By Daniel Jacob

November, 2004

Hello Friends,

This last weekend, I was tantalized by, and actually visited a universe where things radically shifted in America......through a Kerry/Edwards Victory.  It was delicious!  I could see it, feel it, taste it.....and was sure enough about its reality that I shared my vision of it with all of you.  Then, my Multidimensional Ship took a hard RIGHT.......<s>.......and I found us poised to build a 4 year focus of studying and embracing our National Shadow, rather than "dissing" and discarding it, as I deeply felt I wanted to do.

Some of you wrote and said:  "What happened, Daniel?  Don't The Reconnections have an accurate view of the future?"  To that question I had to say:  "Well....I didn't say my vision was from The Reconnections."  But that would just be a copout. 

The phrase "an accurate view of the future" is kind of Old Paradigm Thinking, isn't it?   We live in a Multiverse. The future contains a huge array of possible/probable universes....every "version" of manifest reality that is, was, or could ever be.  When we have visions about the "future," we must realize that we always install our futures and our pasts from the Now Moment.  It's all happening now, even though the focus tool of time makes things appear sequentially.  When a person gives a reading or a prediction of what will happen in the future, it's not a matter about being right or wrong.  It's more about discerning the general direction things are inclining, at the moment the reading is given. 

I know that I was there, in that Kerry Victory Circle.  In fact, many of us were there.  And, although Bush and his Staff would never admit it now, a good deal of them were there, too.  Newscasters mentioned some tense moments at the Bush Camp, early in the day, when things didn't appear to be going so good.........and their brief conversations were accompanied by wiping away more than a few tears. People in the "normal world" would say:  "Oh!  I they must have been mistaken!"  But NO.......not so!  There are parallel universes going forward, even as we speak.  The "fate" of America, and the World, is going forward right on schedule, and it is being captured and photographed in every way imaginable.  We are simply focusing here now, because this scenario is what is needed to complete this aspect of our 3D Agenda.  The other universes are also there, and America goes forward, without hesitation, in our Multidimensional Glory.  (Yes, there's even a universe that explores what would happen if Nader won.  Go figure!)      

As Recon Belteshazzar puts it: 

"Do you know what you did yesterday?   Everything.

Do you know what you'll do tomorrow?   Everything.  

It's only now that you can do something.  That is because each "something" is simply a fragment of the "everything" that is going on all around you."

As I examine the this whole situation........before and after the Election Returns came in........I realize that I was given that preview of a Kerry Victory in order to deepen and accentuate my compassion for what is going on in the minds and hearts of many, many people in this country.  And I was doing it within myself, not as a channel for The Guides.  Indeed, sharing my own emotional ups and downs with The Reconnections is my part of the bargain.  It becomes a part of their portal into 3D at this time. 

I am sending this article now, rather than a new transmission, because there are many forces in play that have already been covered in recent transmissions.  Once we highlight and reconsider those themes, and center ourselves after our recent shock, we can entertain the next levels of revelation that The Guides wish to give us.       


It absolutely floored me that the pivotal issue of these campaigns turned out to be MORAL VALUES in this country. After all this talk about The War in Iraq, Jobs, the Economy, and Multiple Terrorist Threats, I was flabbergasted that we would narrow our attention, at this time, to judging and dictating how our neighbor practices sexuality, makes declarations of love to the world, and formulates decisions about what to do with his or her own body.    

And then, the Recons pointed out to me that MORAL VALUES, in the minds of many.........is synonymous with FAMILY VALUES. And any shifts in traditionally accepted morals, in this country, is seen as being demeaning or degrading to the family.

Remember what the "Families of the Heart" Transmission said, in August of last year:

"The year 2004 begins a four-year cycle of unraveling three very "stuck" areas of human organization and experience. This year addresses outmoded concepts relating to the human family. The year 2005 will go after quagmires in the area of Scientific Research and Mass Education. The year 2006 will bring a completion to the shifts and changes in the realm of World Government. And 2007 will be your year of integration for all that has just happened with you"

We want.......O, so much.....to hang on to what feels familiar.  (Notice that the word "family" is imbedded right in the middle of "familiar")  We might say that traditional, nuclear families play the part of "marker buoys," reminding us who and what we are.  Living in families (as we have come to understand them) has been our grounding force. To see them unraveling, right before our eyes, was apparently enough to cause a huge number of voters to look right past a whole host of impending calamities and zero in on what matters most.

