Excerpt from Spirituality and Sex, Pt. 3



"The oft-heard admonition: "Act like an ADULT, will you?" is very telling.  And your endless expositions on and descriptions of healthy adult sex, couched in terms of "sexual performance" is also quite interesting, is it not?  Is all of it an ACT?  A Performance? 

A wise man once expressed:  "Always BE what you wish to seem."  These words were never truer in history than they are now, My Friends!  The vibratory pulse of your planet has reached such a pitch that your bodies and minds can scarcely withstand the weight of your incoming awareness, let alone the burden of carrying facades and picture postcards concerning who you would like people to think you are.  What was once seen as an ideal (be what you wish to seem) is rapidly becoming a crucial skill for maintaining mental and emotional survival.

One of the primary meanings for your word "adulterated" is:  "To make impure by adding extraneous, improper, or inferior ingredients."   And yet, your word "adult" is said to mean:  "To become mature. To grow up."  Even allowing for the fact that someone might be able to dive deep into ancient language derivatives to explain away the similarity of these two words, they seem to offer us all some powerful insights, do they not?

Up till now, there came a time in everyone's life when he was supposed to "put away childish things," stand up tall, and become something that he previously was not.  Authors and Song Writers have referred to this as "The End of Innocence."   It is a time when carefree turns into careful.  When dreams and fantasies become luxury, and taking care of others is considered more important than taking care of or pleasing yourself.

To be an adult, then, is to be partially "polluted by extraneous, improper, or inferior ingredients."  But how could this be?  Isn't it vital that everyone eventually learns how to become an adult?  Not really.  We have shared, in another transmission, the dangers of letting the dis-ease of POLITICS dominate a person's life.  If you have not read that transmission, please follow the link and do so before continuing.

To be "political" curbs a society's natural, authentic desires and actions so they easily mesh with those of its neighbors.  Being an "adult" takes this same dynamic and applies it to the individual.  Even though it sounds very efficient and orderly, it also nullifies the whole purpose of relationships.  If you are curbing and hiding your true feelings and inclinations from your neighbor, how can he get an honest and clear reflection from you about the hidden elements of his own?  How can he do his Shadow Work?

Is it any wonder that the word "politician" has, for many, become synonymous with the words "liar and thief?"  The practice of politics is all about LYING.  How could it produce any other results than deception and disappointment?   By saying this, we are not  suggesting that everyone in society should have permission to attack, steal from, or molest another person.  We are simply underscoring the primary need for those who exist in common space to honestly express what they are needing and feeling in the moment, doing so in a loving and sincere manner.

It is POLITICAL BODIES that give themselves permission to molest and to attack, and many of them even do so in the Name of the Lord.  In the smaller (political) context of the nuclear family--it is parents and teachers of children who do the molesting, controlling, and yes.......ATTACKING of those little ones who are under their command--especially the Magical Child who still lives at the center of their very own being.   

My Dear Friends, this has to stop!  You are finished with this portion of your Limitation Experience.  And we are here to share with you a NEW WAY to get what you want and need.  And that "new way" is deeply intertwined with these two energies we have been speaking about: Spirituality and Sex.   


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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