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My Dear Friends:

With the full and perfect arrival, within your perceptual universe, of that energy known as The Divine Feminine---we are now ready to conceptualize for you a whole new vision of what has been previously classified as "emotion."

We are The Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human.  We have never been very far from you, just far enough.  In some universes, we are that empty space which surrounds every object.  In others, we are the silence that hears and appreciates each and every song.  And we are here for you now, to receive you back into the Oneness of All That Is.  We carry with us your cap and your gown---symbols of the impending completion of your journey here in this current paradigm of Physical Limitation.          

Until now, being forced to function within a hyper-masculine paradigm, the emotions of an average person have deteriorated considerably in their quality and stature.  Instead of offering innovative and vital insight into the human soul, your emotions have been reduced merely to PROGRAMMED REACTIONS to human circumstance.  If things do not go your way, you get angry.  Your body energy swells and peaks.  If you experience loss, you become sad.  If your body chemistry gets jumbled, or if you have fear about the outcome of some situation, you became anxious---and so on and so forth.  

It seems that the de-sensitization that characterizes a predominantly male orientation to living naturally produces a reactive element to mirror back to itself what is missing from the equation.  God created a world to mirror back qualities within Himself that were previously hidden from His view.  He begins by creating a man, who declares that "something is missing" in his life.  He is lonely. This revealed something about man, but it also applied to God.  Do you get what we are saying?     

Prior to this era, the Great Goddess held sway over the minds and hearts of humanity.  Indeed, it was Her temples that the Masculine God destroyed when He settled His people in the "Promised Land."  Magic was eclipsed by Logic, even though the whole struggle between the two continues to play itself out, in miniaturized form, within every household in the land.  Husbands struggle with wives, wives struggle with children, and "control" is still the premium commodity of the day.  

Most societal systems are facades that have been set up to perpetuate the need for control, the lust for power.  The more energy humans pour into perfecting society, the less they will spend on examining their own hearts for signs of imbalance and deep inner need.  Families are not a reflection of the society in which they exist.  It is the other way around.  And individuals are not formed by their families, either.  The larger body exists to be a mirror for the smaller---even as the smaller is meant to be a mirror for the one.  To seek to control and regulate your reflection in the great mirror is to miss the point of it all.  One cannot improve his experience of the INSIDE merely by focusing his efforts upon controlling the OUTSIDE.   

Female control is not superior to Male control.  It's just different, that's all.  It moves through the body in unique neural pathways.  Because mere "reactivity" to circumstances became tedious and futile, the female element (in many places on your planet still subjugated to the male) began to eat from a tree that contained "secret knowledge."  Feelings became a deeper way of knowing, as women learned (probably from their children) to pay attention to signs and signals in people that logic tended to overlook.  

To love something or someone in the same way you love yourself is to crack open a vault filled with personal power that cannot be measured or contained.  Developing this quality comes easier to mothers, who spent a good deal of their time caring for and nurturing little beings who were once part of themselves.  Thus, the "maternal instinct" became a seed that germinated into full-blown INTUITION.  

Once women began to realize the potential of "female intuition," coupled with the power of their sexuality (which, in the Realm of the Goddess is considered a form of worship), they began using these elements to their advantage.  Throw into the mix their obvious influence upon the hearts of children, and it's not hard to understand why "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world."   

Interestingly enough, more and more men today are becoming inclined to rock that cradle.  They are also spending more time listening to and observing women.  As they relax their need to be admired, and to deny their own inner feminine, they are beginning to learn some deep lessons. This transformation in the male icon is your sign that Global Transmutation is upon you.  Women striving to gain control (in society) is simply another reaction to outward circumstance.  Though it has some temporary cathartic value for them, it is really the softening of male pride and aggression that will finally turn the tide of your planetary energy.       


