Excerpt from "Aids and Planetary Healing"


"As we progress into this time period you call "The Transformation" or the "End Times," it seems very appropriate now for us to share with you a new level of seeing---a gradual realignment of viewpoint which will become a conduit from the focused, narrowly defined "Reality Box" you chose for yourselves when you entered the Earth Plane of existence.

In a very real way, the shift from what you call "Three Dimensional Thinking" to what is called "Multidimensional Thinking" IS that Transformation. In your Biblical literature, this change is described as occurring "in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye." My Dear Friends, the "twinkling" being referred to there is the SHIFT that occurs when your perspective of who and what you are changes from the fragmented, lonely minute being you once thought you were to a clear comprehension of your true Self and your relation to all existence Everywhere. And the only change that occurs is one of VIEWPOINT.

In your physical experience, you may have encountered what you call "holograms." This idea involves two applications:

A Hologram is

  1. A picture that, when you look at it, appears to resemble an object or scenario which suddenly changes when you look at it from a different angle.
  2. A condensed representation of a larger, more expanded image that is contained within a smaller fragment of that same image. In other words, the vision of the entire macrocosm pictured within the microcosm.

In exploring the latter application of this term, we now tell you that your concept of reality is literally FULL of holograms of the image of your Higher Self. When looked at from a contracted and separated point of view--the smaller image appears to be alone and isolated. However, when you step back and shift perspective, the image reveals itself to be a building block of a larger version of the same essential idea. What seems to be one picture, from a certain viewpoint, suddenly becomes something ELSE, "in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye."


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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