Excerpt from "Trans-Portals, Part Two"

"Computers and Human Consciousness"

 My Dear Friends,

Though many conceptual frameworks have been developed to examine and explain Energy Anatomy, we would like to encourage you to apply your working knowledge of the computer, especially your knowledge of online interactions, in order to visualize how human consciousness flows and functions.  You did not develop this cyber technology from nothing.  Actually, you remembered it by taking what you instinctively knew about your own inner processes and distilling them within certain machines---thereby separating your awesome creative power from yourselves, while still retaining access to it.

Your computer monitor can be seen as a microcosm for your entire scope of perceptual reality.  In fact, if you sit in front of it long enough, your brain actually begins to believe that you live within this box!  The cursor is correspondent to your focus of attention.  When you move your focus around any physical reality, it creates energetic links with what is seen there. You can right click or left click on what you see---thereby making instant decisions about whether you want to open to it, save it, or delete it from your awareness and your Now Moment Experience.

Translation of self, objects, and physical situations will one day be accomplished by highlighting, cutting, and pasting visible data that will lay itself out like so many pieces of Cosmic Clip Art.  Simple?  Yes, indeed.  Easy?  Not always.  There are viruses that can get into your programs and slow you down, or even cause your systems to crash.  For the most part, these consist of implanted doubts and hesitations about whether or not you *really are* what your Inner Guidance seems to be telling you is true.

Though dealing with these "implants" can be bothersome, you will not be ultimately defeated.  In fact, learning to navigate and filter those pesky "pop-up screens" and "error messages" increases your skill, and separates the "novices from the masters" in the world of Spirit Work.  Mostly, they simply exist to regulate the timing of your remembrance and personal unfoldment.

There is an aspect of each one of you who functions just outside of your perceptual "box," just as there is a person whose fingers now dance upon the keyboard of the computer which is in front of you now.  Both are fully YOU--- the physical "hardware," as well as the operator who is using it. They are just different levels of you.  Additional "software" is being added daily.  Some of it opens, and installs itself immediately.  Other programs are safety sealed, so that they cannot be accessed until your signature vibration reaches a particular "pitch" of vibration. 

The harmonization of the Sovereignty of God and the freewill of man is now found in Reconnection.  A glove cannot move without the hand which fills it. But you and that hand are one and the same.  Believe that, and many of your fears and hesitations will melt away.  Remember also that all time is NOW.  There is no such thing as pre-destination.  All creation, everywhere, takes place within the same NOW Moment.  Each level of the Oneself moves synchronous with all the others, even though it may be veiled and limited in awareness.

You do not encounter these "Bridge Concepts" until it is time for you to awaken.  The proof that you are ready to begin traversing the Portals consists entirely of the fact that you are here---that you have received these transmissions, and that you still have a desire to begin journeying.  You could not have found them if you were not ready.  However, you can easily forget this knowledge if that is what you wish.  Desire is the first, and most important activation key.  Close behind that is a willingness to be changed and expanded.    MORE

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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