which is spoken in secret shall someday be shouted from the rooftops?"   My Friends, this is the time when that realization plays out.  It's no longer "What you see is what you get."  Instead, it is "What you get is what you wanted all along." 

Hard to believe?  Oh yes.......we surely comprehend this.  All your life, you have been taught to see the world, and your relationship to it, in accepted and normal ways.  Those times are over as well.  Comes now a NEW DAY, and a new way of perceiving.       

No matter how cunning you are, in framing your question.........or how glib you are in stating your "reasons" or plan of attack--the universe of your perception (according to your very own command) is sweeping right past your words and your manipulations, and bringing forth the exact object of your desire. 

What will you say, then, when the object of your desire stands knocking upon your door?  Will you deny it?  Will you cry to the wind:  "It isn't true!  It could not be??!!!"  If so, then it is incumbent on you to FEEL INTO your denial, and be clearly with that.  Do not run, do not not pray for mountains to fall on you.

There is nowhere to go but here.  The is nothing to do but FEEL.  And there is no one to blame but I AM, in all the manifold ways that you have come to believe in that term.  I AM, We Are, YOU's all the same.  To this end, we have jotted down 10 rules for dealing with life that we have nicknamed "How to Figure Stuff Out."  It begins with perfection.....right here and now, and it reasons backwards from there. Those of you who have been trained for belief in Original Sin just may want to rethink your basic premise and start over.  That particular web of captivity is gone as well---having been laid to rest by the very ONE who spun it in the first place. 

The Economics of Oneness is solidly built upon one precious commodity:


We have alluded to this before, but we sensed that you have never really heard we'll come at you with it again.  Your focus of attention is the most valuable investment you can ever pay to someone or something.  It is the greatest gift you can give.  And it yields the greatest INTEREST than any money market account could hope to provide! This is so, whether the object in focus is a member of royalty, a baby in a carriage, or a bum on the street.

Those who truly learn how to pay proper attention will eventually be required to pay little else.  

The ability to truly listen.......and to in such rare commodity these days that people will fork over almost anything to someone who does it right---someone who carries no other agenda than to be, and quietly let the world play itself out.......just as it is.  To be attentive, and eager to see things as they are....adding or subtracting nothing.......tasting clearly the natural flavor of life, rather than some sickly sweetened substitute.....that is the pinnacle.  That is the top!

If you are ALL OF IT, then there is nothing that can harm you. If you are determined to be merely SOME OF IT, then the REST OF IT will come and give you a whack, so as to remind you about what you have forgotten.  It's all just a play, acted out by players.  And, though you are part of the cast, you are really meant to be the audience as well.

The true definition of Prosperity does not begin with how much a person has.  Rather, it rests almost entirely upon how little he or she needs to be truly happy. 

A life of FOCUSED ATTENTION is a treasure trove unto itself.  It costs very little, yet it pays tremendous much!  Nowadays, it is DISTRACTIONS that eat up all your time and funds: drugs to medicate you, foods to sedate you, possessions to comfort you, and friends to convince you that you're not alone.  He or she who heeds these words, and puts them into practice, now moves from darkness into light.........from bondage into freedom.........IMMEDIATELY, and with great joy!    

For those of you who require reasons and explanations, the "Figuring Stuff Out" process should give you all the explanations you need.  You'll only be "figuring" for a short time.  After that, your reasoning mind will simply GIVE UP, and join the party. 

For those who require action steps, we will now call your attention to THREE COMMITMENTS, designed to help a transforming being effectively live out his or her process in 3D human form.  Read them, follow them, USE THEM.........and you really cannot fail.  Of course, even if you don't read still cannot fail.  However, you won't know that, so you'll probably suffer more!  Aha!  And HOW we love that suffering, do we not?  Haha!!!  "Oops!!!"


Eating Crow?  No!!  Aaaaaaaa!!!!

My Friends.......We are here.  We will ALWAYS be here (despite evidence to the contrary!)  And so will you be.  Kudos to you for hanging on this far.  A couple of times, there, we thought we just might lose you!  Aho! 

Yet a little while longer and this road will come to its end, revealing yet a higher road that will take you on to victory.  When you reach it, you will know.  Until then, enjoy the lack of knowing.  You have fought long and hard to obtain it, and forgetfulness is so fragile at this high elevation.      

Chehala Selah.  Michela Selah.  Avalona Selah.  City of Dreams, Bosom of Love and Hope.  LAND of the Imagine Nation. 

Come, My Friends.........Come to the Mountain.  Come home with us now, and be Free!

<end transmission>

Genesis 1:26. 

Originally spoken to me by local Washington Channel, Buffy Black.  Called forth by the Recons, at several junctures, to illustrate the BRIDGE POSITION which humanity holds during this transformative process. 

I Timothy 6:10.

 Matthew 24:34-40.

 William Butler Yeats, from the poem All Soul's Night. 

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Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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