From The Reconnections......

"A Vacation in Limitation"


"As has oft been written:   You are not human beings who have spiritual experiences.  You are really spiritual beings who are having a human experience. You come here from a realm of existence where you can, literally, do or have ANYTHING---just by thinking it.  You were seeking a "vacation" from all that power---in the same way that the CEO of a huge conglomerate will decide to take a week "off" and go work at a dude ranch.  

You fret, you fume, you struggle, within whatever specific context of limitation that you install yourself.  All the while, you are having the time of your life (or lives)!  Though the Veil of Forgetfulness quite effectively hides this wry motivation from your conscious mind, you are really a bunch of Cosmic Houdinis, who secretly revel in the amount of handicaps that you can overcome.  

When you are done with this journey, you return to your former estate, where you will, once again, take up the divinity that is your heritage, your birthright.  And my goodness!  What pictures you'll have to show your friends!"


In Loving Memory of Bill Hicks.


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