A good friend on our Recon Discussion List was speaking with me last night about the election results.  He lives in Florida, and he has spent a great many years examining the mental framework that prevails within those "red" states on the U.S. map.  Although he is quite progressive in his thinking, he was quite pointed in his communication --especially when we talked about this issue of "moral values." 

As we spoke, he had a bit of a lump in his throat, even though he was crystal-clear in his logic.  "All these ultra liberals (and he sensed that I am one) are dead set on opening up the doorways of peoples' minds and hearts, and encouraging them to embrace all types of lifestyles with compassion and acceptance.  They would allow gays to (legally) marry, they would allow abortion on demand, and accept open relationships as normal.  It sounds good, but it's not going to work just yet.  We're trying to let the genie out of the bottle too fast.  People in this society need more time to adapt.  We will absolutely FRY if we allow ourselves to move this quickly into a society that operates with no brakes or hesitancies.  It seems that, to be effective, a birth process has to involve both expansion and contraction. 

I certainly couldn't deny the truth of his assertion.  Not only have I seen Star Kids fry and die--but I am in also in touch with some who are living, wracked by pain and confusion, because they stripped off too much of their Veils of Forgetfulness too soon.  Before his untimely death, one such young man spoke about his depression and drug addiction to an anxious Dad:  "It came upon me before I knew what hit me.  And now it's hard to remember who I am."  Talk about heartbreak!  And folks.....it's going on all around us. 

Kids are all different.  They each have their path.  It is very possible that societal morality has little to do with these deaths.  But a good many people believe that it does, and the Guardian Spirit of Oneness has allowed them the benefit of their doubts.   

My friend Nina was laughing one day about the moral center of many of these New Kids.   She has two daughters in college, and her involvement in the Charter School Movement put her in touch with many young people in their late teens or early twenties.  She said:  "These kids are not homosexual, and they're not heterosexual.  Really, they're TRI-SEXUAL.  If it's sexual, they're gonna TRY IT, at least once."

We must remember.......Star Kids have been constructed according to an entirely different design than their parents or grandparents. A good deal of them are Meta-Human.  This means that they have one foot in 3D, and the other foot bordering on infinity.  They don't just think about experiences.  They go out and have them!  And some, alas, end up paying a heavy price.  Because they find no resonance and support with our present model of society, many of them spin off into universes of their own making.  Some of those universes are wondrous and rich, and some end up in flames.   

My Intro article on The Star Children was published in a recent issue of Children of the New Earth Magazine.  It speaks a great deal about their expanded abilities and characteristics.  Also, my series called "The Imagine Nation" can be interesting, if you want to get an idea of the type of society our young people might create, if we stepped back and gave them leave to do it.  

My friend continued his discourse last night:  "The drugs these kids are taking---most of them are DOWNERS.  They say that they're trying to get "high," but truthfully.........I believe they're trying to use drugs to find a way to stay here, just a little while longer."   As he spoke, I remembered a reading I had given to a man who was a marijuana smoker, back in 1992.  He was worried about his current level of usage, wondering whether he was going to accelerate too quickly, and burn himself out."   As I looked into his energy field, I noticed that the drugs he took were grounding him more than revving him up. I responded:  "Your MIND is your accelerator.  You take this herb to slow yourself down."  He was quite surprised, and relieved.  After awhile, he decided to give up marijuana altogether. 

This re-establishment of focus on the Family............and our perceived need for stronger "Moral Values" in America, are "chicken grips" that humanity is using, as we all skid headlong towards 4D and beyond.  Some folks are able to handle the velocity fine.  But others are scared to death--and for good reason! 

The Republican-Religious-Conservative Right is being given this degree of power and this leeway because The Guardian Spirit of Oneness does not want us to burn ourselves up before we've had a chance to enjoy our brief sojourn in physical form.  Many of us are like moths, hovering in front of an "eternal flame."  For two cents and a dare, there are folks who would jump right into that flame, and not even give it a second thought.  Among those souls are young people, ages 17-35 years.


It was terribly counter-productive for John Kerry that the whole issue of Gay Rights came into the spotlight during this time.  It was also inevitable.  The Recons told us it would happen.  It was part of our process.  But really......from a political standpoint......if ever there could be a "wrong war, fought at the wrong time" it was this one.  There were eleven states that felt compelled to pass bans for same-sex marriages.  Every time the subject came up, Kerry's Camp would do what Democrats do:  be supportive and non-judgmental.  That made room for President Bush to wag a finger, and say:  "This just isn't right.  Marriages should be between a man and a woman, just as God intended for them to be."  The conservative crowds loved it.  Even some conservative democrats loved it. 

