Assuming an attitude of unconditional acceptance, or neutrality becomes an AUTOMATIC ELEVATOR within the Multiverse, enabling any of you to move freely between the various realities that exist within All That Is.  To decrease vibration, it is necessary to form a judgment concerning the universe you are inhabiting.  The degree of deceleration is correspondent to the intensity and essential inflexibility in the attitude of the observer.  The more absolute the judgment, the heavier the reality becomes.   If a person believes that something is very, very bad he will live within a context of fear concerning its presence in his reality.  If he believes that something is very, very good---he will still live in fear, as he will dread losing it. 

Different Polarities---same vibration.  Neutrality is the doorway out of any universe.  When a person lets go of judgments (self and others), the elevator moves up.  When he takes new ones up again, the elevator goes down.  If he remains constant, he has the option of getting off and doing business at any "floor" that matches his energy.  These are the laws that govern movement within the Multiverse.  You have been using them skillfully and constantly from the beginning of your journey here.  However, now you have the option of using them consciously to intensify the power of your experience.     



If freedom within the Multiverse depends upon Neutrality, you may find it helpful to know some essential facts about how this crucial component is lost and how to find it again. 

Whether he realizes it or not, in order to attain and hold himself within an attitude of judgment, each traveler (or projector) carries within him a "scale of evaluation," somewhat like the one being held by the Archetype, Lady Justice.  One side of the scale is loaded down with what he believes to be "facts" about the universe in which he exists.  On the other scale, "evidence" is accrued to contradict the basic premises which he holds sacred.  This basic conflict produces a vibrational momentum which feeds the development of each particular universe.    

As the scales shift, the emotions in that universe will shift with them.  Drama, intrigue, and outright comedy will frequently be the result.  An attractive package to invite a person to stay there, wouldn't you say? 

We have emphasized, through our transmissions, that all truth is relative to the context within which it is viewed.  Since there are universes, within the Multiverse, that honor each and every belief---the issue of what is "true" or not is dependant entirely on where a person wishes to go, and what experiences he requires to complete his soul's evolution.  Therefore, to achieve a state of Neutrality--all a traveler must do is to return to his Scales of Evaluation and rearrange his "facts.

Each universe contains its own intrinsic "evidence" to support the basic premises around which it functions.  By introducing "new evidence" to old belief systems, the flow of emotion can turn, bringing the entire vibrational density back to "zero point."  Once the attachments are cleared, the traveler is freed to go anywhere (or anywhen) he desires to go.