Excerpt from Trans-Portals:  Energy Gates in Space and Time"

"Energy Gates/Trans-Portals"

"Those keynote events, which recently awakened your planet to faith and to action, have torn away the last veils of denial from the Collective Consciousness.  A stone has been thrown into the water, and ripples of pure energy now spread around the globe---ushering in what will eventually become known as The Age of Conscious Choice.  Doorways are opening, and magic is afoot!  And we are here to explain, in detail, how they work and what they mean.  This is no longer a game to be played by just the spiritual elite.  What was once a privilege of the chosen few now becomes the heritage of all. 

All around you, in every place, there exist Energy Gates---portals in time and space---through which a person can pass to new life and experiences.  Some are visible, and some are of the mind and heart.  All of them are real.   Some portals exist as specific places.  Simply to visit these locations is to be transformed.  Other portals require energetic "passwords" or "vibratory signatures" to activate them.  Still others---those connected to the highest levels of transformation ---require passwords, along with "sponsorship" by an Etheric Guide, so that the unconscious or unprepared can not enter them unaware.   

There are many kinds of Trans-Portals.  Most are opened through the verbalization of some goal or desire for personal development.  In such cases, the INTENT of the traveler becomes a blade that cuts an opening in the Veil which divides the universes.  Once a portal is opened, your journey begins.  A vortex draws the individual in, and certain "changes" are effected, so that transport to an adjacent universe can occur."


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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