The Nature of Genius

B Y  D A N I E L  J A C O B


"No one is more fascinating to watch, and therefore more influential, than a person who moves from a place of absolute focus. He has no thought about how he appears, and he is completely relaxed in the joy of his moment. For such a person, the rest of the world seems to go away, and all that exists for him is the task at hand.

Such purity of interest and awareness frames itself with a corona of honor and power, regardless of what is transpiring within it. It is just such moments that are a photographer's dream - expressions of natural genius, which set the painter's brush in motion and drive the poet's pen to the page.

Such pristine clarity goes on all around us everyday. As many hurry to complete their list of assigned goals and daily tasks, the world is unfolding with such wonder and majesty that many of us could barely contain ourselves if we actually noticed it. I would suggest to you that a primary essence of genius is found in oneís ability to notice what others tend to miss.

It often seems that the experience of such genius can often be a solitary one. Being the only one who notices can create quite an advantage. But it can also be a burden as well. Trying to share a vision with those who canít or wonít see it can be heartbreaking at times.  If and when one genius can make significant contact with another, the effect is magical beyond belief!

Many geniuses are not recognized until long after their death. Some go insane, while others simply remain in poverty and obscurity, until some historian finds their work and makes it known."

From:  "Meeting Your Inner Genius, Pt. 1"


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