The gays' arguments were never heard--and this issue was apparently one of the pivot points of the entire Presidency. In essence, the Conservative "Seat Belts" of our society wanted their candidates to tell them:  "I will be a President that will endeavor to hold families together, in the ways we've always been used to seeing them."  Bush was compelled to promise to his people:  "Things will remain just as they have always been, when it comes to our families."  Will this be the case?  Absolutely not.  But it was his intention, and  widespread support of that position will slow down expansion to a velocity that will help certain folks accept what is happening to all of us.  

Two weeks before the election, while in meditation, I received a cognition that "Light Forces are trying to make a break for planetary expansion too soon.  They will have to slow down, or humanity will be in serious trouble."  When I speak of "Light Forces," I am referring to those energies or entities who would open our minds and hearts to allow the mixing and mingling of all energies, with no judgment or restraint."

Back in the 70s, I sat under some fine fundamentalist teaching, in a Baptist Church located in the heart of Southern California.  It was not the Deep South, by any means, but my home town was referred to as The Southland. 

One day, in the middle of a sermon, our pastor leaned over the pulpit and he said:  "The Bible teaches us that there is one condition in human society which, when it is accepted as "normal," will cause fire, brimstone, and punishment to rain down upon its citizens.  Do you know what that is?" 

We all leaned forward.  It was one of those E.F.Hutton moments, where everybody in the room turns, waiting for a hot tip from the mouth of the Almighty. 

The Pastor continued:  "A society gets "eliminated" when it accepts homosexuality as being "normal," and allows it to be expressed openly, and without reservation or shame."   He based his premise on a passage in the Old Testament, concerning the Destruction of the Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Indeed, we get our word "sodomy" from the widespread homosexuality that was practiced in those cities.

As I watched those returns come in on election night..........and I saw 11 states clearly ratify bans on same-sex marriages, I knew precisely what those Bible-Belt Voters were thinking.  "We're safe for a little while longer."  Safe from what?  Homosexuality?  Oh my goodness, no. They gay we will always have with us. The Bible-Belt folk would feel that we were safe from judgment that could come upon America if we officially condone, as a society, the "normalcy" of this lifestyle.

There will be a time to argue this cause.  This wasn't that time.  And many homosexuals, to their credit, declined to jump into the limelight with it.  Many others did speak up.  And John Kerry........to his detriment........ declined to use his "bully pulpit" on the campaign trail to distance us from the issue, while George Bush made it one of his signature themes.  And again, it's not about the "right" or "wrongness" accepting homosexuality in our midst. It's about the readiness of our populace to deal with it. 

I had to laugh at an e-mail that was sent to me, showing "new national boundaries" that have been established for America.  It's posted on the Life in the Danielverse sector.  The guy who sent it said:  "This would be funny if it wasn't so true!"  Go check it out, if you want a giggle.  It's in the middle of the page.      


In regards to the issue of homosexuality, Sodom and Gomorrah, and our Futureself.......I find it particularly significant.......that many pastors teach that heaven will rain "fire" down upon the heads of those who allow "such deeds" into the mainstream.  Isn't that what's happening to the Earth everyday, as we are continuously being pelted by Solar Flares?  The Sun symbolizes the MIND, the Moon is our Emotions.  The "raining down" of Solar Activations can only come when our Planetary Kundalini rises to a place where we send out a signal (a "handshake tone") to Father Sky, declaring that a state of "zero point" had been reached.  Part of that "zero-point state" is Androgyny.  And such is required, if a human is going to come face-to-faith with God/Goddess/All That Is.  Though Androgyny does not have to be synonymous with homosexuality, it frequently is. 

What the Right-Wingers among us are doing........is putting a bit of a damper on our collective "handshake tone," and the invocation of Shamanic Oneself Energy--until they are prepared to come online with it.  By so doing, they will immediately send the whole business underground--which will accelerate its proliferation in the Mass Consciousness.  They're outwardly condemning it, so that they can keep us from burning up too soon.  And this will facilitate the formation of a rich and tumultuous sexual shadow for society.  They put snow on the roof to cool things down, and immediately....... fire comes into the furnace. 