The drawback of control, whether it is masculine (overt) or feminine (covert) is the fact that it requires the controller to be deliberate in his or her methods.  After all, if YOU are the one at the wheel of the car, then it is YOU who must decide.  And, to become deliberate is to de-liberate yourself from the joy of being a child, of being free, of being receptive rather than the Initiator all the time.   

Have you ever wondered if God gets tired of  being in charge all the time?  Is He ever weary of listening to your prayers, and carrying out all of the necessary operations to keep the world running?  Probably not, since many of you have become accustomed to separating yourselves from Him, and bestowing upon Him all those powers and attributes which are afraid to possess.  

Is it possible that the Creator, about Whose characteristics you have always attached the prefix "omni," might Himself enjoy the prospect of being created---by a Force that is expansive enough to enfold and encompass Him?  Might He long to be initiated upon by a Higher Power so that He, too, can rest from deliberation and simply drift like a feather in the wind?    

And who it is that gives birth to the Divine Mother?  At whose breast does She suckle?  Must the Source of all people and things forego the pleasure of being Sourced by something even larger than She?              


With the voicing of these primal inquiries, we turn now to the RECONNECTION OF ALL THAT IS.  This is the merge point for God and Goddess, for male and female, and for all other polarizations that flowed from that original split and fragmentation of the Oneself.  With the ongoing integration of masculine and feminine energy within the soul of every person, you are now becoming ready to lay aside your control issues and take to the skies.    

That which you have popularly defined and focused upon as "emotions" are often mere simulations of emotion.  True, you are feeling something, but what?  Sadness?  Happiness? Anxiety?  Confidence?  Pity?  And, when you feel it, isn't it normally attached to something happening (or not happening) in the outer world?  Isn't it usually an effect rather than a cause?      

Let us suggest to you a new definition for emotion.  Stated simply, e-motion is ENERGY IN MOTION.        

One of the usual results of old paradigm emotionality is an intensive focus upon a physical circumstance and one's bodily reactions to it.  Intensive focus tends to SLOW DOWN your flow of energy so that what is happening can be examined (and fixed, if need be).  Or, in the case of emotions denied, the intensity (or rather, the potensity) of the energy is flash frozen and tucked away in some dark closet, to be dealt with another day (if ever).  

This is NOT genuine emotion.  It is just more preoccupation with control that has leapt into the sensory realm.  You are sad, because something happened that you did not like.  You are happy, because something came to you that you wanted.  You are worried, because something might "get out of control," or you became angry, and it was you, yourself that got "out of control!"  

Genuine e-motion flows gently, freely--- unhindered by the need or the desire for control.  It simply is what it is.  It also allows others to be what they are.  Being unattached to outcomes, e-motion actually seems to move right through any obstacles, like a fog moving through a sleeping city.  

Each and everyone of you has thousands upon thousands of e-motions going on within you at any one moment.  However, most of you miss them because of the intensive body-based control issues that have been programmed into you.  Do you wish to unblock those daily stalemates that are playing themselves out in your bodies and minds?  All you have to do is shift your attention away from them for a moment and begin to focus upon the more subtle energies that have been flowing in and around you since the very beginning.   

One must learn to focus upon what is moving, not what is BLOCKED.  You must learn to read between the lines!  What you focus upon is what gets perpetuated and energized.  Blocked "feelings" were created to slow you down.  They are self-imposed tethers that have been installed to keep you from advancing in your consciousness too quickly.  You will never be able to solve them.  And seeking to understand them, beyond what we just told you, is even more of a waste of time.   

Whatever "understanding" you may require, concerning a genuine e-motion, will be given to you as you move along with it.  It is as though you are a swimmer, hanging onto the fin of a dolphin, being pulled along in its wake.  You feel what it feels, even as its thoughts become your thoughts.  The ride is over when you begin trying to control this creature---or, when the dolphin's agenda goes too far afield from your own core vibration.    

