Excerpt from The Dark Forces in the Coming Transformation

"Reconnection and Limitation Guides"


My Dear Friends,

Keeping an Aspect of God in Limitation is no easy task.  There must be an elaborate and creative configuration of mazes and diversions presented to the mind, in sequential fashion, to provide re-direction of focus and keep your mind busy until the completion of a journey into Separation.  To facilitate this, there are beings whose job it is to "stand guard" over your 3D Consciousness, deflecting it from anything or anyone who would provide information that could "bring you on" too soon (into full awareness), and prematurely end your Game. 

These beings, who are oft referred to as "The Dark Forces," are contracted by you, in advance, to serve this purpose.  The image of them as sinister demons with flashing red eyes only serves to increase their effectiveness.  In fact, they are very light (in terms of density) and service-oriented beings who are are assigned to you, as Guides---even as "Light Forces" relate to you as Guides when it is time to bring you Home.

The scenarios and images which represent one group as wearing dark hats and the other as wearing white hats is ILLUSION, designed to increase the fun and effectiveness of your Game.  All beings are made from the same essential "stuff" which is  liquid, potentiated All That Is.  As has been mentioned previously--any appearance of horror, emotional obsession, possession, and/or demonic harassment are merely "special effects," interpreted through the grid of a lower-density consciousness.  Many of these effects are incredible!  They work!  That is why you choose to enlist them.  To learn more about this, we suggest you review our transmission entitled "The Dreams of the Mass Mind." 

We have emphasized, in other transmissions, that there are entirely new ways to look at the concepts of "high and low," "rapid (vibration) or slow," or the oft-used terms of "dark and light."  None of them involve the idea of "good" or "evil."   In the context we are discussing today, we might suggest that "darkness" could also symbolize the tendency for a soul to move more into Separation, while "light" could symbolize a desire to fully RECONNECT with everything and everyone.  This re-framing of the term is a matter of personal discretion.  If you do not feel ready to use it, that is fine.  All things happen in their perfect time.  

SEPARATION GUIDES = Those leading you to ground with a particular universe and forget everything else.

RECONNECTION GUIDES= Those leading you to embrace what is before you (both shadow and light), while expanding your awareness beyond the "reality box" you have created, becoming Citizens of the Multiverse, rather than merely Citizens of one particular Universe.  

The very idea of remaining in 3D mandates that a person will be conscious (in the light) about certain things, and sub or unconscious (in the dark) about other things. We do not expect you to swallow and integrate all that we are telling you in one big gulp.  Rather, the words were are speaking are meant to be seeds--planted in the fields of your mind and heart.  Seeds, that will one day bring forth much fruit.  

Neither are we suggesting that you purposely experiment with forces or ideas that your spirit tells you are "inappropriate" for your growth at this time. That would be insane. Your inner drives and intuitions, concerning conscience and curiosity, were installed within you to keep you firmly on your own personal path.  Do not let anyone, let alone us, divert you from following that guidance. There are no mandates in Reconnection.....only an expansion of options.  


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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