In the "Families" transmission, mentioned above, the Guides also said:

"By Summer, 2004--a mandate shall arise to officially accept same-sex marriages throughout the U.S., and in many key areas of the world.  It will measure prominently in the Presidential Race of 2004, and will eventually define life in many parts of the globe.  Those who accept these unions will flourish and begin to breathe again.  Those who do not will continue to wither and die." 

The judgment that was rained down on Sodom and Gomorrah could be evaluated in many ways.  Indeed, there was rampant homosexuality being practiced at the time, thereby signaling a strong possibility that some aspects of "zero point" had been reached there.  But really, homosexuality has always flourished, even in societies where the penalty for its practice was imprisonment or death.  Though it could be easy for narrow-minded scholars to attribute God's intervention in those cities with having too many  "queers" in town--it seems to me that it is a more likely reason for His action can be found, buried deep in the context of the story. 

In Genesis 19, the Bible tells us that the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed.  It also says that certain men of the city tried to storm the house of a man named "Lot," who was considered a friend of God.  They tried to storm Lot's house because two Angels of God had entered their city, to dwell among the people and see the nature of humankind.  To be hospitable, Lot invited the Angels to stay at his house.  Apparently, the Angels were a grand object of desire for the men of that city.  In fact, the men wanted them (sexually) even more than Lot's two virgin daughters--who were offered to them, as a sacrifice, if they would leave the Angels alone. A nasty conflict ensued, and the city was later destroyed.

Our Conservative Brethren would have us believe that the primary reason God was dismayed was the fact that it just isn't natural for men to behave like that with other men.  And, on the surface, that would seem to make sense.  But how about this?  Those Sodomites had MANY opportunities to have sex with other men.  They probably did it everyday. Why would having sex with these particular men result in total destruction of those cities?   I'll tell you.  These "men" weren't men.  They were Angels.  In fact, they were Angels of God. 

I wondering whether the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was not so much about their homosexuality, as much as it was about people desiring to "go in" to mingle their seed with God, via His representatives.  Could it be possible that the root issue God had with those men was their desire to have sex WITH HIM?  After all, that is what Kundalini Fire is all about.  It's not always a physical act, but a good deal of the symbolism still applies.

You open yourself--from the root of the spine to the crown chakra--and Great Spirit comes into you (and impregnates you) with Cosmic Essence.  We even use "snakes" as a symbol for the energy contained therein.  How phallic do we have to get, before we grasp the analogies that are in play here?   Not all homosexuals are wanting to have sex with God.  Some of them are simply guys who like guys, or girls who like girls.  But an Androgyne is something different.  And you don't have to be homosexual to be one.  You simply have to be in the process of Merging with All That Is.

Is there a reference for God being angered when his representatives mix and mingle divinity with human genetics?  Oh my, yes. 

In Genesis 6, the Bible says: 

"And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. And the LORD said, My Spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty years. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them. But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD."  (end passage)

The "sin" of Sodom and Gomorrah is the same situation that is present in humankind today.  Only today.......we are living under a different dispensation.  We live now in an Age of Grace, and the Cosmic Christ is knocking on our collective door.  We earnestly long for a deep, energetic MERGE with God/Goddess/All That Is. And through that Christ Energy, we attain it.  We're ready for the "Big O" folks.  And this energy brings fire to our loins and passion to our hearts.  And yes......it is melting the polar ice caps, and baking the Earth's crust with its power. For Sodom and Gomorrah, the urge to merge brought destruction.  The same was true in Atlantis, Mu, and many other societies as well.   

In Noah's Day, it was not yet time.  Humans and Gods having sex was verboten.  Neither was it allowed for unified humanity to build a tower unto the heavens (which was called "Babel").  God put the kabosh on that, too. Talk about a phallic symbol, huh?  Humanity showing its magnificent erection to Heaven!     

As you can see, the wrath of God was not kindled in this above situation just because men were having sex with men.  There were women coupling with Sons of God as well.  And what was the result?  Physical Deformity and Weird Genetics.  It was not yet time.  And that, by the way, was another point of appeal for Bush's campaign.  "Don't mess with those weird genetics yet."  Stem-Cell Research.  Once again, the people loved it.  But really, the whole business will simply go underground now.    