The closest thing to genuine e-motion that many of you have experienced, is found in your response to art.  Declaring that art is merely a "simulation of life," you create within yourself a place of clarity and softness that is highly responsive and wonderfully open to personal transformation.  After it, this is only art, isn't it?  What harm can it do to suspend your disbelief, and let it have its way with you?  

In this way, the "simulation" becomes the reality, even as what you call "reality" becomes more and more surreal.  Look at the "normal" level of your mass consciousness today.  Do you really believe that this is what you, as a soul, came here to do?    Dealing properly with e-motion becomes an art unto itself.  It begins with a decision to look away from what screams at you---from what demands that you react---opting instead to focus upon what sings to you and inspires you.  Then, once your energy has cleared itself and become calm, you can deal with your world with new eyes and an open heart.        


Everyone in your society is focused upon the business of feeling "good."   There are medications, meditations, workout protocols, and clubs.  There are books, seminars, tapes, religions, classes, and all manner of other tools to assist in achieving this one critical task.  You all want to feel "good."  But what does "good" feel like?  What are its inherent qualities?  

Although there may be variable answers to this question, depending upon who is being asked, it is fairly certain that included at the top of the list of its attributes is the requirement that "it doesn't hurt."    Yes, that is very important to you, indeed!  You do not wish to hurt!   

The root of pain, in all its forms, is RESISTANCE.  A woman is in labor, about to give birth.  As the baby pushes to get out, her womb contracts.  Push/pull, pull/push.  Her mind wants to hold that baby in her arms, but her body doesn't want to lose a part of itself into the world.  In later years, the mother will cry out in pain again---as her "baby" leaves home to become an adult. 

Resistance.  Pain.  It is a primal force that never seems to go away.     We are here to assist you in this quest for inner serenity and meaning in your life.  We want to help you feel better!  However, before that can be fully achieved, you must understand a foundational principle of E-motion:  LEARNING TO FEEL BETTER REQUIRES THAT YOU BECOME BETTER AT FEELING.    

GRIEF = Proof that you loved

In order to properly relate to the various "energies in motion" that are occurring in and around your physical body, you must be able to notice each of them and to distinguish them upon the palette of your senses.  The average soul is very dull in this regard.  In fact, having spent little or no time reflecting upon the matter, a "normal" person might move right past any other attributes for "feeling good," to focus simply upon remaining pain free.   

A masculine-dominant consciousness (one that majors in action and logic) does not want to be distracted by emotion---unless the emotions increase confidence, persistence, strength, or endurance.  The non-integrated inner "male" is a hunter and a gatherer.  He is all about achievement and action.  The last thing he wishes to do is bog himself down with what seems like the "heavy burden" of feelings and emotion. Therefore, his e-motional body could probably be best described by one short word:  NUMB.        


Among the primary symptoms of Global Transmutation that are being studied at this time are complaints dealing with energy surges in the body, tingling and numbness in the limbs and face, and neurological weakness and fatigue.  Depression is another major component that is drawing lots of interest.  After all, the emotional body has been repressed and anesthetized.  Doesn't it make sense that a large part of you would feel dead?   

What sensation does a person have when he is getting a tooth filled---when his mouth has been injected with Novocain?  And what does it feel like when the drug begins to wear off?  Are you following what we are saying here, My Friends?  You have been asleep---anesthetized.  Now your "drug" is wearing off.  The "empty palette" of your sensory discernment is coming alive, perhaps for the first time.  There are strange sensations and weird perceptions of movement.  Your energy is now in motion!    


To deal with this influx of awareness, you have been uniquely equipped with instincts and pre-dispositions that will automatically move you in the direction of your destiny.  Also, an infusion of mental and perceptual "software" has been downloaded into your consciousness from the ethers.  Once the correct emotional tones are running freely in your consciousness, they will activate the new software, and you will begin to transform quickly into the integrated consciousness that will guide you into the Fourth Dimension.  

