Transmission Excerpt from The Reconnections.......

"Trans-Portals and the Disease Process"


My Dear Friends:

Transformation begins with two elements:  disorder and disintegration.  When a physical body passes through a portal, it begins to be broken down into basic elements that can be transported easily within the Multiverse.  Once a decision is made, this process is usually so rapid that it is barely noticeable.  The human mind has a tremendous filtration ability, and has a habit of editing out all knowledge concerning what we are describing here.  The mind's power to knit together universes, into a logical sequence, gives a person the impression that reality is one continuous landscape, rather than the infinite collation of alternative possibilities which it can be.   

The arrival of disorder  ("chaos energy") into any organized structure produces CONFUSION.  If you examine this word, you will see that it is composed of "con," which means "against" and "fusion," that which binds physical material together.  To become con-fused means to LIFT OFF from your current orientation, in the same way a rocket ship launches,  and moves towards something new.     

Confusion scrambles the mind.  It mixes and mingles old orientations, to clear the way for new ones.   Its physical counterpart is CONSUMPTION.   When a Trans-Portal is entered, the energy acceleration actually consumes the physical body.  Once the traveler arrives at his new destination, the original INTENT manifests, and downsteps itself into an appropriate physical vehicle.  We will speak more of consumption later.  There are important lessons to be learned there.    

Once a person has arrived at a destination point, his mind is free to concoct any number of rationalizations to explain why and how he is there, rather than where he was.  Sometimes, it will appear as though he awakens from sleep, only to assume that he must have been dreaming.  At other times, he will tell himself that he has experienced "time loss" during a car trip, or while working in the back yard.  And in some cases, the shift is so drastic, and the internal weaving of universes so pristine, that the individual never realizes he has moved at all. 

Do you know that "consumption" is also a word that has been applied to many disease processes, which have existed down through history?  

Those conditions which are called "disease," within your society, are produced within your gateways to transformation.  The changes have not been completed, that is why there is pain.  It matters not what type of disease we are discussing.  They are all simply doorways, into which individuals have ventured.  For whatever reason, these folks get stuck---halfway in and halfway out---and they become disoriented and hesitate to finish their transition.  The specific symptoms of the disease are determined by which parts of the body have been inserted into the portal, and which are held back. 

The deterioration or weakening which makes up a disease state comes from the decomposition process which occurs in order to teleport a traveler from "here to there," where he is reformed again.  The change is meant to be instantaneous and complete---which it is, if a person fully steps through the portal.  But if he hesitates, if the blade on his "scalpel" of decision is dull or halting, he or she can become stuck in the Gate.  It is only when he realizes what he is doing, and what he really wants, that the process can be restored, and his journey completed.