People WILL have sex with people.  Some of them will even have sex with small animals and household appliances!  The beat goes on and on and on.  But when The Bride of Christ (Reconnected Humanity) begins to consummate our marriage with The Bridegroom (The Expanded Self)..........we'd better be prepared for our marriage bed to get REALLY HOT.   It's going to happen, my friends.  The primary issue at stake now is: WHEN?  


I was warmed (and saddened) when I got an e-mail today that was sent out by Film-Maker Michael Moore, after the election.  It was simple, and to the point.  To review its contents, click HERE.  

Truthfully, the deaths and transitions that are taking place, and will be taking place over the next 8 years are kindling for that Kundalini Fire, of which I speak.  Remember, there are no victims, even though there appears to be.  Each soul is sovereign, and each soul goes out the way it is contracted to go.  Knowing that doesn't take the pain away, one iota.  And no one knows the pain of that loss until it comes and claims someone close to him.   

There is no doubt that things on the battlefield, and in the war rooms of this world, would go much softer and gentler if the sons and daughters of our chiefs and generals were out there fighting on those battlefields.  But that is just not the way it goes anymore.  Poor children of America are sent to fight poor children of some other land.  The well-born and powerful lightly ponder the casualties, and the Dogs of War continue their prowl.  

Just before the Iraqi War, I wrote a short letter to political dissidents, which was meant to address the outrage we all feel, as humanity marches off to yet another Viet Nam Experience.  If some of you are hurting, you may want to review it.  Click HERE.    

The GREAT DIVIDE in AMERICA...........is, at the very heart, a FAMILY ISSUE. The standoff of Red against Blue in this country is NOT the result of a Bush failure to unite us. Neither is it a result of weak Democrats, who failed to ask enough questions before we went to war in Iraq, or who failed to present an adequate challenge to a runaway Republican Agenda. Really, it is a mirror for how many FAMILY VALUES our nation actually has.

THE AMERICAN FAMILY IS NOT JUST A REFLECTION OF THE NATION. THE NATION IS ALSO A REFLECTION OF THE AMERICAN FAMILY.  "As above, so below."   We are (all) deeply divided, and we are in high transition!

The social structures that have served us to this time are in the process of crumbling.  We are blowing up the nuclear family and expanding ourselves to "Families of the Heart."  A single relationship and a small clan is just not strong enough to nurture and contain the power that is coming through us now.  That doesn't mean we can't love our families.  Of course, we can.  It simply means that "it takes a village." 

Thanks to our Conservative Aspects of the Oneself, this nation will be taking our sweet time to chew over the issue.  We will do it together, not swallowing our supper whole, and gulping it down in ways that transform us too quickly. 

We are hurting........because the voice of our "school master" seems harsh and abrasive.  Many of us have stopped watching the news, and listening to Presidential Speeches, because we just cannot abide to listen to that guy any longer.  We are suffering from Post-Partisan Depression!  Read about it HERE, and weep!   We'll all cry together, we'll release our fear, and then we'll get on with the work.      


There will always be "sides" and struggles.  It is the nature of things.  The Montagues have been warring with the Capulets all across time. Different names, different faces........the same numbed-out hearts.  Now is Mercutio slain..  Tomorrow the sword will be chasing Tybalt.   And all have become "fortune's fool."  
This process is but a dream, and you are the Dreamer.  Go inside.  0wn it, be with it, feel it.  The soldiers on the front line will do their work.  Be sure that you do yours.  Awareness is the only healing that is necessary.  It's always been with you, you just have to reach out and claim it.  When you own the rage, the hunger, the madness as self........the children will begin to be fed and loved again.  
Can you see?  It is ALL but a reflection in the stream of your consciousness.  Go.  Look.  Recognize your face and take what you see into the center of your being.  We are speaking about Open-Heart Mergery, My Friends.  Healing on a Global Scale.  But, before that comes to pass, it must all be about just you.   You must make it personal.   
Now go.  Be with what we have shared.  The "marching orders" will be issued when you are upon the road.   Be done with this Terrorism.  Be done with numbness and repose.  Let the Captains of the World rattle their sabres, even as your inner work shakes them right down to their core. 
Armaggedon is, indeed, being fought............ not with swords, or on ANY one nation's soil.........but in the fields of the human heart.  They can either be "killing fields"........or they can bring forth a bounty of love and splendour.  The choice is yours.  The time for decision is now.  
We love you all.
<end transmission>  


Copyright, 2004, by Daniel Jacob.  All rights reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research, so long as the above address and this copyright are included in their entirety.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.