Energy Activations

"Earth is a smooth pond which is imprinted by and reflects the web of planetary influences, as soft putty carries the imprint of a gently-pressed finger. We humans are as water spiders on the surface of the pond, weaving into physical form the web that we see and feel reflected from above. There are reflections also from the sand on the bottom of the pond which are felt and woven on the surface, and in this way the stars hear not only their own echo from earth, but the music of Gaia's own sphere intermingled with their sweet symphony. Incarnate humans thus can be the creators of a heavenly web on the spherical surface of the earth, attuned simultaneously to the above and below, swimming in the ecstacy of creation. "

                     ~Patrick MacManaway

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 If you have read the First Transmission from the Reconnections, you will note the correspondence between various "levels" of reality that are being altered at this time.  The Planetary Body is currently being bombarded by rays from the sun, as well as meteors, and other infusions of "cosmic" essence.  At the same time, heat that is coming in through holes in the ozone is melting the surface of the Earth's crust---thereby awakening, and bringing back to life various elements that were temporarily de-activated during previous ages on the planet. 

In 1987, we began this current cycle with the HARMONIC CONVERGENCE. As you may know, the basic energetic structure of our universe is built on polarities (he/she, up/down, positive/negative, and the like). All polarities are a dance in motion of the two primal polarities that have existed since the "beginning" as FORM and VOID.

Fragmented off from the GATHERING OF THE ONE, Our highest level of vibration, these two "chips off the old block" have been assigned the task of exploring every possible/probable manifestation of "somethingness" and "nothingness" which is, was, or ever could be.  Although their explorations are infinite, the Oneself has stipulated it (as in a court of law)......unto completion, and has initiated the Reconnection to Oneness on our planet.  

These two archetypal "Gods" (if you will) are programmed to stay separate, but intertwined from infinity past to infinity future.  But in 1987, the "brothers" (who we shall call "Theos and Chaos") entered into each others' Being for the first time since the start of The Grand Game.  They began to CONVERGE...each began infusing the other with all the power and wisdom they had gained in their explorations. 

This Convergence began a chain-reaction in the entire universal structure--initiating a collapse of the polarity format and the creation of an entirely New Paradigm for living.  Global Transmutation began, with all its shifts, changes, and inner challenges.  Though great change has already occurred as a result of this collapse, we not completely lose our involvement with polarity.  We are simply moving to a new and more exciting level of the Game! 


Another Transmission from The Reconnections

Planetary Clearing

"The Earth is currently moving through a general pattern of clearing Herself.  And most of you, as microcosmic "Earths," are clearing yourselves right along with Her.  When we use this expression "clearing," we are not referring to the elimination of certain energies, in preference over others.  Instead, we are speaking of the NEUTRALIZATION of all energies, to the degree that they touch or interface with each other.......creating a "buffer" zone of interact, which serves to lubricate and harmonize your process of being together, sharing, and moving together as One.  MORE

Preparation for Activation
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