Excerpt from "The Extraterrestrial Factor, Pt. 1"

"All of it"


While I was away on a trip in 2003, one of the Guides said to me:   

"We have often said to you that you are ALL OF IT.  You are everything and everyone, all across time, everywhere (at once)!"  

Then, I could feel him turn to me (on the Inner Planes) and say:  "How does that strike you?"  

I was rather dumbfounded.   I said:  "It kind of bowls me over."   

I could feel him smile, and then he responded:  

"Of course it does.  In fact, it blows everyone to smithereens who comes in true contact with it, and then scatters them into little tiny pieces---millions, billions of them.  This is the cause of what you have termed "The Big Bang."  It it a clear, personalized interface with the very statement I just made to you.  And it has happened several times, throughout history, not just once.  It is a clear internal REALIZATION, which blows apart everything and everyone who truly understands it.  But then, once you are all blown apart, you earnestly desire to be back together again.  And so, the Game is afoot!"   I call that "The Big Boink."

The Recons go on to tell us that, after that first degree of internal "trauma," the universe provided a suitable recuperatory environment in which to gather up those pieces again.  It is called 3D.   In the Grand Game, the Reconnections describe a "Game of Fragmentation," as the One spreads Ourself out across the globe.   Indeed, we have become scattered across many globes!  Some of them we know, and some of them still feel very foreign to us."  


Article by Daniel Jacob


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