If you do not allow yourself the freedom to feel, your consciousness cannot access the software.  It's a built in safeguard, to prevent the Oneself from activating anyone who is not integrated in his masculine and feminine energies.  Have you ever heard of spontaneous combustion?  Such is the fate of those who enter The Gate in a state of imbalance.    

Those among you who are masculine dominant must learn to feel.  Those among you who are feminine dominant must learn to think.  There are as many operations going on in that latter regard as we are describing here in supporting emotion.  The key is balance, and the time for balancing is now.     


If we have succeeded in establishing some curiosity in your mind, concerning this expanded view of emotion, then let us move forward to fill in the blanks.  As we said, e-motion is that which moves.  Your relationship to it is to watch it, learn from it, and---in many cases---to move with it.    

If a feeling doesn't move, or if it keeps you from moving---then it is a thought that has dressed itself in sensory qualities so that it can contain you.  It has dressed itself up like "Grandma," so that Red Riding Hood will bestow confidence upon it and allow it to absorb her attention.  Underneath that disguise there is a wicked intention.  That thought---that obsession, really---wants to eat you up.  And it will, too.......if you allow it to happen.    

Your living thoughts and e-motions are entities unto themselves.  Mostly, they are transient in nature.  They move through you, arriving from or going to other destinations.  They are as children at play.  They have no consuming interest in you.  In fact, they are nearly oblivious to the fact that you (as a separate entity) exist.  That's what makes them so dear.  They have their obvious agendas, and they are assuming responsibility for realizing those goals.  It is you who must become interested in them.  They are your teachers, your guides.    

Walk alongside them and ask them questions.  If you find yourself getting bogged down with any one of them, quickly move on.  Dealing with an e-motion is like playing catch with a hot potato.  You keep the thing in the air and you don't get burned.  If you catch it and hold onto it, you'll end up swallowing it---that is, if it doesn't swallow you, first!  Afterwards, you feel "heavy" and dull.   

During this process, try to avoid using the word "I" in conjunction with an e-motion.  Rather than saying "I feel" or "I am feeling," it is better to simply say "There is a feeling within me......." and then describe what the e-motion appears to be.  You must realize that there are many feelings within you.  And they are all centered in their goals and approaches to life.  They want what they want, and they are passing through you.  They are not who you are.

If an energy-in-motion seems to hang on and show interest in you, then it isn't an e-motion.  It's an idea that has hacked into your system and has begun to run your computer by remote.  At that point, you must log off and turn your focus elsewhere.  You may need to look back to where you might have gotten this idea, and block transmissions from that point until the air gets cleared.    

Watching your languaging around emotions can be a key element in discerning what is useful and what is not.  If you are using the term "I want," then you are genuinely in motion about that subject.  It has power and authority and a life of its own.  If you are using terms like "I'd like," or "I am attracted to......," then the signal is still viable, though it is quite a bit weaker.  The words "I have to" can go either way.  If they are natural by-products of "I want," then they may be useful as a means to an end.  If they are not, they could be dangerous---as they be indicative of a thought that has gained control of you, through guilt or fear, and installed a virus that will suck on your power supply.    

The phrase "I should" is lethal.  Whenever those words come out of your mouth, consider it to be an alarm bell that is telling you to stop, and re-evaluate your whole relationship with that person, place, or goal.  Your system has been hacked by an some Big Bad Wolf, and you are about to be served for lunch.    

There are many other tools that we will share, as time goes by, concerning the proper balance between mental activity and feelings.  It's all part of becoming fully conscious.  As you do this, we will also assist you in abbreviating, coding, and filing these perceptions in such a way that you will not be overwhelmed. 

However, in the meantime, go ahead----be overwhelmed.  Your capacity for feeling is far more vast than you have ever realized.  It may be uncomfortable at first, but only for awhile.  After that, it will become the JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME!  

Welcome.  Jump on in.  The water is fine!  And so will you be.   

(End Transmission)

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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